EB Sculpt & Strobe Stick by Ever Bilena Review Swatches Price

EB Sculpt & Strobe Stick by Ever Bilena is a current beauty staple of mine because it is perfect for the cooler weather these days! At just P225 per piece, the EB Sculpt & Strobe Stick gives you a contour/bronzer stick and a highlighter stick in one sleek packaging!

EB Sculpt & Strobe Stick by Ever Bilena Review

Can we just appreciate how the packaging was designed? I really got to hand it over to Ever Bilena because they went beast mode in their product and branding revamp. I like how compact the product is and that the cream sticks are retractable.

I happen to have 2 shades of the Ever Bilena Sculpt and Strobe variants:

  • Medium has a champagne stick highlighter and a light warm brown contour
  • Deep has a pale gold stick highlighter and a medium warm brown contour

the variants are just like are just like Ever Bilena Contour Duo (medium and deep)

And just like the newest products from the brand, these are paraben free and cruelty free. Yay!

I like this thoughtful touch to the packaging. No need to get my glasses to read what is the variant name coz I can see it perfectly just by looking at the tops.

As pretty as the swatches above of the Ever Bilena Sculpt and Strobe Stick are, I have to admit that I was disappointed at first because I thought that the contour shades were too warm for me...then I realized that of course they designed these for the Filipina market to cater to pinay skin tone so in that case the warm contour can actually work (because cooler contour can look ashy/madungis on Filipina skin). So to be clear, if you're morena and have yellow undertone, a warm contour shade can look great on you. As for me, it doubles as a bronzer.

freshly applied

Upon playing with the product and using them for a few weeks, I began loving the warm cream contour shades because I am super pale these days and they double as bronzer for me. What I do is to simply add a bit of the EB Advance Contour powders on top when I set my makeup.

when blended

I like that although the formula is saturated with pigments, they do blend nicely and can compare to expensive brands I've tried. As for drugstore brand, I prefer this over a similar product from NYX because this works just as good for less than half the price, and again, #parabenfree and #crueltyfree!

I've also experimented with mixing the contour shade with the highlighter to create a bronzer. I like the results! If you need to give your legs a sexy glow (or do leg contouring if you're into that) this is the product to use!

Ever Bilena Sculpt and Strobe Stick Review Summary

  • Price - 225 pesos each
  • Texture - Pigment-saturated cream that glides easily and blends nicely
  • Finish - demi matte once blended, creamy satin on first swipe
  • Application - very blendable and buildable application
  • Lasting Power - 4-8 hours depending on whether you set with powder or not
  • Overall Rating - 4/5, good to use if you have dry skin or need a product that is friendlier to wrinkles and skin texture (because powder emphasizes those)

Buy EB Advance and Ever Bilena products online HERE from their official Shopeemall store to make sure that you get fresh stocks always and see their new releases too!

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