Beauty Treats of LA Makeup and Skincare Review - Here are Their Best Products!

A few months ago I talked about the soft relaunch of the Filipino makeup brand BTLA or Beauty Treats of LA here in the blog. Although I share some of my thoughts about their products in that post, I would like to share an update post and a more detailed review of their products with you guys.

Beauty Treats of LA Makeup and Skincare Review

The thing is, Beauty Treats of LA Makeup and Skincare are quite good, but they are virtually unheard of in the beauty community. I brought up liking the BTLA Pureskin Anti Acne cream to another beauty creator who they sent the same PR parcel to and she couldn't even remember them. I had to show her my IG post just so she could remember the products that she didn't even try. 

With the above said, I'm aware that this blog post would probably be met with disinterest...but if you're a real beauty enthusiast and not just listening on what is hyped in social media, you ought to keep reading this Beauty Treats of LA Makeup and Skincare Review!

What and Who is BTLA?

BTLA is the baby sister of La Girl Philippines. They are distributed by the same company LA Global Product Trends. The Filipino brand BTLA is the local wing of the company with products that are more geared towards the Filipina beauty enthusiasts but you might doubt this because the shades of their face products run on the pale tones (but they work!!!).

The BTLA Intensive Eye Gel Cream is P799 for 30 ml

I called the BTLA Intensive Eye Gel Cream weird when I first talked about the product on my introduction blog because it is so different from other eye creams I've tried. Why?
  • The formula is very lightweight. It is a gel.
  • The tube is huge!
  • It talks about a twice a day application which most eye creams are only meant to be used at night.
Well I am glad that the BTLA Intensive Eye Gel Cream is different! Because it works!

I don't have pronounced dark undereye circles but this still helped make the area under my eye a bit brighter and more hydrated. True the product is a bit on the pricey side but since you are getting 3x the amount of other eye creams in the market, I think this is worth it. 

I rate this:
  • hydration 5/5
  • brightening 4.5/5
  • packaging 3/5 (I prefer a pointy tip)
  • ease of use 5/5
  • Value for money 4/5
  • Overall 4/5 not bad!

Scent is nearly nonexistent so great for those who are sensitive to scents like me!

BTLA Anti-Pimple Cream is P199

The BTLA Anti-Pimple Cream is the first BTLA product that I've fully used up. I love the scent and texture of the product and how fast it absorbs. They weren't kidding when they said that this is mild and fast absorbing. I didn't experience any tingling sensation like I usually get from other anti-pimple creams. 

I rate this:
  • anti inflammatory effect 5/5
  • mild formula 5/5
  • pimple control 4.5/5
  • packaging 5/5
  • Ease of use 5/5
  • value for money 5/5
  • Overall 5/5

BTLA Compact Powder is P199 each

Shades are the following:

  • Ivory - lighht shade with pink undertone
  • Toffee - light shade with neutral undertone
  • Sand - light shade with yellow undertone
OMG! This is a great powder for those who have oily skin. Can be a bit powdery if you have dry skin or dehydrated skin but oil control is great. Coverage is lacking but I think that is because the BTLA compact powder is marketed as a compact powder...meaning it is not a powder foundation and it is not something that should be used for setting foundation. Compact powders are meant to be used for touch ups and this delivers on that!

I rate this:
  • packaging 4/5 (puff needs separate compartment)
  • ease of use 4/5
  • oil control 5/5
  • coverage 5/5 (they never claimed good coverage they only said light coverage)
  • texture and how it performs overall 4.5/5 (could be a bit finer)
  • value for money 5/5
  • overall 4.5/5

BTLA Cream Foundation 
(I still don't know how much this is but this is my favorite from their line!)

This is highly subjective but the BTLA Cream Foundation is a winner for me. Why? It is a cream foundation that sets matte and gives a soft medium coverage. The yellow tone also helps brighten the skin and counteract redness. I am well aware that the product may not work for a lot of Filipina beauty enthusiasts but hey, this is MY review so of course I will like products that work for me :)

I rate this:

  • packaging 4/5 (needs a spatula)
  • coverage 4.5/5 better if full coverage but then I think they did the formula this way so that it would match more people
  • scent 5/5 clean feminine scent not over the top and doesn't linger like mena
  • ease of use 4/5 very straightforward but be careful to use only small amounts
  • oil control 5/5 superb! The product sets as a powder actually
  • value for money I have no idea
  • overall 4.5/5

Beauty Treats of LA Makeup and Skincare Review  Summary

I really think that this brand is worth a try although they don't get that much attention from the beauty community. You ought to try their products if you're a bit fair and looking for good oil controlling face makeup. BTLA skincare is worth a look too! I'm now interested to try more of their makeup :)

You can shop Beauty Treats of LA in the Philippines in this link ---> BTLA Online Shop

they have cash on delivery now! yassss!

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