Air Optix Colors Review - Tried Air Optix Graded Lenses and it's Life Changing!

Graded contact lenses somehow scared me for some reason. I've been using Air Optix Colors contact lenses for a few years now but I've only recently tried their graded contact lenses for my myopic astigmatism and I'm glad I did.

Air Optix Colors Review - Tried Air Optix Graded Lenses and it's Life Changing!

I don't know why it didn't occur to me to find out whether color contact lenses were available in graded version but I somehow thought that graded lenses are always clear haha!

Anyway I was drawn in to try Air Optix Colors graded lenses because I love their colored contacts for the following reasons:

  • Available in 9 shades (I've tried 5 so far)
  • The lenses are very comfortable. I don't even feel like I am wearing lenses at all. This is often not the case when I wear colored contacts from other brands (I've tried all sorts of brands over the years, even the ones sold on IG, yikes!)
  • Air Optix Colors are available everywhere there is an Ideal Vision store and they often have ready stocks available so really great for hassle-free shopping
  • The lenses are easy to apply. This is a huge plus for me because I usually have a hard time putting on contact lenses for being too big, too stiff, or too soft. No issues like that with Air Optix Colors and they are easy to take off too.

I personally think that the P1,450 price per pair is worth every peso. Sure, there are cheaper options from sellers in IG and FB but I find that those lenses have dubious origins not to mention a pain to use (at least for myself).

Call me maarte and all but when it comes to products that touch my eyes, I really go for quality and safety, comfort, and last is aesthetics. Luckily, I found all of these in Air Optix Colors Graded Contacts, so yey!

The packaging says that one pair is good for a month of use. Now, I am not gonna lie that I have kept some pairs for about 3 months (coz I'm a bad girl, and I only do that for pairs I've only used a few times). I mention this because even though the product should ideally be replaced after 30 days, I personally find that they're still really as good as new at the 3 months mark. It goes without saying that I take good care of my contacts but still, that's pretty good for Air Optix Colors. My experience with cheaper lenses is that I can only use them max 3 times and then I can't take it anymore. You can really tell the huge difference in quality.

So, why is using Air Optix Colors Graded Contact Lenses life changing for me?

I have really bad eyesight (myopic astigmatism). I can't even recognize my dog in front of me if she's about 5-6 feet away. Yeah, it is that bad. Before I discovered Air Optix Colors Graded Contact Lenses, I always have to wear glasses even when I'm fully glammed or risk bumping into people and all haha!

Why not wear clear contacts then when making rampa? I just don't see the point wearing contacts if not to make a fashion statement coz I got a collection of cute graded glasses anyway. So when I wear contacts it is really to make a statement or complete a look. I know this is shallow but hey, real talk for me.

I love Air Optix Colors as a fashion accessory and now I love their graded version too because I can finally do a full eye look and not need glasses to function. 

In the photo above, I am wearing gray in 3.0. Don't mind the boxes that say 1.75 and 2.0 coz those are old boxes. My vision deteriorated further so I now wear 3.0 and I already threw away my newer boxes so have to use the old ones for blog photos. Anyway, can you see how nice the color gradation is? It looks like I was born with gray eyes! 

I have a kwento. That day I went shopping at a department store and the sales associates were speaking to me in English because they somehow thought I'm a foreigner. Lakas makadaya the lenses! I also enjoy not having to wear glasses and have great vision the entire day. I even wore my lenses for 15 hours that day and never have I needed to use some eye drops. Air Optix Colors is THAT comfortable. It is truly made for everyday wear. I'm one happy consumer!

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