SACE LADY Makeup Haul and Review 2021! So Many NEW Affordable Makeup and It's ON SALE! Lazada and Shopee Makeup Sale!

Sace Lady Makeup is quite new to me and I bought a bunch that I will be sharing reviews of soon. However, since it is the Lazada and Shopee mid-year sale again soon, I figured what better way to splurge than try a new affordable makeup brand, right? So here I am sharing my haul and my first impressions or first comments until I can post a Sace Lady Cosmetics Review video!

SACE LADY Makeup Haul! So Many Affordable Makeup and It's ON SALE! Lazada and Shopee Makeup Sale!

Sace Lady Philippines Makeup Cosmetics

What is Sace Lady Cosmetics?

Sace Lady is a makeup brand from China but they are available worldwide. I've seen some US-based Youtubers review Sace Lady Cosmetics and I've wanted to try them for a long time but buying from the US is so expensive. I was worried that those available locally are fakes too. Thankfully, we now have the official stores in Shopee and Lazada so we can be sure that all makeup we buy are safe and real. 

Everything I will show below are available at the official store shared below.

SACE LADY MAKEUP HAUL Affordable Cosmetics Lazada and Shopee Makeup Sale!

Sace Lady Loose Powder Foundation Concealer Primer Review

Sace Lady Loose Powder Foundation Concealer Review

I got this as a set because it was on sale. If you buy each one of the products in this set one by one, the total would be more than 500 pesos because you also get a primer and brush aside from the loose powder, concealer, and foundation. I only got this so I can post a full face Sace Lady Cosmetics review but am so glad because now I know that I want to get more of their concealer!

These will not give you full coverage of a matte makeup look but the finish is skin like. Coverage is just light to medium but the lighter coverage is great for a fresh makeup look which I am going for so I got no complaints. The primer is quite slippery and a little warm upon first application but it did make my face look and feel a lot smoother. 

Sace Lady Diamond Highlighter Swatches

Sace Lady Diamond Highlighter Review Swatches

Sace Lady Diamond Highlighter is such a great find! Same performance as other liquid highlighters that cost 3-4X more. I got these as part of bundle sales too so I was able to get all shades for just around 400 pesos. I will post a separate review and swatches because wow, so nice!

If you want to fake a glowy skin, this is it! It doesn't completely melt even when perspiring so quite nice.

Sace Lady Liquid Blush Swatches

Sace Lady Liquid Blush Swatches review

Sace Lady Liquid Blush is more or less a serum blush. It is very liquidy and kind of slippery but sets to a satin finish with a diffused color. The darker shades are 1 and 2 while the lighter shades are 3 and 4. Lasting power is half a day so not bad. I also like the wand applicator. I will post a separate review but please note that this is not a lip and cheek tint. If you use on the lips, it can be drying.  If used on the cheeks, this product is really pretty. 

Sace Lady Eye Makeup Bundle mascara eyeliner brow pencil

Sace Lady Eye Makeup Bundle Mascara Eyeliner Brow Pencil

This is another Sace Lady makeup bundle that I got because I wanted to try 2 products in the bundle and saw that getting all will only cost around 50 pesos I got all ahahah!

Sace Lady Eye Makeup Bundle mascara eyeliner brow pencil

I am glad I chose this out of impulse because I wanted the mascara but it did not work so nice for me however the eyebrow pencil and the eyeliner are great so I think I got a good bargain. In other brands, the same price for all these will just get me 1 product so no regrets getting this to try!

Sace Lady Tinted Brow Gel set

Sace Lady Tinted Brow Gel Set Review

I have mixed feelings about the Sace Lady Tinted Brow Gel Set because although I like the product, the liquidy formula for the brows is very new to me. It does last half a day before fading so the product is worth another try. I will experiment more with this although I find that this works as contour in a pinch. I got the set because the difference with the set vs just the brow tint is jut 10 pesos so you know me, ninja moves when it comes to shopping!

Sace Lady Brow Styling Cream

Sace Lady Brow Styling Cream Set Review

Sace Lady Brow Styling Cream Set is a set so you know what that means! This is another one that I just wanted to try and ended up liking so much. This is not a cream but a brow soap. Basically just a glycerin soap bar in a tin. What I like is that it is so affordable compared to similar products and they all just work the same. This comes in a newer packaging. When I purchased, only the old packaging was available. 

Sace Lady Sculpting Liquid Eyeshadow

Sace Lady Sculpting Liquid Eyeshadow Review

I am so sad that there was only 1 shade left for the Sace Lady Sculpting Liquid Eyeshadow because this turned out really good. This is in a thicker and more opaque formula than the highlighter by the way and sets within 3 minutes. I really want more of this and I know they got around 12 shades but most were sold out. I will buy more during the Lazada 6.6 sale!

Sace Lady Model Eyebrow Pencil

Sace Lady Model Eyebrow Pencil Review

I have always liked skinny eyebrow pencils and Sace Lady Model Eyebrow Pencil is no exception. It is so thin yet firm and comes in a few colors. This is a new product in their line if I am not mistaken and so far, this is one of the products that I am planning to repurchase during the sale. 

Sace Lady Makeup Sponge

Sace Lady Makeup Sponge Review

The Sace Lady Makeup Sponge is not a dupe for the beauty blender but the product performs similar to drugstore sponges. It absorbs product when dry and I haven't tried wet application yet so will update after that. I got this for Buy 1 Take 1 and is such a steal so still a good purchase.

Sace Lady Lip Balm

Sace Lady Lip Balm Review

I like the Sace Lady lip balm because it is a jelly balm that works with your skin to produce your own shade of pink. The product is a bit drying so maybe apply on top of a moisturizing balm but for what it's worth, I like this. There is no difference between the pink and blue. They produce the same color on me as far as I can tell. Steal too considering other brands sell these for much more. 

Sace Lady Blur Primer Review

Sace Lady Blur Primer Review

I got the Sace Lady Blur Primer because I was intrigued by the gold particles. This is just a silicone primer with extra sparkle but yes, there is indeed a skin blurring effect that looks like a filter. I will update this after testing some more but using this makes foundations glide so smoothly and get a more skin like finish. 

Sace Lady Volume Curl Mascara Review

Sace Lady Volume Curl Mascara Review

Sace Lady Volume Curl Mascara is effective for plumping lashes and holding curl but I find that the effect only lasts 3-4 hours on me because I have naturally straight and slanting down lashes. I wonder how this will fare for people with naturally long and curly lashes. No racoon eyes btw but the product tends to clump so apply little by little to achieve a better look.

Sace Lady Model Mascara Review

Sace Lady Model Mascara Review

I only got the Sace Lady Model Mascara because it is new and I wanted to be the first to review it but wow, this turned out really good for defining the lower lashes. The mascara comes with extra fibers so can lengthen and darken. I just don't like the stinging feel but the formula holds up and makes small lashes look great.

By the way, I was supposed to share this post in Mid June but I found that they got a huge sale for the 6.6 Sale so sharing early!

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