Love Beauty And Planet Philippines Summer Collection Launch - Coconut for Haircare and Skincare

Love Beauty and Planet is Unilever's eco-friendly sub-brand featuring sustainable packaging and environment-friendly formulas for their products. I first heard about Love Beauty and Planet from an Australian friend last year and was so glad when they finally launched in the Philippines January of this year (I tried their lavender shampoo and liked it). Yesterday, Love Beauty And Planet Philippines launched their summer range at SM Beauty Activity Center in SM Makati and am excited to introduce them to you guys!

Love Beauty And Planet Summer Collection Launch 2019 Philippines

This is TMI but I've already bathed twice since receiving blogger samples yesterday. Yes, bathed twice in less than 20 hours just so I can 'indulge'...and that is with me trying not to go for a third bath haha! That's how much I like them :) If you love island-tropical coco-nutty scents, you'll love the the new releases too.

So, what's new with Love Beauty and Planet?

For summer 2019, they launched 2 new collections. 

Coconut Oil and Ylang-ylang in Yellow

A 3-piece set of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash featuring coconut oil from the Philippines and scented with ethically-sourced ylang-ylang that's great for damaged hair and dry skin.

This is my current favorite set because the shampoo and conditioner formula is perfect for my dry and bleached hair. The scent is tropical and sensual (naks!). 

Ylang-ylang is feminine and floral which pairs well with the beach-vibe scent of coconut. The body wash is in my to-buy list after trying the shampoo and conditioner because it is supposed to be perfect for refreshing the skin so will really suit summer in the Philippines.

Price range is P290 to P390 and you can buy each product on its own.

Coconut Water and Mimosa Flower in Blue

A 4 piece collection of shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and body wash featuring coconut water from the Philippines and scented with mimosa flower. 

Coconut water provides light hydration for the skin and promotes bouncy hair. Mimosa flower gives a light citrusy-floral scent. I only have the body wash and it smells divine! The scent is very light after washing off but it stays on for hours so you'll be deliciously-scented for the day.

Price range is P290 to P390 and you can buy each product on its own.

more details at the video presentation below:

The Love Beauty and Planet Hub at SM Makati carry their entire Philippine collection - 5 product lines so far, including the new releases.

The launch was held at SM Makati yesterday, March 23, 2019. The LBPhub will be there until March 30, 2019. If you purchased their previous releases, you can drop off your used bottles at the hub.

It will be great if you can visit the hub so that you can test out each item before purchasing. They have testers available and an ongoing promo. 

You can get a free eco bag of your choice (pink, blue, or yellow) for every 3 items purchased  from the Love Beauty and Planet summer releases. You can avail of the promo while they still have eco bags at the #LBPhub.

the hub is quite spacious and instagrammable!

Love Beauty and Planet's hub is right in front of Forever21 and in between the 2 escalators at SM Makati's beauty area. 

Why try Love Beauty and Planet products?

I think that now is the best time to try their products. Summer is approaching and their new releases are meant to combat the harsh effects of summer on our hair and skin. 

Their claims are not just bola. My damaged hair is doing well after washing twice with the coconut oil and ylang-ylang variant. It also did not get sticky after my morning workout. Anyway, I'm a believer. 

speakers from the launch, from the brand itself and sustainable living advocates

The summer release's hashtag is all about #SmallActsofSummerLove. They said that it is because every small positive change we do to help with protecting our planet counts in a big way. You know, such as switching to more sustainable products. 

Again, they're not just making bola. 
  • Their formula is 96% biodegradable
  • Their bottles are made from recycled plastic and are also recyclable (they also collect used bottles of their products)
  • Their products are designed to be easy to rinse so you use less water when bathing. They call this the 10-seconds fast-rinse technology
  • Their ingredients are ethically sourced from all over the world
  • Their products are vegan and cruelty-free

In my personal opinion, I think that their hashtags Small Acts of Summer Love and #SmallActsofLove also count towards being kind to your skin and hair. This is because their formula is free from colorants, dyes, and harsh cleansers which can strip both your hair and skin of natural oils and make it prone to damage. Paraben-free too so you're not exposed to hormone disruptors. I know some people will think details like these are just for millennial 'hype' but as someone who suffered from hormonal acne, I can attest to the fact that using paraben-free products is a big help. 

I had a lot of fun yesterday because I got to talk with similarly-inclined bloggers. I really hope that sustainable beauty becomes the norm soon.

You too can celebrate the season with #SmallActsOfSummerLove with Love Beauty and Planet! 

You can purchase Love Beauty and Planet’s summer collections in select Watsons stores and e-commerce retailers starting March 20, 2019. I saw some in my local Watsons and Waltermart Supermarket. They are also available via Lazada at current time.

You can also visit or, and follow @LoveBeautyandPlanet_PH on Instagram for further details.

you can check out my short teaser video below too.

Have you tried products from the rose, vetiver, or the lavender lines of Love Beauty and Planet?
Animetric blogged about the vetiver line and she loved the cooling effect. I want to try the pink one because I hear great feedback from using murumuru butter but I'm not a fan of rose scent. I've tried the shampoo from the lavender and argan oil line and it is sooo relaxing!

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