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EB Advance Contour Palette is something that I didn't think was possible because contouring isn't really that big in the Philippines. I mean, Ever Bilena released the Ever Bilena Contour Duo and although I liked that product and even posted a review post and a review video of the EB Contour Duo, I thought that was it, as in nothing else will follow. I am so happy that they released a real affordable contour palette!

EB Advance Contour Palette Shade and Light Review

What is EB Advance Contour Palette?

The Eb Advance Contour Palette is the brand's take on a real and affordable contour palette. I say real because this version has 6 powder shades, all are mattes, and 2 contour shades are actually cool-toned browns!

The formula is paraben free and is quite smooth. Hindi mumurahin!

And did you know that  EB Advance is cruelty free as well? Hooray!

I've always had a difficulty trying to find a contour palette (that's not crazy expensive) that will fit my skintone and most of my readers'. Given that the EB Advance Contour Palette has 6 matte powder shades, you certainly can mix and match the powders to sculpt your face. I mean, just take a look at my photos testing the EB Advance Contour Palette below!

I've also noticed that the colors were really selected to match a wide range of skin tones. I'm very happy with that because it looks like that the colors are well-suited for Filipina skin!

I have fair skin and I find that I can use the light powder shades to help blend out the contour shades so even though I can't use them for setting (because I am super pale), I can still use them yey!

EB Advance Contour Palette Price

The Eb Advance Shade and and Light Contour Palette packaging is quite pretty for its price. I was really expecting this to be around P1,000 but the entire palette is just P395. Like wow! There are a total of 12 grams of product in the palette. 

The tin packaging is similar to the EB Advance Uncover 1 and EB Advance Uncover 2, with a good quality mirror that you can really use to apply your makeup. 

No applicator is included in the palette but hey, that's a non-issue for me!

EB Advance Contour Palette Swatches

fresh swatch

As can be seen from the swatches above (finger swatches without a primer), the light powders are composed of 2 matte neutral beige shades and 1 banana shade. They are not dark, I am just quite fair. The contour shades are composed of 2 cool-toned brows, with the leftmost shade catering to those with pale skin like mine. The rightmost shade is a warm deep brown but will not look orange or ashen on morena skin because the undertone is a tad red. Ang lakas makaganda nyan I swear!

The colors are very pigmented and blendable. I've even tried using the contour browns as eyeshadow in my photos below and they're really good for blending out a smokey eye. The lightest contour shade is perfect for creating a nose line. 

EB Advance Contour Palette Swatches after 5 hours are shown below.

after 5 hours

The product also wears well. It doesn't look muddy after wear.

EB Advance Contour Palette application, about half an hour after application shown below.

My EB Advance Contour Palette Review video coming soon! I've seen Mae Layug's Review of the EB Advance Contour Palette and it is really good. Please watch her video. 

UPDATE: BELOW is my EB Advance Contour Palette Review video! 


The photo above shows how the product wears after 2 hours. I took the photo above before going to an event. It really blended well.

Below is a sneak peek video of the EB Advance Contour Palette as well



EB Advance Contour Palette wear test - 5 hours after application. I took the photo during the Jergens 100 years celebration at Eastwood Mall. It's still there!

As you can see, the product has already faded but in my opinion it only became more natural looking. Overall the product lasted on my day of errands for about 6 hours. Maybe 7 hours but I got oily skin so that's quite a feat considering expensive contour palettes last about the same on me.

EB Advance Contour Palette Review Summary

  • Price is sulit na sulit so 5/5
  • Longevity is 5/5, wala ako masabi 5-8 hours overall!
  • Application beginner friendly but those without the proper tools may find it a bit challenging so 4.75/5
  • Packaging is 5/5. Even if this was P1K I will still give 5/5 because of the good mirror
  • Shades are super inclusive! 4.5/5 only because they didn't include a very light powder. Maybe one of the beige shades could have been a little paler since they look almost the same anyway.
  • Overall 5/5! I am so happy with this palette!
The best P395 spent EVERRRR, at least for 2018!


Buy EB Advance and Ever Bilena products online HERE from their official Shopeemall store to see their new releases too!

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