REVIEW Miss Rose Highlighter with Swatches! Cheap Highlighting Powder for Summer!

I haven't featured a standalone highlighter review in a few weeks and so here I am sharing my thoughts on Miss Rose Highlighter. This is just a very short post because I am so busy these days but I figured to share this because the product has been performing well since I bought it more than a year ago. I believe this was in my Chinese Makeup Haul.

Miss Rose Shimmer Highlighter Review with Swatches! Cheap Highlighting Powder for Summer!

Miss Rose Shimmer Highlighter

What is Miss Rose Shimmer Highlighter?

Miss Rose Shimmer highlighter is a baked powder highlighting product that I believe comes in just 3 shades. When I bought this, only 1 was available. It is around 100 pesos to 150 pesos and can last quite a while. Mine has been around for about 2 years and I still have a lot!

I love powder highlighting products and summer is when I usually use a lot of them because the weather is perfect for highlighting skin and more skin! Check out my highlighter reviews if you are interested for more, but for now, we will just talk about Miss Rose Shimmer. 

REVIEW Miss Rose Highlighter with Swatches! Cheap Highlighting Powder for Summer!

The main ingredient is talc but worry not because the powderiness is not as bad as you might expect. 
I am well aware that the ingredients are questionable but also know that I don't use this as much. I only bought this as part of my Chinese Makeup Haul. 

There is a lot of product. Each one has 10 grams so if you're in for a kick, this may be a good buy. I still have a lot even after a few years of using this for my shoulders. I use this for my shoulder because it gives my pale skin a sun-kissed look with the sought-after chok chok glow.

This shade is quite pale but they have deeper shades too. I picked this shade because this is the closest to my skin tone. If you can look at the photos of the swatches, a light sweeping gives me a glowy look but the shade can be too light if I apply it thickly. 

This product is best applied in a very light manner because the talc in the ingredients can look ashy if applied heavily

REVIEW Miss Rose Highlighter with Swatches! Cheap Highlighting Powder for Summer!

Overall I give this a 3.5/5 So just a little over average considering this still performed better than a lot of drugstore highlighters that cost more. 

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