Seoul White Korea Double White Whitening Soap Review

I was on the fence about trying another whitening soap but the name and the main ingredients of the Seoul White Korea Double White Whitening Soap caught my eye!

Seoul White Korea Double White Whitening Soap - A Korean-Filipino Soap Fusion!

 As I've written in an earlier blog post about the Seoul White Korea Launch, the products are Filipino made using Korean Beauty formula and ingredients, but the soap's base is proudly pinoy coconut oil!

Now, I'm a sucker for soaps with coconut oil (and shea butter, but that is another blog) because they are usually really good for my sensitive, acne prone, and oily skin. I immediately tried my samples as soon as I got home and was not disappointed!

The first impression that I got from seeing the soaps is that they would be expensive or at least not drugstore range. Why? They look expensive, feel expensive, and smell expensive! Not the old-lady scent our lolas' and titas' soaps have, but more of along the lines of lush soaps.

But nope, Seoul White Korea Double White Whitening Soaps are super affordable and available in 4 variants in terms of pricing and sizing:

FULL SIZE:        60g/ 90g/ 60g Double Pack/ 90g Triple Pack           

PRICE:              PHP 39.00/ PHP 60.00/ PHP 65.00/ PHP 125.00

They also listed the special ingredients on the packaging itself, and explained why the soap is named "double white". It is due to the double whitening effects of the combined effects or Arbutin Bearberry and Kojic Acid.

The whitening effect is protected by the moisturizing and SPF effect of White Strawberry

The first 3 ingredients is just a clean soap base, fragrance is minimal and doesn't linger although it smells so good while you are in the bath or shower. I'm thinking talc was added to stabilize the soap and give it its color otherwise it would just look kinda milky but not opaque. Glycerin is the water-attracting ingredient that counteracts the slightly drying effect of Kojic Acid to balance the soap, and the rest are the special ingredients White Strawberry and Arbutin Bearberry.

This is a soap that I used without having to do a skin patch test! #sensitiveskinproblems

Because the soap is quite "pure" it's usage validity is just two years but I doubt this will last with you that long because you will use this up soon, haha!

Seoul White Korea Double White Whitening Soap creates a rich lather. It was sort of creamy and rich but is effective for cleansing without leaving you with a 'filmy' sensation. Non-drying too!

As for the whitening effect, I've only been using this for a little over a week. Given that I have fair skin, I don't expect to see much in terms of extra whitening but what wowed me is how my breakouts dried out and didn't get new ones while using this Seoul White Korea Double White Whitening Soap!

I give this soap my seal of approval!

One 90 grams bar will last you about 8 to 10 days taking 1-2 showers a day. I think that's super sulit!

And let me just say this again, no breakouts and no skin drying effect! Only my pimples were dried out sorta.

Seoul White Korea Double White Whitening Soap Review Summary

  • Cleansing properties 5/5
  • Moisturizing Properties 4/5
  • Whitening Properties too early to tell but my sunburn didn't darken so that's good
  • Overall Experience 4.75/5 ---> one of the my recent faves for sure!

I will be comparing this with the Perla Soap because they are both coconut-oil based. I can already imagine the joyful #titasofmanila once they hear about how good the Seoul White Korea Double White Soap. It's like their beloved Perla but BETTER!

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I am so excited to share my review updates for both later so you can see if they indeed can live up to their claims of #KinisPutiKinisKoreana skin!

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