Pop Studio Cosmetics Collection Launch and Swatches! PopStudioPh Makeup Starter Set Album 1

Pop Studio Cosmetics officially launched yesterday (FULL story of PopStudioPh Launch HERE) and I was one of the bloggers invited by Digify Marketing Corporations. I was really sick and went there straight from work and guess what, I enjoyed the launch more than I thought I would! 

Yes, I'm a Sarah Geronimo fan and all but aside from the Pop Studio Cosmetics launch, we were also treated to live performances by some outstanding up and coming local artists. Saw a lot of blogger friends too and they're equally excited to try the new makeup that Pop Studio Cosmetics has to offer.

Pop Studio Cosmetics Collection Launch! Unboxing the PopStudioPh Makeup Starter Set Album 1

So, What is Pop Studio Cosmetics?

Pop Studio Cosmetics is a makeup brand by no other than Sarah G herself. Their tagline is "your beauty BFF" or #YourBeautyBestFriend. The brand launched 44 makeup items that are all either dual purpose or 2 products in 1. Price range is between P99 to P399 for individual items. The most expensive ones are the sets but the priciest sets have 8 separate items each.

Multi-Faceted Beauty by PopStudioPh

Like Sarah Geronimo, the products under Pop Studio Cosmetics were made to perform multiple roles to be every modern Filipina's beauty best friend. Women these days live busy lives (ahem!) so it goes without saying that we expect our makeup to keep up with us. 

With Pop Studio Cosmetics products, you can get more done because covering your basics has been made easier. I tried to fit all the essential makeup items from PopStudioPh makeup in my makeup bag and I saved half the space. Whoa! Game changer!

I am still testing the makeup items that I got from Pop Studio Cosmetics but let me introduce you to what they have starting with the items included in the Pop Studio Starter Set Album 01.

Note that they sell items individually too so you are not obliged to buy an entire album. They simply created sets to make things even easier for makeup enthusiasts. They have lipstick sets too. The Pop Studio Cosmetics Makeup Starter Set is meant to give you a full face of makeup with products that are pre-selected according to your skin tone.

Unboxing Pop Studio Cosmetics Collection Makeup Starter Set Album 01 with Swatches

Each Pop Studio PH makeuparter set is sold per album, with 3 collections to choose from for fair skin, medium skin, and deep skin. An album retails for P1999 but you get 8 products. Beyond sulit even if you end up not liking all. 

Covers Foundation Stick & Concealer Pop Studio Ph

Retails for P349 pesos, you get a medium coverage stick foundation and a creamy concealer with a doe foot applicator. 

I was relieved that the Pop Studio Cosmetics stick foundation isn't very waxy or too slick. It is rather a bit on the matte side which I think is great. The concealer is a winner for me as it did a great job when I first tried it (video further below).

Minors Liquid Eyeliner Pen Duo

Retailing for P249 pesos, you get a dual ended black eyeliner with felt tips. One end is thin and the other is chubby. Nice color saturation.

From the first time I tried the Minors Liquid Eyeliner Pen Duo, I like the way it wore out because it flaked off instead of becoming like black tar. I wish they made the other end a black eyeliner pencil instead of a chubby felt tip, though.

Majors Brow Pencil and Brow Mascara

Not bad for P299 a pop! I did like the brush but not a fan of the color included in the box because although it is named taupe, it is quite warm. Too warm for my liking. I think the brow pencil should have a been a bit firmer because we live in a warm climate so a softer product will fade faster. It did hold well for the first 4 hours during my first impressions try out so I could be wrong. We'll see after a few more days of use.

Duets Mattifying & Coverage Powder

For just P249, I think this Pop Studio Cosmetics product is a winner. I like the white mattifying powder that mine came with but I think the coverage powder is a little bit too dark considering I got the lightest shade and it still looked a bit dark on me despite my slight tan. I need to wear this a few days more to have a valid review of the product.You can mix both powders too so that's a plus.

Tones Blush & Contour Pop Studio ph

For a matte blush and contour powder duo, this is great value for money for P349. I was initially scared of the blush because it looked too neon on swatching but it looked great when applied on the cheeks as you can see on video below. I am tempted to buy the other blush and contour combinations. The contour is a bit splotchy even when applied with a high-end brush so you have to be very careful when applying it considering that it is quite dark. 

Falsetto Lengthening & Volume Mascara

I can't believe this PopStudioPh product is just P249 because I actually liked both brushes despite my initial reservation. The product doesn't really lengthen my lashes but it does a great job volumizing because the more elongated wand can really get to the base of my sparse lashes. No raccoon eyes for me too. It flakes off so that's a plus for the formula. 

Tempo Lip & Cheek Tint Duo Pop Studio Ph

I first thought that the lip tint shades are the same but they aren't. One is a cool-toned red and the other is a warm-toned red. Both products have a gel consistency so I don't get why they used different applicators for each side. One side is typical doe foot and the other is scoop foot. I really don't see why but maybe I need more time to find out. Can't really smell or taste the tints because I have a bad cold but the tints are really pigmented and last long on the swatches. We'll find out soon if this PopStudioPh product is good for P299.

Hits Matte Lipstick and Lip Balm

Is this good for P249? I think the price is right and I also think that Pop Studio Cosmetics did a great job on the packaging. The lip balm container is a screw top so it won't accidentally pop out of the lipstick while in your bag. The lipstick formula is a bit on the dry side, expected because it is a matte lipstick. It made sense to pair it with a lip balm. This is shade 03. There are 6 lipstick shades to choose from. This nude shade is what is included in PopStudioPh Makeup Starter Set Album 1.



Pop Studio Cosmetics Products Not Shown Here: Pop Studio Ph

  • 3-Piece Pop Chorus Lipstick Set P649
  • 6-Piece Pop Choir Lipstick Set P1199
  • Moisturizing Primer P199
  • Beat Highlighting Powder Duo P399 (I haven't seen this physically anywhere so maybe not yet released?)
  • Notes Day to Night Eyeshadow Palette P399
  • Majors Eyebrow Powder with Wax P299
  • Makeup Removing Wipes P149
  • 2-piece Eyebrow Shaver P99
  • Blending & Precision Sponge P249 (I want this but haven't seen this anywhere too!)
  • Makeup Brush Set P399
  • Eyelash Curler P149
I think they haven't released the tools yet because I haven't seen those offline and online.

Overall, there are 44 individual products for the entire Pop Studio Cosmetics Collection launched in the Philippines. They did say that they'll be releasing more. In the meantime, I will wait for my ShopeePh orders and test out the products I have so I can share better reviews. 

VLOG of Pop Studio Cosmetics Shopee Launch HERE (this is a link)

Keep updated about new releases from Pop Studio Ph by visiting https://facebook.com/popstudioph and PopStudioPh Instagram @popstudioph

You can buy Pop Studio Cosmetics via their pop-up stores, SM Beauty Stores, LazadaPh, ShopeePh, BeautyBeat.ph, and Watsons.

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