Get Holiday-Ready Skin With Jergens! Best Way to Moisturize Skin!

I've been web-searching for the best way to moisturize skin lately because the nippy weather is back and with it comes my dry skin with a vengeance! That was why I was really thrilled when I received a holiday pampering kit from Jergens Philippines!

I wrote about  my love for Jergens lotions back when I went to their 100 years with Jergens  celebration event and I think it is that time of the year to share additional tidbits about why I like using their products.

I have really sensitive skin. I don't know why but there are times when even products that are labeled as sensitive-skin friendly cause a reaction for me. Good thing that doesn't happen with Jergens or else I'll have to suffer having scaly legs all winter long!

Okay, we don't really have winter in the Philippines but I'm often in air-conditioned environment and travel a lot. Air conditioning and travel really zaps the moisture off of the skin, no kidding!

Best Ways to Moisturize Skin - Skincare Tips

Aside from keeping yourself hydrated, I find that one of the best ways to moisturize the skin is to make sure to use products that you know work for your skin type. That for me is using the red Jergens (the original variant). Idk but this works for me and the scent reminds me of my lola from whom I got my love for the brand. It must be the patented Hydralucence blend present in Jergens products.

Another way to moisturize skin is to wash with a mild soap. Soap with the right pH balance that also has good cleansing properties will help retain moisture and prevent the accumulation of dead skin that emphasizes the appearance of having dry skin. No one wants to see flaky skin, right?

I've used the Jergens® Mild Bar Soap just twice and I'm glad to report here that it surely is mild and has a nice light scent too. 

One new thing that I learned is that light touch can also enhance absorption of products aside from stimulating circulation to the skin. I was really happy that this Jergens holiday kit came with a jade roller because a jade roller (and similar products) does exactly this. 

Lastly, wear clothes that minimize skin friction like those made with satin or silk! That's so festive and indulgent, right?

By the way, Jergens has several variants. I only mentioned the Original one because that is a classic and my personal favorite but you can choose from: Ultra Healing, Age Defying, Daily Moisture, and the Original Beauty variant.  Your skin’s specific needs will be met with each variant no matter which best way to moisturize skin you are using now. Why not gift Jergens lotions to your fam and friends for the holidays? As you can see from the photo above, the right presentation can make really touching gifts. Spread the holiday cheer and skin love with  Jergens®!

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