Esfolio Philippines Grand Launch (PICTURE HEAVY POST!) #WelcomeEsfolioPh #EsfolioPh #EsfolioPhilippines

Esfolio Philippines finally had a Grand Launching event yesterday, May 30, 2019, at Happy Garden Cafe in Bel Air Makati and I am so glad I went! It is no secret that I've featured Esfolio Philippines a few times in both the PinayBeautyAndStyle YouTube channel and the #PinayBeautyAndStyleBlog. I even have a hashtag for my Instagram features under #YeyAndieLovesEsfolio!

I'm just really happy that the brand took a lot of time and effort before officially launching in the Philippines. Without further ado, here is what happened at the Esfolio Philippines Grand Launch event!

Esfolio Philippines Grand Launch #WelcomeEsfolioPh #EsfolioPh #EsfolioPhilippines

Don't mind my weird photo, I needed a thumbnail for the vlog of the Esfolio Philippines launch. You can watch the video further below.

Buy Esfolio skin care products  HERE via their Shopee store <--- avoid fakes by buying direct from Esfolio

Pretty set up by the Esfolio crew!

What is Esfolio Skincare?

Esfolio is a Korean skincare brand that was founded in 2011. The focus of the brand are products with the purest ingredients while still keeping costs low. Esfolio skincare is distributed in the Philippines by Svan Cosmetics Corporation which was founded by Christian Gothong around 2016 or 2017. 

I first heard about Esfolio skincare via Nikki Tiu of AskMeWhats in 2017. I am so glad she told me about the brand because I've found a few favorites since then. Thank you so much, Nikki!

Nikki Tiu and Christian Gothong talking about Esfolio Philippines

Story Behind Esfolio Philippines

Esfolio Philippines came to be in 2016/2017 after businessman Christian Gothong tried their products and was impressed by the quality. He shared that he was studying in Korea back then and ran out of his skincare. His sister told him to try some Korean skincare. He did and found some great products. Unfortunately, he later discovered that the products he liked were either unavailable in the Philippines or cost more than twice their retail price in Korea. That's how he got the idea to bring Esfolio in the Philippines.

But Why Bring Esfolio Skincare to the Philippines?

Christian shared that he saw a need for affordable yet quality Korean skincare in the Philippine market. He knew he wanted to bring Esfolio to the Philippines because he knows that their products work and are suitably priced for the Filipino market. He talked to Esfolio's CEO in Korea and succeeded in bringing Esfolio products in the Philippines while keeping prices affordable. 

This isn't an easy feat to pull off, guys. Importing goods to the Philippines is really expensive and usually come with a ton of problems because our local laws are just hayyyyy naku. Yoko na lang magcomment, hahah! Anyway, he succeeded and now we have Esfolio Philippines, yey!

Talked to the guy and he really knows his brand and his products (down to the percentages of ingredients, wow!). This isn't just a business, more like an advocacy and I get where he is coming from. 

Watch my video on Esfolio Philippines Launch for all juicy the tidbits :) Brand story begins at 1:50


I went to the Esfolio Philippines Grand Launch event because I've been using Esfolio products for the past 1.5 years and already trust the brand. I also wanted to get to know the brand and Nikki is such a great host. Got all the details I shared above from the short talk she did during the launch.

By the way, a huge shout out to Tipping Point Collective, the team behind the set up of Happy Garden Cafe for Esfolio Philippines Grand Launch. Such attention to details! 

Also, if you're looking for a place for Christenings, brunch with amigas, maybe a day-time ladies' party, Happy Garden Cafe is highly recommended. Not only does the place have instagrammable visuals, the lighting is superb too. 

Part of the set up are over 60 different types of Esfolio skincare products. A lot of these have reviews either at the vlog or the blog. 

I personally have a weakness for Esfolio Green Tea Peeling Gel and the Aloe Peeling Gel is a close second. 

I have a stash of their masks at home courtesy of sales from BeautyMNL and bloggermail. Yup, I still buy even though they regularly send me some. That's how you know a brand's products really work!

I don't know why but I have never tried any of their ampoules. I think it is because I thought the packaging is a glass bottle but it is actually plastic. I'll wait for the next sale and buy some. 

I spot one of my faves! Esfolio Bandage Mask! My favorite variant is blue but the green one is very soothing too. Love the scent. 

Some of the bloggers at the event raved about the Esfolio Collagen line so I'm gonna try them next. I have some at home I am just not sure which ones I have. 

I think I have the Esfolio Soothing Collagen Mist. I'll have to check my boxes. Still haven't unpacked from moving. 

Look what we have here! The Esfolio Super Rich Coconut Line! REVIEW HERE!

I seldom attend events these days unless if for a brand that I truly like or to see people I love. Esfolio and Nikki brought that together. Love the brand and the launch attendees are some of my favorite people, yey!

With Earthlingorgeous, PinayBeautyAndStyle of YeyAndie, IloveKeisha, AllAboutBeauty101, R0ckStarM0mma, and RochelleRivera

We were also lucky that photographer Pau Guevarra was part of the Esfolio Philippines launch event. Look at her group snaps below!

Hope Leal, Andie Yey of YeyAndie and PinayBeautyAndStyle, Kim of KimpossiblyGorgeous, Joyce Sola of CandyLoveArt, Danica Delos Santos, and Martha Jante

Can't wait to share more Esfolio skincare reviews! Should we explore the other brands carried by Svan Cosmetics Corporation? What do you think?

Buy Esfolio skin care products  HERE via their Shopee store <--- avoid fakes by buying direct from Esfolio

Visit Esfolio Philippines website for more details!

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