Belo Kojic Intensive Whitening Toner Review - Micropeeling Face Toner

Belo Kojic Intensive Whitening Toner was released last year but I didn't really get to try it except for a few uses because I was really tamad with using a toner. I've been more interested in skincare lately and so when the summer months rolled in (started in late February, gasp!), I made sure to be more adventurous and try out summer perfect skincare for the Philippine weather. I tried the No More Mahapdays and No More Tiis Ganda Lang challenge by Belo Essentials and am satisfied with the results so I decided to create a stand alone review for the Belo Kojic Intensive Whitening Toner.

Belo Kojic Intensive Whitening Toner Review

What is the Belo Kojic Intensive Whitening Toner?

So this toner from the Belo Kojic line is the first toner I've heard of featuring Kojic Acid and Tranexamic Acid. Both ingredients have skin whitening or skin brightening effect. Combined together in the right proportions, they work together to peel off dead skin and reveal smooth, clearer, whiter skin.

What I like the best about the Belo formula compared to other peeling toners is that their product does not show obvious peeling or flaking of the skin. They are true to their claim that their toner has a micro-peeling effect. 

Claims include:
  • micro-peeling or skin exfoliation
  • reduction of dark spots
  • skin cleansing
  • hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic formula without parabens

I can attest to the effective micro-peeling, skin cleansing, and hypoallergenic properties but it is too early to tell if my stubborn dark spots will get lighter. I've only been using this toner for 2 weeks so I will just update this review. 

A bottle of the Belo Kojic Intensive Whitening Toner retails for a little less than 80 pesos for 60ml of product. A bottle lasts about 2 to 3 weeks if you use it day and night.

About the color, the main reason why I didn't get around to trying this out sooner is I was really weirded out by the color. It is an orange liquid and I'm used to my toners being clear or milky white. 

Scent is similar to their other Belo Kojic products and the color of the toner does not transfer unto the skin. Yey!

I paired the Belo Kojic Intensive Whitening Toner with my favorite soap from the same line, the Belo Extra Moisture Bar as part of my cleansing routine for my face. They have 3 different variants but the glycerin one is my favorite because it is the mildest and is kinder to my skin. I just use the original variant and the exfoliating one for my body. 

Another thing that I loved about the Belo Kojic Intensive Whitening Toner is that it does not sting nor cause my face to go all red. I have an aversion to toners because my skin usually ends up looking like I've downed a bottle of wine while applying the toner. You can see this in the video at the latter part of this post. 

Belo Kojic Intensive Whitening Toner Review Summary

  • micro-peeling confirmed
  • effective cleansing agent even after washing the face
  • did not cause breakouts and redness
  • did not dry out my skin
  • skin brightening effect confirmed
  • Will update about effect on dark spots!
  • 5/5 for now!

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