REVIEW Careline Play to Slay Palette Swatches Price Sale! Versatile Cruelty-Free Makeup for Teens!

Careline by Ever Bilena is known as a Filipino Makeup Brand that caters to teens but honestly, I think that their recent releases in the past 5 years are good enough to propel Careline as a brand for all makeup enthusiasts. I've reviewed so many Careline products from the brand for the past 3 years including the bestsellers Careline Multi-Sticks, Careline Graph-Ink Liner, and Careline Glow Getter Palette. Today, I'm reviewing and sharing swatches of the Careline Play to Slay Palette. 

By the way, here are more Careline Makeup Reviews, and yes, Careline is Cruelty-Free!

Careline Play to Slay Palette Review and Swatches! Versatile Makeup for Teens!

careline play to slay palette review swatches price

What is the Careline Play to Slay Palette?

This palette is a multi purpose-palette made for a full face of makeup. There are 12 eyeshadow shades, with 8 being matte and 4 metallics or shimmers, plus 2 matte blushes, and one universal highlighter.

This retails for around 320 PHP so about $6-$7 USD. Not bad!

You can buy the Careline Play to Slay Palette on the Careline website, the payment option is Paypal. Alternatively, you can opt for Shopee or Lazada for COD or just buy from leading supermarkets and big retailers because Careline is literally everywhere. 

I purchased this in 2019. Back then I went to so many Watson's to find this. Now, this is available everywhere even in Supermarkets. 

careline play to slay palette review swatches price

Packaging is very straightforward although looks a bit like play makeup (which is maybe what they were going for). There are no brushes and mirror which is fine by me.

Overall, you will get 20 grams in total of powder product so still pretty cheap even if we compute the pricing per gram, but who would do that, right? 

This is the only version of this palette so the colors cater more for those with a Filipina skintone (not too light and not too dark). I have fair skin and I find that this is still good for me although I have to be careful with the application to make sure that I don't overdo. 

paraben free and cruelty free eyeshadow

So let's talk about the eyeshadows. As you can see in the photo above, Careline included 8 mattes and 12 metallic shimmers. I like that most are warm toned colors and that they still included a light ivory for blending. 

Kinda sad that the shades have no names but if you'll notice, each row is enough to create a color story or an eye makeup look. Not sure if that is accidental or the brand planned things this way. I will totally buy each 'quad' if they decide to sell them by quads, btw...maybe sell it for P100-P150 each and call it a collection hahaha! Careline, BEKENEMEN.

I've had this palette for more than a year and a half so I've been using this for so long to experiment etc. 

paraben free and cruelty free eyeshadow

Swatches of the first row. These are what I use for my girl-next-door look and office-look. 

paraben free and cruelty free eyeshadow

Swatches of the 2nd row. I use these when I want a Kpop look or Chinese makeup look ala Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace. 

paraben free and cruelty free eyeshadow

Swatches of the 3rd row. This is great for a peachy makeup look that's super uso during fall and summer. That orange is soooooo good as a blush too btw. I've used that as a blush so many times and received compliments. 

paraben free and cruelty free blush

There are only 3 face products in the Careline Play to Slay Palette. A golden champagne highlighter and two matte blushes, one is cool toned and the other is warm-toned. I usually mix them to create my perfect shade and to complement my eye makeup. 

paraben free and cruelty free highlighter

Full Careline Play to Slay Palette Swatches below!

I am not very skilled in makeup application and my eyelids are quite small so I just swatch on my forearms so you can see the colors better.

careline play to slay palette review swatches price

Careline Play to Slay Palette Review Summary

Pigmentation: the pigments are nice and not too chalky for the mattes. The shimmers give an almost foiled look when applied wet but can be a bit chunky when applied dry

Texture: The shadows blendable although some may be a bit powdery but I find that the secret is to use a sponge tip applicator instead of bristled brush.

Wear time: Almost a full 6-8 hours and can be a lot longer when with primer

Value for money: SULIT to the max in bold!

Where to buy: Everywhere Ever Bilena products are sold there is Careline too so literally almost everywhere

Overall rating: 4/5 One of the best finds in the drugstore. I took off 1 star because I really don't like the strong powder scent but the performance is great. I just don't like heavily scented products. 

Buy Careline products from their Shopee store to avail of discounts! (<----buy from the link for authentic Careline products!). 

careline play to slay palette review swatches price

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