Seoul White Korea Skincare Launch - Korean Formula but Proudly Filipino At Heart!

Seoul White Korea... the name alone brings forth images of kpop beauties with amazing skin but this new #kbeauty brand to have made it to the Philippine beauty scene is proudly pinoy!

You've read that right, all the products (the Seoul White Korea Double White Soap and the Seoul White Korea Tone Up Cream) are both made for the Filipino market using Korean Skincare formula and technology. What's not to love, right?

Seoul White Korea Skincare Launch

Speaking of the launch, I wasn't able to go because I can't book an Uber or a Grab. I was really sad to miss it because the people behind the brand are people I trust, meaning I know for a fact that they won't launch a half-baked product. Good thing is that they sent me a kit (and I also bought some na at Watson's after trying my kit, will talk about this later) so I was able to try asap. Truth be told, I've been using the soap now for a week and have worn the Tone Up Cream both as a makeup base and as a skin brightener so a more detailed post with reviews will be posted soon. For now, I just want to talk about what was launched by Seoul White Korea.

What Makes Seoul White Korea Special?

For me, it is all about the ingredients!

I have not heard of arbutin bearberry and white strawberry prior to reading up about the new products and from what is written above, they seem to be promising! I've heard about donkey milk for skincare before but was not expecting it to be a key ingredient in Filipino-made products!

So what's up with the key ingredients?

White Strawberry is a special rare fruit that has an ever rarer ability to help maintain white skin even with sun exposure. 

It is able to do this because it acts as a natural SPF that can protect the skin and maintain one's complexion. It is a good natural exfoliant too, thereby making White Strawberry an ingredient that has a double whitening effect. This ingredient is both in the Tone-Up Cream and the Seoul White Korea Double White Whitening Soap.

Arbutin Bearberry is currently one of the hottest skincare ingredients in Korea. 

Some people even refer to Arbutin Bearberry as the "new kojic acid" (and I love kojic acid for gentle exfoliation!). It acts as a powerful skin lightener and brightener due to it being a natural form of Alpha Arbutin. Alpha Arbutin can help lighten and even out one's complexion without causing sensitivity or irritation. This is found in the Seoul White Korea Instant White Tone-Up Cream. 

Kojic Berry (Kojic Acid + Bearberry) is the special ingredient in the Seoul White Korea Double White soap.

It combines the power of kojic acid and arbutin bearberry for effective skin lightening. By the way. don't think that the soap is super drying because it's base is coconut oil. 

Donkey Milk is the special moisturizing agent that is in the Instant Tone-Up Cream. 

No wonder the manufacturers claim it can give you chok-chok white skin! It is considered as "white gold" in some parts of the world and used for beauty rituals since ancient times. It also happens to be 4X better than cow's milk in terms of vitamin C content and ability to attract and retain moisture!

I am so excited to share my full reviews for both soon so you can see if they indeed can live up to their claims of #KinisPutiKinisKoreana skin!

UPDATE: Click links below for reviews!

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Seoul White Korea Double White Whitening Soap

Seoul White Korea Instant White Tone-Up Cream

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