Cream Silk Ultimate Color Revive, Sulfate Free Conditioner for Colored Hair REVIEW! #MyUltimateVibrance #UltimatelyVibrantHair

Cream Silk Keratin Conditioner has been on my stash of my regular hair care products. However, I recently colored my hair, going from my natural dark brown to blonde and then going from blonde to red hair. Needless to say, my hair needed extra care!

Cream Silk Ultimate Color Revive, Sulfate Free Conditioner for Colored Hair REVIEW! #MyUltimateVibrance #UltimatelyVibrantHair

So, Why Try Cream Silk Ultimate Color Revive?

I've tried the other Cream Silk Triple Keratin conditioners in the past and liked them. I figured that since the Cream Silk Triple Keratin Ultimate Color Revive is from the same manufacturer plus made sulfate-free, I'd also like it too. 

To date I've been using this Cream Silk conditioner for colored hair for the past week and I'm convinced that it can help revive dry tresses plus keep color longer. I used temporary hair color to dye my hair red but it's still going strong on its 4th week!

Judging from my experience trying all the existing Cream Silk Triple Keratin Conditioner variants over the months, I say that their sulfate free conditioner for colored hair works exactly as they say it would. 

Creamsilk Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive has Triple Keratin Complex that does the following:
  • Keratin Relaxers to help tame rebellious and frizzy hair
  • Keratin Serum to help bring back life to chemically-treated hair
  • and Keratin Essence to restore shine to dull hair
Aside from the above, this Cream Silk Conditioner is free from sulfates. No sulfates in the conditioner means your hair will be shinier, softer, and retain color longer.

So far I give Color Revive 4.5/5 but only because I prefer a more moisturizing formula. My hair is really super dry so the conditioner alone is not enough for maintaining softness. Vibrant hair color is on point, though.

I also tried the Cream Silk Triple Keratin Ultimate Straight months ago and while it does not keep my hair really straight, it does well on keeping it manageable. I give it 4/5.

I'm currently torn between Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Repair and Shine and the Color Revive variant. I feel that the ultimate repair is more hydrating for my colored hair but then, the color revive is really great at maintaining my hair color. I give Ultimate Repair 4.5/5.

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