2019 New Makeup from Ever Bilena, EB Advance, Careline, and Kris Life Kit! #parabenfree and #crueltyfree

Ever Bilena held the #EBHouseParty on December 19, 2018 at Ascott Makati. I was invited as one of the bloggers, vloggers, and makeup artists. I thought it was just a Christmas Party event but it turned out that it was also a sneak peek of some of the new makeup from Ever Bilena, EB Advance, Careline, and Kris Life Kit that will be released in 2019! What made me even happier is the fact that these are all #parabenfree and #crueltyfree, yay!

Ever Bilena, EB Advance, Careline, and Kris Life Kit  New Makeup 2019!

more below!

They didn't tell us which makeup will be under which brand.
The product details were mostly covered by stickers. I'll do my best to label them below based on previous releases and how the packaging looks like. Sana tama yung panghuhula natin, hahah!

Another thing to note is that there are no release dates (yet) for all these new releases from Ever Bilena, EB Advance, Careline, and Kris Life Kit for 2019 so all we can is just wait and wish that they'd stock up local stores nearby. No prices are available yet too. I will update this post when applicable.

By the way, I still don't have some of their 3rd and 4th quarter products yet coz either I can't find them in stores or they are out of stock or they only have testers (example, kris life kit blushes only testers sa store sa Megamall Watsons, napagod na ako wala talaga makita). If you want to see reviews of local drugstore makeups, click on the following links:

And now, without further ado, here are the 2019 new makeup from Ever Bilena, EB Advance, Careline, and Kris Kife Kit!

New brow mascara or brow gel from EB Advance? Perhaps Careline?

I really think that this face palette is from Careline although could be from EB Advance. I'm not sure if they're serious about launching in the US but if they are then they should  make this part of the US release. Look at the pigment, dude!

 The foil eyeshadow is reminiscent of Colourpop pressed pigments. gondoh!

By the way, Colourpop sell their eyeshadow at $5 per shade. This palette I think will be around 500 lang because EB is always trying to make their products as affordable as possible. You get 12 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, and 1 highlighter. Like wow!

These eyeshadow palettes are very much like the ones from Bilena, review here, and here but I believe these will be released under EBAdvance or Careline coz the packaging is white. 

UPDATE: These was released as the EB Advance Eyeconic Palettes and retail for P175 pesos each via Lazada. 

I'm really looking forward to buy this palette. The swatches are very light-handed finger swatches by the way and done on bare skin.

UPDATE: Swatches of EBAdvance Eyeconic Palette Mixed Metals above

OMG a blush, highlighter, and contour palette from Ever Bilena? Also a highlighter trio? I think these babies are either Careline or EB Advance coz again, the white packaging. I think these will also do well internationally. 

UPDATE: These will be released soon. They're called EBAdvance Face Trio.

Trivia, that blush in the middle is none other than everyone's favorite - FIG!
UPDATE: Imagine, FIG in EB Advance Face Trio!

I like this palette but I wish the contour is a tad darker. This might work for those who are after a Korean makeup look, though. This is another EBAdvance Face Trio.

Ahhh this palette! That white highlighter in this EB Advance of maybe Careline Highlighter palette is actually a holographic highlighter. It has silver, gray, and metallic blue reflects. I'll buy the palette just for that one highlighter alone. Ang gondoh!

UPDATE: Maybe they will release this as EBAdvance Highlighter Trio?

I love the EBAdvance jelly tints so am happy that they got new shades (or this could be Careline). I'm just thinking these are EBAdvance because of the white cap.

Believe it or not, these are makeup eraser sticks or makeup balm. Akala ko glue sa papel eh, haha! Kidding aside, I love the innovative concept. Some foreign brands have a similar product (banilaco, ELF) but theirs are not in this compact form. I'm thinking these are either EB Advance or Careline.

Yehey foundation sticks! I really think these are from EB Advance because this type of product is often used by makeup artists and EB Advance is their line that caters more to makeup artists. Can be Careline too. It isn't too obvious here because of the lighting but there are 2 shades. The darker one can be used for shading if you're fair. These are super blendable. I forgot to take videos and more photos.

UPDATE: These was released as EBAdvance BB Foundation Stick in warm beige and  EBAdvance BB Foundation Stick in oriental. No match for my skintone :(

Clay blush from Ever Bilena or Clay blush from EB Advance? I think EB advance but we'll see. The pigments are so smooth and finely milled. Abangers ako for this.

UPDATE: Released as Ever Bilena Matte Stick Blush March 2019

Toast of New York in Jelly Tint? Yes! The other 2 shades are Night Berry and Uptown Red. Pretty obvious these are  going to be released under Ever Bilena...black cap and all.

Ever Bilena Kris Life Kit brush set has eye brushes and face brushes! I think they will sell this as a set. The brushes are soft and dense naman. Hindi tinipid. 

More shades for Kris Life Kit matte matic lippies? maybe?

I'm excited for the above. They are like creamy jelly tints in a hybrid mousse and jelly formula. I hope they can be used for eyes, lips, and cheeks. They smell good too. I'm thinking these will be released under Ever Bilena but could also be new products for the Kris Life Kit line. 

The above are all balms. I think the formula and shades are good. I'm not much of a balm user though so not sure. I really like the shades.

An all mattes eyeshadow palette? Yes please! This baby is most probably from Ever Bilena coz I can't picture this under the Kris Life Kit collection. I wish they added a black or a dark brownish gray to make this a "complete palette" but hey, this is good too. I'm actually surprised that a local brand came up with this. 

Not shown are:

There are more releases aside from these but so far the products shown here are the ones that they said they will surely release in 2019. I'm really looking forward to next year especially that I got word that other local brands also have a lot of good things brewing. 

Ang saya-saya because buhay na buhay our local makeup industry. This is a good indication that the economy is doing well too because cosmetics are not a basic need so if the cosmetics industry is booming, that is overall good :)

Buy EB Advance and Ever Bilena products online HERE from their official Shopee store to make sure that you get fresh stocks always and see their new releases too!

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