KBEAUTY NEWS! Althea A'Bloom Collection is Finally HERE (Launch and Review) #AltheaKorea #AltheaAngels #AltheaAbloom

It seemed like it was only a few days ago when Althea launched a few more Kbeauty products and here they are again with their newest line, Althea A'Bloom!

Althea A'Bloom collection is composed of products that can enhance one's complexion from what I observed. Maybe that is why they called their collection Althea A'Bloom?

 Althea A'Bloom Collection is Finally HERE!
(Launch and Review)  
#AltheaKorea #AltheaAngels #AltheaAbloom

This Althea Collection is composed of the following products:

  • A'Bloom Moisturizing Watermelon Mask Sheet (20 pesos each or 180 pesos per pack of 10)
  • A'Bloom Nourishing Avocado Mask Sheet (20 pesos each or 180 pesos per pack of 10)
  • A'Bloom Brightening Lemon Lime Mask Sheet (20 pesos each or 180 pesos per pack of 10)
  • A'Bloom Anti-Blemish Peach Mask Sheet (20 pesos each or 180 pesos per pack of 10)

  • BHA Blackhead Blaster (200 pesos per tube)
  • Giant Meringue Puff (100 pesos per piece)
  • Baby Meringue Puffs (140 pesos per pack of 3)

I've tried all of the above products for the past week so I can share a review of the entire Althea A'Bloom collection below!

A'Bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster

This product is a slick stick that glides easily. The BHA Blackhead Blaster is supposed to prevent blackheads as well as help get rid of existing ones without any discomfort. Consistency is midway between a beauty balm and school glue but it doesn't feel icky on the face. 

To use the BHA Blackhead Blaster, you just swipe it on your nose, let it stay for a few minutes, massage, and rinse off. I don't really have visible blackheads so I can't show a before and after photo; however, it made my nose feel a lot smoother so I think it does help with clearing pores. 

A'Bloom Giant Meringue Puff and A'Bloom Baby Meringue Puff

I have to admit that I wasn't very excited about these makeup puffs when I first heard about them because I thought that they can only be used dry. GOOD NEWS: These makeup sponges can be used for both wet and dry product application and blending. THE BEST PART? The A'Bloom Giant Meringue Puff and A'Bloom Baby Meringue Puff expands when wet! Hooray for makeup lovers out there!

Just to give you an idea how these makeup sponges look like when wet, the rightmost puff in the photo above is the Giant Meringue Puff and the 3 sponges to its left are all Baby Meringue Puffs. The darker pink beside the large sponge is a Baby Meringue Puff that I wet with water. As you can see, it expands to about 1.5-2X the original size but remain firm yet soft. This means that it can work great for blending base products like foundation. 

 In these photos, I used the same foundation but I blended the left side with a dry sponge and the right side with a wet sponge. 

The wet application is more seamless but the dry application and blending gives more coverage.

Overall, I like these makeup sponges and glad that they are super affordable too (prices listed in first part of this review). I think the downside is that the pointy side is not pointy enough. Also, these sponges do stain as you can see in the photo above which were taken after I already washed both. 

By the way, there is an ongoing promo in which you can get a free phone grip if you purchase these A'Bloom Meringue Puff makeup sponges. Checkout Althea Korea for details. 

A'Bloom Moisturizing Watermelon Mask Sheet 

(20 pesos each or 180 pesos per pack of 10) is for those with dry skin
(20 pesos each or 180 pesos per pack of 10) is for those with dull skin

A'Bloom Anti-Blemish Peach Mask Sheet 

(20 pesos each or 180 pesos per pack of 10) is for those with acne-prone skin
(20 pesos each or 180 pesos per pack of 10) is for those with dehydrated skin and mature skin

It is difficult to pick a favorite among the sheet masks from this collection but if I have to pick one, I'd pick the A'Bloom Nourishing Avocado Mask. I don't know why but it is the one with the scent that I like the most. My second pick is the Moisturizing Watermelon Mask. 

All of the sheet masks fit my huge face well so that's a plus for me. They also retained moisture for more than 15 to 20 minutes. That's something considering how hot it is these days. They also don't leave a sticky residue.

If you're interested in buying the masks, now is the best time to do so because they have an ongoing promo wherein you can buy 10 sheet masks for P180 and get another 10 of the same variant for free if you use the code ABMASKS during checkout. 

Everything in the A'Bloom Collection is now available at Althea Korea Philippines. 

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