Cathy Doll AA Cream Review! What is Automatic Aura Cream?

I've been hearing about the Cathy Doll AA Cream for a while now but this product is seriously so difficult to find (for me at least!)! My blog readers and YouTube viewers have been telling me to try the Cathy Doll Automatic Aura Cream since last year but no matter where I looked (andaming 711 and Watson's!!!) either out of stock or they have no idea what it is. I've considered getting the Cathy Doll AA Cushion but wasn't sure if that will be as good as the famed Cathy Doll AA Cream so you can just imagine the level of anticipation and high standards I have when I finally got my hands on this baby!

Cathy Doll AA Cream Review!

What is the Cathy Doll Automatic Aura Cream?

The Cathy Doll Automatic Aura Cream is a hybrid product with both cosmetic and skincare properties. Just think of it as a light water-thin foundation or BB cream but with additional skincare benefits!

I think they named it "automatic aura" because it instantly brightens the skin upon application and does not dry matte, it gives your skin a healthy sheen when not set with powder.

The Cathy Doll AA Cream is also an anti-acne and anti-aging product. Some people may think that the scent of tea tree can be quite overpowering but I personally love it because I know that products infused with tea tree oil work amazing for my acne-prone oily skin. 

Rephrased from Cathy Doll:The Cathy Doll AA Cream foundation has a light, air-like texture. It has anti-acne, auto-aura, and anti-aging properties and provides natural-looking perfect coverage. The tea tree oil in the AA cream helps control oil and reduce acne. The Korean herbs in the formula help reduce or fade dark spots caused by acne scars and the Titanium Dioxide brighten the skin while infusing the AA cream with sun protection properties. Best suited for sensitive skin although will work on most skin types. 

I agree with everything above except perhaps the shade range because the two available shades are very pale for Filipinas. I personally think that some who may be sensitive to tea tree oil may have increased oil production using this (like my friend) but for my oily skin, the formula is A-okay!

Some people might be put-off by the very watery or thin consistency but I personally like it because the coverage is wow anyway. I just wish that the packaging has a pointed tip for better control of the product because I always make a mess when trying to dispense some as seen below.

As mentioned earlier, don't be fooled by the thin consistency because the coverage is medium to full coverage!

Left photo is applied as I normally would and the photo on the right side shows applied as full coverage versus when sheered out. 

Can you see how thin it is above? Even when applied full coverage (right side), you can still see the lines on my skin because of how light the formula is!)

left side before application, right side after application
It perfectly covered my redness and evened out my skintone in one thin layer!

left photo an hour application, right photo 7 hours after application no retouch
Wear test is pretty impressive too as seen in photo above. Although I have oiled up after 7 hours, I can still see the Cathy Doll Automatic Aura Cream doing its job.

Cathy Doll AA Cream Review Summary

  • Acne control - 4.5/5 because I developed no zits except one during the testing period of 2 weeks. I usually get a few. 
  • Complexion improvement 5/5 for me because it looks and feels like skin for me. My concern is how it will look for those darker than NC 20 because I am already using the darker shade and it is just 'right" for my fair skin.
  • Shade range is 4/5 for me because since this is a Korean-inspired product, we really can't expect them to have darker shades
  • Wear test 5/5 wala ako masabi
  • Value for money 4.5/5 a bit on the pricey side at P750 per tube but I think one tube will last 2 months or more so not bad
  • Overall 4.5/5 so very good and highly recommended!
  • Buy this if you have fair skin and need help with acne marks coverage and prevention
  • Don't buy if you are morena or have sensitivity to the ingredients.
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