Found The Best Hair Serum in Good Virtues Co's Black Seed for Hair Formula!

I've recently colored my hair with Liese Blaune and although the formula of that DIY Hair Color Kit did not damage my tresses, I knew for a fact that my already damaged hair would need some extra TLC in the coming weeks, good thing I found the Good Virtues Co Hair Serum!

Good Virtues Co Hair Serum Reviewed! 

I must admit that I only used the Good Virtues Co hair care products that were gifted from a party because I forgot to bring toiletries and stayed at my other place. I did not have preconceived notions prior to my first use as I have not yet used anything from the brand before and their products are not hyped-up. I believe they are very new to the Philippine market (They are a Malaysian brand). 

Intros aside, I am so happy about that incidence of serendipity because I believe that I've just found a new holy grail hair product for myself, no other than the Good Virtues Co Hair Serum!

What Makes the Good Virtues Co Hair Serum one of the Best Hair Serums in my opinion?

I'm not one who falls for a new product that fast. I usually take time to review and test out under multiple scenarios/settings because I know that my needs are quite a challenge to fulfill.

For starters, I got damaged, dry, and thick hair. I also have sensitive scalp that usually gets a flaking/dandruff when I try a new hair care product. Given that I had no toiletry with me when I first tried their Shampoo and Conditioner with the Good Virtues Co Hair Serum (because I didn't expect that I would be staying in another house), I was bracing myself for a reign and rain of visible flakes from my scalp and a few days of itchiness. I am so glad that I experienced none of that!

Great for those with sensitive skin and animal-friendly!

I think that the secret why this is the best hair serum I've tried and totally worked for me without issues is because the brand is true to their name. Their formula is free from SLES, Parabens, Mineral Oils, ALES, synthetic colourants, and animal by-products. There was nearly nothing that can cause irritation in their formula; plus points too because their hair care products are cruelty-free as in not tested on animals!

The box that came with the Good Virtues Hair Serum looks super cute too! It's perfect for gifting as it is and won't need to be gift wrapped because it is so cute!

The Good Virtues Co Hair Serum retails for just P286 pesos for 100 ml 

That fact left me mind blown because I was thinking the hair serum would be around P500-P1,000 because of the quality and how it made my hair feel. 

Smooth hair all the way with the help of organic black seed oil!

The formula of the hair serum is a thin slippery liquid that reminds me a lot of some face primers. I'm thinking that it is the Dimethicone in the ingredients that gives this feel. I love how this smooths my hair so that I have less frizz. This truly made hair softer to touch.

As for the organic black seed oil, my google searches lead me to finding out that black seed oil benefits for hair are as follows:

  • black seed oil is great for accelerating hair growth
  • black seed oil can improve skin and scalp health (my slight dandruff disappeared in two days!)
  • black seed oil can prevent premature greying
  • black seed oil can minimize hair loss

In the photo above the clear liquid on the right is the hair serum and the one on the left is the shampoo. The creamy substance in the middle is the conditioner

How To Use
Apply through damp hair after shampoo and conditioner. May be reapplied throughout the day, as desired. For best results, use with Good Virtues Co. Happy & Heavenly Shampoo and Helpful & Delightful Conditioner.

Good Virtues Co Hair Serum Review Summary

I would list down the claims and some merits then give my findings

  • Multiple hair repair: 5/5 because made my rough hair smoother and feel healthier
  • Restored shine: 4.5/5 not too shiny 
  • Restored softness: 5/5 oh yes! Softness all the way!
  • Manageability: 4.5/5 made my hair quite manageable even without extra styling aids
  • Silkiness: 5/5 you gotta feel it to believe it!
  • Packaging: 5/5 so cute! Love the pump too! I only wish the pump came with a stopper
  • Overall 5/5..well about 4.8-4.9 which is near perfect! That's why I love this Multiple hair repair serum from Good Virtues Co!
NOTE: I used the shampoo and conditioner from the same brand when I reviewed the hair serum for a full week. 

Will add my hair photos for comparison soon! Or perhaps I'll just do an IG live :)

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