Fernberry Review - Japanese Cruelty Free Luxury Skincare That Works!

I first heard about Fernberry luxury skincare products a few months ago via some Canadian influencers and was intrigued by how much they liked the products. I knew that I would be travelling a lot in a few weeks back then and wanted to ensure that I won't be caught with flaky dry skin once the weather turns. Luckily for myself, the Fernberry skincare products were on sale at that time!

Fernberry Review - Cruelty Free Luxury Skincare 

As you can see in the photo above, they even have a beautiful secure box that you can use if you are giving the products as a gift to someone special, and each of the Fernberry Skincare products are secured via elastic bands and further housed in their own boxes - SWEET!

Buying and Delivery Fernberry in the Philippines

Now, before anything else, I would like to mention that I am from the Philippines. This is a crucial detail because Fernberry.com - the website where you can purchase Fernberry skincare, is based abroad and does not have a satellite store in the Philippines. If you are from the Philippines (or any South-East Asian country), then you know how difficult it is to purchase from abroad because of shipping and custom issues...

I am SO GLAD to share that there was no issue whatsoever with making a purchase as well as with the delivery. Delivery was under a week and the parcel was delivered right to my doorstep. A mandatory P112 fee was collected by the postman but that is nothing compared to the convenience and care that their delivery service gave me. Super easy guys!

I also have dedicated review video on Youtube but that video was flagged for showing skin...so I uploaded another video wherein the following Fernberry Skincare products had a mini review each. Click this link to watch that video ---> Fernberry Skincare Review Video (skip to 5:30 for the Fernberry Review part). 

Now that we got that sorted out, I so loved the Fernberry Skincare products that I wrote this review post as well...just so those who do not speak tagalog will understand what I have to say about them.

This is my current favorite lip conditioner as of the moment and for a good reason. I really love the scent and the feel as well as how I don't need to put this on all the time! Just once in the morning and once in the evening and I am good for the entire day. I also use this Mochi Lips Nourishing Lip Conditioner when I make lip swatches video. 

I think it is the Tsubaki oil in the list of ingredients that makes this lip conditioner really special. I happen to also like Shiseido's Tsubaki products so this is a no-brainer.
The packaging is well-designed in the sense that you can use the tip as an applicator and it only dispenses a little of the product at a time. SULIT!

This is one of the 'real deal' body scrubs in my personal list and although this 'daily body scrub' is too expensive in my opinion to use daily (you'll go through a tube in just 4-6 days!) it is worth every drop if you'll use this instead of going to a spa or having a pamper night. 

The ultra fine sea salt and the amazing lychee scent are the main selling points of this luxury body scrub for me.
Good thing that a little goes a long way because this ain't cheap! More deets on video below! Here is a link to a detailed blog.


My feelings for this Petals and Cream Softening Hand Cream runs deep! I didn't really love this at first because I'm not into hand creams but hey, it was on sale!

Good thing I still got this because wow, my hand are thanking me now! You will appreciate this the most if you have really dry skin on your hand or if you're in a cold environment. Your hand will feel so soft and smooth you won't be able to resist smelling and touching it!

If you're gonna spend money on pampering yourself, why not go all out and buy this Replenishing Smoothie Foot Cream too, right? That's what I told myself!

And I am so glad I listened to my inner shopaholic! Not only is the scent soooooo good but this will leave your feet feeling so smooth and smooth. Great for a quick way to 'refresh' your feet if you don't have time to go to a foot spa or for a little bit of extra pamper time especially during dry months!


(all the updates at middle of video)

Fernberry Skincare Review Summary

Now I know that most of you do not have the time to read everything in here or watch the video so here is a summary why Fernberry Skincare is special!

The products feature Next Generation Hydration with the use of the special ingredient Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer. It is a fast-absorbing and moisture-attracting ingredient derived from Hyaluronic Acid that hydrates the skin so that it can have a youthful appearance. Hooray for Japanese skincare technology!

Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer has the ability to absorb 1000x its own weight in water. This means that when used in skincare, it helps bind water and moisture unto the skin and gives skin deep hydration. But that isn't everything, it also gives sustained moisture because of the way the ingredient breaks down, which is in a slow manner. This means that you actually enjoy the skin-hydrating effects for longer!

I've noticed that my skin looked clearer, more 'maaliwalas', and more chok-chok skin on the days that I used Fernberry Skincare. I don't know about you but that makes these skincare products holy grail status for me. Good thing that they have an ongoing Black Friday sale (additional 30% off site wide!) and splurge-friendly gift sets!

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