Liese Blaune Now in the Philippines + Demo and Review Liese Blaune Rose Brown!

I have a thing for hair products that were specifically formulated for Asian hair so I'm so glad that Liese Blaune is finally here in the Philippines!

Truth be told, I've seen Liese Blaune haircolor in other Top Asian Beauty Blogs I follow but the products were only brought here in the Philippines in October 2017. It was right around the time when my hair roots were showing with streaks of gray and white (yikes!). Good thing their PR contacted me and so I eagerly waited for a sample instead of having my hair done at a salon...but who am I kidding? I have no time to go to a salon haha!

Liese Blaune Rose Brown for Gray Hair Coverage

I ain't gonna lie; the signs of aging came early for my hair. I have a lot of grays and white and they are very visible though I have long thick hair. I usually use 2-3 boxes of DIY at home hair color or spend close to 2K at a salon to help maintain the appearance of my brown locks. You see, my job in academe means that I am constantly in front of people and have to deal with a ton of kunsumisyon day in and day out. No wonder my hair is greying prematurely!

What is it?

The Liese Blaune line is the brand's at home hair color solution for gray hair coverage. 

The new Liese Blaune hair color is similar in technology to the original Liese Bubble Hair Color in the sense that it is both hair treatment and hair color in one. It is in bubble no-drip form that you can use on the go, hence their hashtag #grayhaircoverageonthego!

Liese Blaune Hair Color Claims:

Even Gray Coverage with Liese Blaune

Not all DIY Hair Color kits work the same. Some can color hair but do not provide even coverage. That is why Liese developed their Blaune line to make sure that not only untreated and previously colored hair will be covered, but that it will also work for gray coverage (I've read this from their Press Release). 

They also said that you can use the product all over and at the same time, both the ends and the roots of the hair. No need for waiting time or having to read lengthy instructions and that the results will always be evenly covered hair.

Easy Do It Yourself Hair Color with Liese Blaune

As mentioned earlier, the new Blaune formula uses the same Kao Bubble Technology as Liese Bubble Hair Color. You simply mix the two components inside the special applicator/bottle and slather the resulting foam unto your hair. The whole process will take only half an hour unlike other DIY hair color kits which are a mess to use and takes almost an hour. 

I personally like Kao's Bubble Hair Color Technology because it doesn't have a chemically scent or if there is, it is very minimal and washes off in 1-2 washes unlike other kits which will leave you smelling like a DIY hair color kit for about a week. 

My only concern was I wasn't sure if one box was enough and so I waited until I can buy an extra box of Liese Blaune Rose Brown just to be sure. I got my extra box for just P419 pesos at BeautyMNL link here. but I didn't use it because 1 box is enough!

Liese Blaune Rose Brown Review and Demo

The kit contains all that you need to color your hair. 

Don't fret over the Japanese writing on the box because the kit comes with an instruction pamphlet in English. You also get a pair of gloves plus a tool to help you perform a skin test. I appreciate that small detail :)

I started with the hair color. You are supposed to mix #1 and #2

I poured the liquid from #1 into bottle #2 and proceeded to mix it up like it said in the instructions (you will see in video once I upload it).

The special mixing instruction is to ensure that you don't produce bubbles and that the mixture is combined homogeneously.

Then you simply screw on the pink bubble cap. Game on!

Don't forget to put on your gloves and to apply some lotion or oil-based moisturizer around your hair line and ears! The product can stain!

I tested out my bottle. Lo and behold! It's like magic! 

You simply squeeze the bottle in the middle and out pours some foam!

Apply all over your DRY hair. This will ensure that the foam will be distributed evenly and give you even color. Work the foam into your hair and leave on for 20 mins. Rinse out and apply the free hair treatment and rinse again. That's it!

and I only ended up using just 1 box! TIPID!

A quick look at the BEFORE and AFTER :)

BEFORE: You can see my 2 inch roots are a darker color than the rest of my hair and that my greys and whites are visible from afar.

AFTER: No more greys and hair is all the same color! Yay!

Hair is nice even in extreme close up!

Review Summary Liese Blaune Creamy Foam Color Rose Brown

  • Grey hair Coverage 5/5
  • Scent 4.5/5
  • Ease of  Use 5/5
  • Can be used On The Go? 5/5
  • Will Recommend? YASSSSSSS

I can't wait til next hair coloring session with Liese Blaune!

Suggested Retail Price for Liese Blaune is Php419.00 pesos only. You can find it at the following retail stores:

  • Robinsons Department Store and Supermarket
  • Metro Department Store
  • Pioneer Supermarket
  • PCX Stores and 
  • The Landmark Department Store

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