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Jeju Aloe Ice is a phrase that I keep hearing about from the staff at the office but I really thought that it was some kind of new raved gel from an unknown brand. Little did I know that Jeju Aloe Ice is the latest trend in KBeauty and quite a few brands have their own concoctions. I can't believe that I've only been aware recently and won't even know that TheFaceShop Philippines also carries their very own TheFaceShop Jeju Aloe Ice Refreshing Soothing Gel until they sent me one! 

Spoiler: I liked this so much that I hoarded a few from my local The Face Shop store. Not gonna show here because they might ban me from the store, hahahah!

The Face Shop Jeju Aloe Ice Review - Refreshing Soothing Gel That Really Works!

What is Jeju Aloe Ice from The Face Shop?

TheFaceShop Jeju Aloe Ice is a refreshing gel made with aloe vera extract from Jeju islands in South Korea. It is formulated in such a way that it can withstand freezing without ruining the product. Freezing it turns it into slushy or compacted snow texture. Once you scoop some and apply on your skin, it turns into easily-absorbed liquid that soothes and hydrates the skin!

A tub is 300 ml and retails for P295 in TheFaceShop Philippines.

PROMO: Currently Buy 1 Take 1 in Lazada and The Face Shop physical stores until the end of May 2019. I hoarded A LOT!

Props to the marketing team behind the brand btw, they sent me my first tub via blogger mail and they've placed it inside an insulated bag packaged like ice cream. I like the attention to details.

So the packaging looks exactly the same as other gels sold in tubs.

But the SPECIAL thing about The Face Shop Jeju Aloe Ice Refreshing Soothing Gel is that it was made without any parabens, colorants, talc, mineral oil, and benzophenone, yay!

This product can also be used on both face and body. I kinda wish they also have this in tubes!

I took the photo above after freezing for just 4 hours so the texture is more like a slushy. As of this writing, I've been using my tub for a few days and I'm already halfway through. So addicting!

Really melts on your skin!

It turns more into compacted snow if you leave it in the freezer for a long time so what I usually do is freeze overnight and keep in ref during the day so I can just get some whenever I feel like it. 

Uses for Jeju Aloe Ice from TheFaceShop

There are many uses for this refreshing soothing gel. Some of the ways I like to use this are:

  • light body lotion when applied on the body
  • light moisturizer when applied on the face
  • soothing gel for burns (like kitchen burns)
  • after-sun gel
  • facial pack by applying a thick layer unto the face
  • face mist, by mixing with distilled water and spraying on top of makeup


I have nothing negative to say except I want this in smaller containers too and TheFaceShop Philippines should really stock their stores so I can get more! 5/5!

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