100 Years of Glowing Skin With Jergens Celebration in the Philippines!

I seldom write celebratory blogs, but I can't help talking about celebrating 100 Years of Glowing Skin with Jergens as I have a lot of fond memories with products from the brand. Jergens was the first ever lotion I used on my skin. I fondly remember my grandma asking me to give her a massage (apply Jergens lotion on her legs because she can't bend over) when I was around 5 or 6. I bet she'll be happy to see me getting a glimpse of the very first Jergens bottle in person!

100 Years of Glowing Skin With Jergens

I'm a bit of a snob for invites. I won't go if I don't care about the brand/product or bad trip ako sa PR, hahaha! Anywhoo, Jergens and I go wayyy back so of course I said "YES!" to Digify's invite :)

The invite itself was pretty neat too!

Below is a clip of me right after I arrived at the venue. You can watch the rest of the video at my vlogs for my reviews of the Maybelline Superstay Foundation and the EB Advance Contour Palette over at the Pinay Beauty And Style YouTibe channel :)

I loved seeing the old ads. It was like a trip down memory lane. I also learned that the company behind Jergens Philippines - Vibelle, is a family-owned Philippines that aim to bring quality products closer to Filipinos. I did get a sense of some sort of family reunion vibe seeing the old ads and the different incarnations of Jergens lotions over the years.

The suddenly, there it was! The more than a century old bottle of Jergens bottle!

Here is a closer look.

I know this sounds weird but I was in semi-awe of the bottle. This bottle has seen 2 world wars and is being kept in a secluded place when not shown around. I was told by Martha of Digify (the agency behind the successful event) that the bottle is glued to the base. I breathed a sigh of relief because I was worried that someone clumsy could simply topple the pedestal over and bye-bye Jergens history!

We were shown an AVP of  Jergens historical highlights. Some quick facts:
  • 1882 - Andrew Jergens Company located in Cincinnati Ohio was a small shop creating soaps when they first created their Jergens lotion/moisturizers
  • 1960s - Vibelle Manufacturing Corporations in the Philippines was granted a license to manufacture and distribute the Jergens brand in the Philippines by the Andrew Jergens Company USA
  • 1980s - Jergens became a household brand in the Philippines. I was witness to this! This was the time my grandma would ask my uncles abroad to not forget her Jergens lotion and she'd ask me to give her massages and apply the lotion on her legs. The locally available Jergens bottles then were the small ones and my grandma wanted the big ones haha!
  • Present - Jergens is still very much loved by Filipinos!
So yeah, the event presented an overview of Jergen's growth over the past century (naks, century!) and we were also treated to good food (ang sarap nung mushrooms!) and workshops. 

I loved that although the workshops covered various topics (from taking IG photos to repurposing old clothes), the star of the event was still all about having glowing skin!

My favorite part is actually chatting with other beauty bloggers and influencers about their history with Jergens. It seems like each one of us has a childhood memory featuring Jergens! Oh, the memories!

I also enjoyed trying out the Jergens lotions on exhibit. It was my first time trying the hydrating coconut (I've always used the Ultra-Healing one and the Aloe one) and OMG, I love it! I've been trying to find it since last week but can't. Hu Hu Hu.

If you see a bottle of the hydrating coconut variant tell me where I can buy it. I've been meaning to ask them but I'm dyahe hahaha!

Below is a pic of me loving my skin after trying out my fave ultra-healing variant at the event, hahaha!

Here is a list of the Jergens products available in the Philippines!

I've been using Jergens on the daily! Here's a snap I've unearthed from my archives. See the bottles of Jergens lotions in the background?

I'll write another blog featuring my newest find from Jergens! Their new solid bar soap and liquid bar soap! They're good! Watch out for that next week :)

For more information, please visit:
  • Jergens Philippines on Facebook https://web.facebook.com/JERGENSph.Vibelle/
  • on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jergensph_vibelle/
  • and on Twitter https://twitter.com/jergens_vibelle. 
  • Visit the official website at http://www.jergens.com.ph/

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