Taking Care of My Mental Health with Free Games Online at Plays.Org Because Yes, Gaming Is Self-Care!

Taking care of my mental health is my top priority these days and so I am back to enjoying free games online. This post is a follow-up to my blog post on Gaming Is Self-Care! One of My Best Kept Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets is Taking Care of My Mental Health!(<---pssst, that is a link) I wrote that blog a week ago because someone pointed out that it looks like I like gaming and then the conversation went to how gaming can have health and beauty benefits and how playing free online games can be considered as valid self-care.

I primarily play free games online when I am very stressed. The more stressed I am, the more I feel compelled to 'escape'. That is why I play free games online as part of taking care of my mental health!

Taking Care of My Mental Health with Free Games Online at Plays.Org Because Yes, Gaming Is Self-Care!

free Games Online at Plays.Org Gaming Is Self-Care

It is no secret that playing digital games is an effective stress reliever for a lot of people. For me, gaming is a healthy and fun way to divert my anxiety and refocus my energy when I feel overwhelmed by deadlines, work, and other worries. I really believe that gaming is self-care and a productive one to boot!

How Can Playing Online Games Be Considered As Self-Care? Free Games Online gaming is Self-Care

Self-care is whatever you do to help you relax whenever you need a break. It is about making an effort to take care of yourself whether it may be physically, emotionally, or mentally. Blogging in itself is one of my self-care habits as well as cooking, reading, and creating crafts but there is just something about gaming when I am feeling extra frustrated that makes me go back to it time and again. 

I mean, you do you, of course. Some people enjoy exercise as a form of release and I like that too, just not when it is the height of summer and it is 45C or when it is 3am and I just had alone time after assisting in a grueling surgery. These are the times when gaming is self-care for me!

free Games Online at Plays.Org Gaming Is Self-Care

I play video games when I want to let off steam. I play video games to help myself reset when sleeping for 12 hours is not an option. I guess gaming for self-care is really a form of escape, right?

There is nothing wrong with playing video games. I am currently getting most of my gaming fix from an online gaming site or online video games site called Plays.org

Gaming Is Self-Care! free games online

What is Plays.Org? Do they have Free Games OnlineGaming Is Self-Care!

Yes! They certainly have free online games!

Plays.org is a website with over 150 free online games under various categories. Their free games online are browser-based so you do not need to install anything. They have a lot of old-school games and a retro-style layout complete with arcade-ish sounds that I love!

plays.org about directions review 01 simulation games

I have long since graduated from my 'gamer days' but I still enjoy nostalgic games from my childhood like the ones that are reminiscent of arcade games as well as newer ones like simulation games. I am not so much into multi-player RPGs anymore but I am planning to blog or vlog about that too now that I've realized that a lot of my readers and viewers love that type of personal blogs too. Who would have thought, right?

My favorite free games online at Plays.org are Tap Supermarket and Open Restaurant because they cater to my OC-ness haha! They're also not too heavy so are relatively easy to great for chill time.

free online games tap supermarket

I took screen shots from the first time I played on my phone because I wanted to share how the games are on phone mode. They only load up in landscape mode and do not take the entire screen.

free online games tap supermarket

I have gotten good in Tap Supermarket by the way but I mainly like it because I like shopping and have always wanted my own supermarket. It makes me happy to see the sections grow and the stocks go down in the warehouse.

You simply tap to run the register, replenish the stocks, and order more supplies!

free online games tap supermarket

The ones that frustrated me the most are Minigolf World and 2-Minutes to Escape. My gosh, I had to switch to my phone to kinda win in them because my iPad was too sensitive and would sabotage me, haha! I only played them because my fiance mentioned he played them after I introduced him to the site.

free games online minigolf world

I played the Minigolf World free online game on my iPad. No matter where I play, I can't get the ball to roll down the hole. I stopped taking screenshots because I got to 36 tries before I finally made it past hole one haha! 

free games online 2 minutes to escape

This free online game, 2 Minutes to Escape is great on the PC, but not on my iPad, and phone. Also very Super Mario feels without the cheesy save the princess storyline.

I will add some screenshots below but yes, I like their website because there are no ads and the free online games got no catch. You can play either on each page or as a web application. I find that just playing direct on the page is better for a laptop or computer but if playing on the phone, then choose the option for a web application. They also welcome feedback or comments so yay!

open restaurant plays.org free online games

So for example you want to play Open Restaurant at Plays.org, you will get to access the important information for the game first so you would know what to expect. 

free games online

They are true to their word, no ads, yay!

gaming is self care

Instructions are loaded up before the game proper so it really is easy and fun. They welcome reviews too so maybe I will share this article on their website as my Plays.org review

taking care of my mental health gaming is self care

By the way, you can get back your previous standing in a game if you use the same browser so that is another bonus by playing free online games at Plays.org

Do you know that you can take care of your mind by playing games for self-care? Play is important for robust mental health even for adults. What are your thoughts? 

I will share more of my online gaming adventures in the coming days! I also have an upcoming video haul of my gaming gear and other cool stuff so watch out for that at either the PinayBeautyAndStyle Youtube Channel or maybe the YeyAndie Youtube Channel where I share my online finds including tech and entertainment. 

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