Zenutrients Gugo Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Zenutrients Gugo Strengthening Shampoo has been a part of my bath time essentials since 2015 but for some reason, I just never wrote a review about it. Sure, I've featured it a lot of times in the PinayBeautyAndStyle Youtube channel and IG but I feel that a blog conveys more. The Zenutrients Gugo Strengthening Conditioner was a later addition when I discovered it is available in travel-sized containers. 

Zenutrients Gugo Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner Review 

Why Try the Zenutrients Gugo Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner?

Back when I was growing up, my maternal grandmother would often apply gugo and calamansi on my hair, saying that it is her secret for having luscious locks and that I *need* it or else I'd start losing hair like my paternal side of the family. Talk about throwing shade, right? Haha! Perhaps she's right because I somehow escaped that fate.

Anyway, a student (who was older than myself) recommended Zenutrients Gugo Strengthening Shampoo to a colleague so I bought a bottle from their stall to try 4 years ago. I didn't give it much thought but my childhood made me a firm believer of gugo's hair strengthening powers so I kept buying it. Also because it is one of the shampoo products that didn't cause scalp irritation for me. 

A few months after that, I brought a small bottle of Zenutrients Gugo Strengthening Shampoo to an outreach trip. I was pleasantly surprised that the shampoo kept my hair soft despite the water from that area being notorious for causing frizzy unmanageable hair (based on past experience with other shampoos over the years). I let my colleagues try and they had the same results. I didn't look into the science behind that but perhaps it is because the cleansers in the Zenutrients formula is milder than other commercial shampoos?

You can read more about the benefits of gugo for the hair HERE and HERE.

Speaking of ingredients, another reason why I decided to bring Zenutrients Gugo Strengthening Shampoo for that trip was because the area is really remote and they have no sewage system. I wanted to use products that leave as little non-organic-friendly compounds as possible. 

More details below.

note that I used the 100ml bottle from Sampleroom because a 1L bottle does not photograph well haha!

Zenutrients Gugo Strengthening Shampoo

The formula doesn't produce a lot of lather but you can see the dirt coming off of your hair as you rinse it off. This can be a bit drying so make sure to follow up with a conditioner or a leave on. 

I like that the shampoo rinses easily and doesn't have a strong scent. I really don't like products that are strongly scented. This one is just right. I also like the real gugo they placed inside the bottle. 

Btw, my current Zenutrients favorite is their Honey and Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner but someone asked me about this so I'm blogging this first. 

What's in it?

Aqua, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Cocamide MEA, Coco Diethanolamide, Methyl Ester Sulfonate, Glycerin, Entada Phaseoloides, Sodium Chloride, Essence, Phenoxyethanol, Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil

Feel free to google what each component does and compare with your other hair conditioners. 

Price for Gugo Shampoo: PHP 249.00 for 250 ml / PHP 465.00 for 500  ml / PHP 790.00 for 1L

note that I used the 100ml bottle from Sampleroom because a 1L bottle does not photograph well haha! I am not sure if they sell 100 ml bottles because I only buy the 500 ml and 1L sizes these days.

Zenutrients Gugo Strengthening Conditioner

I use the Zenutrients Gugo Strengthening Conditioner less often than the shampoo but I like bringing it along for travel because I have a small bottle that I can simply refill from my 1L stash. I also use this before and after dyeing my hair to give it more strength and prevent hairfall. My brother swears by this but I prefer the more moisturizing Zenutrients Coco Honey Conditioner because I have dry and color-treated hair.

What is in it?

Aqua, Cetyl Alcohol, Cetrimonium Chloride, Entada Phaseoloides, Panthenol, Phenoxyethanol, Triethanolamine, Essence, Menthol, Mentha Piperita Oil.

Feel free to google what each component does and compare with your other hair conditioners. 

Price for Gugo Conditioner: PHP 260.00 for 250ml / PHP 652.00 for 500 ml / PHP 913.00 for 1L

Btw, adding this here because I am pretty sure I won't be able to post a separate review - I really love this bug repellent balm from the same brand (photo reference below). Smells so soothing! You won't need Lush's lavender lotion when you have this because you'll sleep like a baby with this. And yup, effective against mosquitoes too especially when you're hiking and the like. If you got sensitive skin, this is what you want!

This 'review' isn't structured like my other reviews. I have so many things to say but not sure how to share them. Anyway, pretty much everything you see in the photo below is good. And yep, the photo is from my IG circa 2016, ahahaha! At least you can be sure that I've been using them for years! My family uses their products too, way before I started blogging.

I'm abangers for the day when they will have their own refilling stations too now that the beauty industry in the Philippines is becoming more #ecofriendly.

Btw, #Zenutrients uses #locallysourced ingredients as much as possible. They are not charchar. They've been a pioneer of #ecofriendlybeauty or #greenbeauty way before it was uso.

The brand is #proudlypinoy too. I use this shampoo and conditioner a few times a week (I don't stick to just 1 product, gusto ko madaming choices) and I believe this is why even after repeated bleaching lately, I still have thick hair with no breakage.

I've talked about their other products in the past. Here is my review of the Zenutrients Nourishing Olive Face Cream and Zenutrients Aloe and Calendula Head to Toe Cream.

You can buy these and other Zenutrients products at their website and kiosks. They are also available in BeautyMNL and Shopee but not their entire collection. 

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