Some By Mi Makeup Review - Lipstick, Eyeshadow, and Cushion from Some By Mi

Some By Mi is known for their Miracle Toner and Miracle Soap so I was really surprised to see Some By Mi makeup when I visited their Korean website earlier this year.

I blogged about buying Some By Mi products in the Philippines, by the way. 

Some By Mi Makeup Review 

It took me a long while to create a Some By Mi makeup review because I really believe in using and testing products first for at least a few times before publishing reviews. Since these makeup products are more for the Kbeauty look, I didn't have frequent enough opportunities to test them out.

The set that I got have 2 eyeshadows, 1 lipstick, and 1 cushion. They were on promo at that time. I really wish the writings are in English so that I can share more but they're not. The whole set was $39 but with additional discounts. I can't quote an exact price because it is possible that the set is even cheaper now or the opposite.

Some By Mi Eyeshadow

The Some By Mi eyeshadows are called Under the Sea Pearl and Warm Cocoa.

As expected, the colors are buildable and quite soft. This is a trademark of Korean makeup so don't expect that they will swatch like western brands. I like that the shimmers are not chunky however the eyeshadows are too soft and broke on me in under a week! They are easy to repress so not too bad.

Some By Mi Lipstick

I'm torn about the Some By Mi Lipstick because I was really hoping that it will be a bright orange but it turned out that it is more like a sheer tinted balm.

The formula of the lipstick is great. It can help rejuvenate dry lips and add a plush of color but I was really hoping for more color saturation.

Some By Mi Cushion

The Some By Mi Something Maxi-Glam Cover Cushion has a weird name but at least it more than makes up for it with the cute packaging and good formula!

I really like this cushion. Even the puff is a bit more dense so it ensures even application and less product absorption - this means more of the product ends up on your face yay!

The coverage for the cushion is just medium but is buildable to a dewy full coverage. It stays on too despite not being marketed as long lasting from the limited Korean I can understand on the website.

Some By Mi Something Maxi Glam Cover Cushion REVIEW HERE

Overall I will rate these Some By Mi Makeup 4/5

I like them but they just fell a little bit short of my expectations but to be fair I am judging them from the viewpoint of someone who uses more western makeup than korean makeup. If you like natural looking korean makeup, then they do perform well and are surely worth a try!

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