OTWOO Liquid Blush Review with Swatches - Is It as Good as NeeCara?

Otwoo liquid blush is something I've been wanting to try for a while but I was really worried that it would cause breakouts and all since the brand isn't well-known in the Philippines. I've also heard of NeeCara or Nee Cara Liquid Blush and heard that Otwoo Liquid Blush is the same product, only that O.two.O (is this the right spelling?) is cheaper than the Thai Nee Cara Liquid Blush because O.two.O is a Chinese makeup brand and so they get theirs straight from the factory in China. Is this true? Hmm, I think so! Let me tell you why!

O.TWO.O Liquid Blush Review - Is It as Good as Nee Cara Blush? 

So Nee Cara Liquid Blush has been trending in Philippine Beauty Groups in FB. I didn't buy my own because I was worried its gonna break me out. After further research, I found out that Nee Cara and OtwoO liquid blushes have the exact same shades. Further digging revealed that yup, other ladies have observed this too. Check out posts at the FB group The Makeup Revolution Ph. 

What is the O.Two.O Liquid Blush?

OtwoO or O.Two.O liquid blush (not sure which spelling people will search for so I'm using both for SEO) is a  blush in a creamy pigmented liquid form. It isn't a gel like other liquid blushes. It is really liquidy but not tint-like. 

I got the shade 01 because I have fair skin and I didn't want to risk buying the whole range if I am not gonna like it. I bought this at Shopee for less than P150. What a steal! The other shades are darker.

They claim to be cruelty-free which I find hard to believe because they sell in China from what people told me.

Expect that the formula will glide well because of the dimethicone in the ingredients.

I was really struggling to take a photo because O.two.O liquid blush is so liquidy. Very similar indeed to Nee Cara based on the few times I tried it from a friend.

I like that the consistency spreads easily. It doesn't streak and doesn't pool color in one area.

Tried to smear some highlighter on top. The formula adheres well to powder.

OTWOO Liquid Blush Review Summary

I've only used this 5X in the past 2 weeks but I think that is enough testing to write a review on.

  • No breakouts
  • No strong scents, just normal makeup scent
  • easy to use
  • very blendable
  • I agree with what a lot of other ladies are saying that this is a dupe if not the same product as NeeCara just under another brand's name. 
  • can last 4-8 hours on oily skin
  • doesn't change color, no oxidation for me
  • not bad for P150
  • packaging looks nice but dispenses too much of the product
  • If you're looking for Nee Cara, just buy O.two.O. They're really the same so save your money!

I give this 4/5. 

Knocked out 1 point because of the packaging but the blush itself gets a 5/5. 

I bought a bunch of Chinese Makeup via Shopee! Which one should I review next?

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