We Made it! 100 Top Asian Beauty Blog list of the Best Beauty Blogs in Asia!

OMG! I know I've been away for an entire month in here (but I was active in the Pinay Beauty And Style Youtube Channel y'all!) and was shookt when viewers and PinayBeautyAndStyle blog readers sent me DMs and PMs that we've been named as one of the 100 Top Asian Beauty Blog in their list of the Best Beauty Blogs in Asia!

Our small year-old blog as a Top Asian Beauty Blog?

Pinch me, please!

But it is all true, and of course I'm clueless and just can't believe it to be real.

You see, most blog lists in the internet ask you to go through hoops (or even pay them) to add you on their list. I find it distasteful and frankly, deceitful so I'm just not into all that jazz. This is why I am so surprised to be included in FeedSpot's list because I didn't join anything and did not pay anyone.

But lo and behold! Here we are!

Allow me to indulge in a bit of bragging, okay? :P

Besides what I said above, another thing that makes being included in this list special is that compared to the rest of the blogs on their list, I'm basically the greenest. The rest have a good number of years in their belt and a lot are full-time bloggers. I only blog as a hobby whenever I'm not feeling lazy hahaha!

Another good thing that makes the Top Asian Beauty Blogs list by FeedSpot extra special is that they didn't just base their ranking on number of page hits or made it into a popularity contest. They scrutinized everything! They based their list on the following:

Quality of content judged by their editorial team
Good SEO
Relevance to the niche
Social media standing (I suck at this I know!)
Google reputation and Google search ranking
Consistency and credibility

To be honest, I was thinking of ditching the blog for the past month because I felt that I'm getting no comments so people must not find what I share helpful. I talked about this with senior bloggers and they said its because my reviews are so thorough and insightful that there is no need to ask questions. Awwww :)

I'm just so happy! What a great way to start the month!

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