Belo Kojic Skincare Review - Is It Really #NoMoreTiisGandaLang and #NoMoreMahapdays

Belo Intensive Whitening BB Cream was the first product from the Belo Kojic line that I featured in this blog. At the time, I was already using their first soap, the Belo Kojic Acid soap and discovered the Belo BB Cream via before my beauty blogging days. I've been using the line because I have sensitive skin and their products are paraben-free and do not cause skin irritation for me. Fast forward more than 3 years and I still feel the same!

#NoMoreTiisGandaLang and #NoMahapdays Belo Kojic Skincare Review

I was on the fence about trying the #NoMoreMahapdays Belo challenge because I don't use toners on most days (I know, I'm badddd). Another reason is why the Belo Kojic Acid Toner is the only product that I haven't really tried yet from their kojic acid and tranexamic acid line is because I was weirded out by the color, haha! I was really worried that it would turn my face orange.

I'm glad to report that it did no such thing. 

Anyway, the Belo No More Mahapdays and No More Tiis Ganda Lang challenge was about using the Belo Kojic Extra Moisture Bar together with the toner. I wanted to go a bit extra and added the Belo BB Cream in the mix because I can't go out without sun protection. More so, I didn't want to use heavy makeup when testing out skincare items with micro-peeling effect so I opted for it because its a sunscreen, moisturizer (sorta), and makeup in 1! 

Check out my old review of the Belo BB Cream HERE.

The Challenge

I wanted to find out if my skin won't turn all red and angry if I used the Belo Kojic Extra Moisture Bar with the toner for 2 weeks. I already know that the soap's peeling effect is not visible because I've reviewed it in the past. It's actually one of my fave soaps for the face and body. I even hoarded a few from Shopee. 

Belo Extra Moisture Bar review HERE. 

What really made me nervous was the Belo Kojic Acid Toner. As I said, I'm not a toner type of person, haha! And the color was really a bit weird for me. 

I was expecting it to sting, to feel like I was slapped, or to cause major skin peeling. I'm glad that none of that happened for the last 2 weeks that I was testing the products together. 

You can see how the toner didn't cause any redness too in the video I uploaded recently at the PinayBeautyAndStyle YouTube Channel, the one reviewing all the products of the Belo Kojic line in 1 go.

I love the scent of the toner, btw. Kinda wondering if they'll ever release more from this line, like maybe a face serum. I'd totally buy that.

Oh and just in case you didn't click on the review of the toner, it delivered what it promised. No visible peeling, no pain. My face also didn't feel taut after using it, which is the primary reason why I usually don't use toners. 

Review of the Belo Intensive Whitening Micropeeling Toner HERE

None of these reacted with my other skincare products so yay!

I can't go out without sunscreen so on most days I use either the Belo SunExpert tinted sunscreen or the sunexpert face sunscreen. For this experiment, I used the Belo BB Cream for 2 weeks with the extra moisture bar and toner and I'm satisfied with the result.


I can't say if my skin got whiter but my skin texture improved. My skin got brighter too. It is very difficult to capture on camera because it is more of the feel than the look of the skin. 

Some people were commenting how my pores weren't as visible but they're my staff so they could be making bola-bola haha!

Is the Belo Kojic Acid Skincare product line worth a try? 

My answer is YES. I have the video to prove it. I got the entire line, actually haha!

My favorites are the Belo Body BB Cream (I ran out, OMG!), the extra moisture bar soap, the body lotion, and the BB cream. I am starting to develop a liking to the  Belo intensive whitening toner. 

Now that the experiment is over, I don't want to stop using this line. maybe I'll keep using until I use all up but I don't think that will happen given my hoarding tendencies. Anyway, wrote this to prove that the #NoMahapdays and #NoMoreTiisGandaLang claims are true!

Here is a video of the Belo Kojic review featuring the entire line. Demo is in the last minute and a half. 


If you're curious about my take on their soaps, here is the Paano Ako Pumuti Video

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