Seoul White Korea Instant White Tone-Up Whitening Milky Cream Review

I recently blogged my review on the Seoul White Korea Double Whitening Soap, and I figured I might as well post a separate review of the Seoul White Korea Instant White Tone Up Cream and here it is!

Seoul White Korea Instant White Tone Up Cream - Instant Chok Chok Koreana Skin!

So, what is this first-of-its-kind in the Filipino market new skincare?

The Seoul White Korea’s Instant White Tone Up Cream is a brand new type of product that gives hydration and instantly lighter skin upon application. It isn't heavy unlike other whitening creams and can be used on its own as a sort of tinted primer and a skin-lightening moisturizer.

The combined skin benefiting effects of white strawberry, donkey milk, and arbutin bearberry is the magic behind this non-makeup cream that softens skin while whitening. Wears great under makeup too!

Okay, I have a confession. I'm not really into instant whitening creams but have tried quite a few because for my face because my facial skin is darker than the rest of my body (I love the outdoors). I like how some tone-up creams can give me instantly brighter complexion but I found out that they also give crazy white cast as well as can be very drying on the skin...this  is why I am so happy to share with everyone that I experienced none of that with the SEOUL WHITE KOREA INSTANT WHITE TONE-UP WHITENING MILKY CREAM so yay!

  • FULL SIZE:        20g         
  • PRICE:              PHP 299.00
  • not sure if the sample sachet can be bought separately but they are given free when you purchase the triple pack and double pack of the Seoul White Korea Soaps

I like how the important details are printed on the packaging. No need to look them up online!

Usage is pretty straight-forward. Just use on the face and body same as how you would apply your regular moisturizer!

Don't fret over the list of ingredients. This formula has no parabens and didn't irritate my sensitive skin.

I appreciate that they designed the nozzle of the packaging quite pointy so that it dispenses only a little of the product at a time, Hooray as well for using a tube instead of a jar because the tube packaging with a small opening prevents oxidation and deterioration of the product over time. Can be easily squeezed too to get every drop!

Left : with cream, Right : without cream

As you can see in the photo above, even my NC15 skin still brightened a bit upon application of the cream!

Left : with cream, Right : without cream

You can see above that the left side appears more hydrated and more supple.

I also applied the Seoul White Korea Instant White Cream on my face for 5 days both under makeup and without makeup and didn't feel sticky. It just gave me a bit of glow. In the photo above, only the side with the mole has the cream and that side seem more even and healthier. Chok-chok skin proven!

Seoul White Korea Tone Up Cream Review Summary

  • Lightweight: Yes! 5/5
  • Instant Whitening: Yes! 5/5 and no white cast for me!
  • Moisturizing Effect: 4.5/5!
  • Overall rating: Buy worthy! I think this can be a dupe for the Banila Co one that costs about 2x more per gram. 

Hopefully if I keep using the Seoul White Korea Instant White Tone-Up Whitening Milky Cream, I'll be on my way to having #KinisPutiKinisKoreana skin soon!

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