#MegandaKa Summer Essentials! Try Megan Beauty Products for Your Summer Skincare

Remember when I first discovered Megan Beauty earlier this year? I really loved their Megan Peel Off Clay Mask (review here) and so I'm really excited to also share their hottest products for #Summer2019!

#MegandaKa Summer Essentials! Try Megan Beauty Products for Your Summer Skincare

These products are not all new. I know that Megan Peel-Off Masks has been around for a while. I've also tried the Megan Hot Wax Kit recently but forgot to take a video. The new ones or at least the ones that are new for me are the Megan Aloe Vera Gel and the Sunscreen!

Affordable Summer Skincare with Megan Beauty Products

Megan Charcoal Peel-Off Mask

This peel-off mask is really great at lifting dirt and blackheads. Downside is that this may hurt a little but for only P25 a sachet that's good for about 2 uses, super worth it!

Megan Papaya Peel-Off Mask

The first time I tried this was 3 days ago and I prefer the charcoal one because I can't clearly see if this is as good at lifting blackheads. Effect on my skin is more of a smooth glow rather than whitening. Also P25 per sachet just like the charcoal peel-off mask. 

Mega Aloe Soothing Gel

If I am not mistaken, the Megan Aloe Soothing Gel is the most affordable aloe soothing gel on the market. I like that it is in tube form so it is easier to use. Can't beat the P129 price too. Will update this with my thoughts after trying for a while. 

Megan Daily Defense Sunscreen

A P99 sunscreen? Yep! Not bad for SPF 50! I haven't tried this yet for a day but the initial application seems favorable. The sunscreen absorbed fast on my arms. I want to test this out for about a week to see how it fares on the face too. 

Megan Collagen Facial Sheet Mask

Another P49 mask. Used the other night and didn't need moisturizer after. I left it on my face for 20 minutes and was still not fully dry after that time. I'm planning to buy more in Watsons. 

Megan Hot Wax Kit

I'm still on the fence about the Megan Hot Wax Kit because the first time I tried this my leg hair was too short for the wax to grip so I don't have a real assessment yet. I'll need to post about this separately because using a hot wax kit is a bit tricky. I'm actually surprised that the retail price is just P99

Megan Brazilian Blow Straight Hair Spa

Okay, I absolutely love coconuts so I might be biased but I love the Megan Brazilian Blow Straight Hair Spa! The scent is addicting, coconutty but not too strong. Effect is shiny and manageable hair that's hydrated. I suggest to only use this on the tips of your hair so you can maintain volume. P45 pesos retail price is not bad because you can use a sachet for 2 to 3 applications. SULIT!

Megan Volcanic Facial Sheet Mask

I haven't tried this yet so I'll be updating this post. This mask retails for just P49 pesos and is supposedly good at clearing the skin. Most locally available facial sheet masks sell for at least twice this so not bad. 

Will create an overall review video too after I've tried everything! I just posted this early for a quick write up just in case some people are looking for information regarding Megan Beauty Products. 

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