Esfolio Snow Whitening Cream Review - Get Instant Glow from Within!

Esfolio Snow Whitening Cream intimidated me at first because I thought that it would look too white on my skin. Other creams that claim users can get instant glow from within are usually too thick and too white, making the user look like 'espasol'. I finally started using Esfolio Snow Whitening Cream as my base a few weeks ago and am really happy with the results.

Esfolio Snow Whitening Cream Review - Get Instant Glow from Within!

What is Esfolio Snow Whitening Cream?

The product information says that this cream is a whitening cream that also protects against environmental factors to skin darkening like sun damage and air pollution. 

A tube of Esfolio Snow Whitening Cream is 30ml and retails for P369 pesos. 

Buy Esfolio skin care products  HERE via their Shopee store <--- avoid fakes by buying direct from Esfolio

What drew me to this whitening cream is the claim that it can work well in tropical climate. Summer in the Philippines is particularly harsh on the skin and since I am usually out most days around the summer months, I really needed the extra protection.

Esfolio Snow Whitening Cream Claims

This cream promises to fortify and strengthen the skin with the help of 5 effective anti-pollution ingredients. They are:
  • hyaluronic acid to help draw moisture
  • seaweed extracts to brighten, plump, and hydrate the skin
  • portulaca oleracea  and pearl and collagen extracts for extra skin firmness and improved elasticity
  • niacinamide  for prevention of skin discoloration and darkening.

I love niacinamide as a skincare ingredient, btw. I believe it really helps if you want to get instant flow from within. 

The packaging is so classy but a bit weird. I really thought from the looks of the cap that you're just supposed to snap it on but it is a twist off cap.

I do appreciate the pointed tip. Less product wastage and better control when dispensing the product. 

The cream has a light yet creamy consistency. 

You can see that after application, it did give a smoother and white appearance on the skin. If you want to get instant glow from within, this is it! However, the get instant glow from within effect is not just a temporary effect. Over time, your skin will also get fairer and smoother.

By the way, most of the writing at the back of the box are not in English. 

I usually use the Esfolio Snow Whitening Cream under makeup these days. In the photo above, I used it under Some by Mi Something Maxi Glam Cover Cushion (review HERE). 

You can see that my face is fairer than my neck. My neck is normally darker anyway but do you see how nicely my cushion is sitting on top of the cream? Mind you the photo was taken after half a day of running errands. The product helps with giving you a smoother base for your other products. 

Esfolio Snow Whitening Cream acted as a good base for my cushion foundation to stay put.

Esfolio Snow Whitening Cream Review Summary

  • Scent: 5/5 I like the mild scent and it doesn't linger after the product dries
  • Absorption: 5/5 absorbs well and doesn't oil up my sensitive combination oily skin
  • Hydration: 4/5 can be used even without moisturizer
  • Feel: 4/5 feels smooth but not primer-smooth
  • Claims: 4/5 because the long-term whitening isn't visible yet with just 1 tube. The instant glow from within washes off at the end of the day
  • Performance with Other Products 4.5/5 works well with my usual skin care and makeup
  • Packaging: 4/5
  • Value for Money: 4.4/5 because a little goes a long way. I think a tube will last about a month for the average user. Not bad. 

Not sure what else to say but I'm giving this an overall score of 4.5/5. I really like the Esfolio Snow Whitening Cream for days when you need to look refreshed because with this, you get instant glow from within that is visible even under makeup.

Buy Esfolio skin care products  HERE via their Shopee store <--- avoid fakes by buying direct from Esfolio

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