MCO Cosmetics Iconic Lips Bold Matte Liquid Lipstick Review, Swatches, Price ALL SHADES (almost)

MCO Cosmetics Iconic Lips Bold Matte Liquid Lipstick looks like an expensive liquid lipstick, so I was a bit surprised to find out that a tube retails for just P259 each. I've heard of MCO Cosmetics in social media but I can't seem to find them in North Metro Manila area so it took a while for me to review them for you.

MCO Cosmetics Iconic Lips Bold Matte Lipstick Review!

MCO Cosmetics reviews have long been requested by my viewers and readers so I am so glad to finally write this review and have something to share when someone asks again, yey!

I have 11 shades of the MCO Cosmetics Iconic Lips Bold Matte Liquid Lipstick, they sent me two of the same shade called Red Drama. I'm not disappointed because Red Drama is a super flattering red on me like WOW!

What is the MCO Cosmetics Iconic Lips Bold Matte Lipstick?

The MCO Cosmetics Iconic Lips Bold Matte Lipstick is the brand's take on a smudge-proof and long-wearing liquid lipstick that feels like second skin. I don't know what it is in their formula but it does very lightweight and the color saturation is really good. In the photo below, all swatches were created with just 1 swipe of the applicator!

MCO Cosmetics Iconic Lips Bold Matte Liquid Lipstick swatches below

The 12 shades are Alex's Love, Blondie Beauty, Catfight, Cream Caramel, Miss Mocha, Nude Lace, Pink Martini, Pirate Queen, Red Drama, Rogue Diva, and Vamp Red.

Red Queen is missing because I don't have it.

Claims are that the formula is:
  • Kissproof - this is true!
  • Smudge-proof - also true!
  • Ultra pigmented - just take a look at the 1-swipe swatches to believe
  • Long-lasting - this lasts on me for 4-6 hours without retouching so pretty standard for premium liquid lipsticks. I know this is quite affordable but I guess quality is really what you get from this New York-designed product
  • Bold Color - YES!!!
  • Matte Finish - this can be ultra matte for some but if you exfoliate your lips before use you can pull off wearing these MCO Cosmetics liquid lipsticks
  • Lightweight - A BIG YES! Very comfortable and I didn't feel like I was wearing anything. You'll only feel this if you wear 3 layers (yes, I tried), but why would you do that when 1 layer is enough?

The liquid lipstick contains only 3 ml instead of the usual 4-5ml of other brands in the same price range but since you only need a single layer of application, then I'd say you will get the same number of uses. Quality trumps quantity.

MCO Cosmetics Iconic Lips Bold Matte Liquid Lipstick Nude Shades

  • Alex's Love is a neutral dark pink that goes well with any skin tone and makeup. 
  • Blondie Beauty is a light terracotta that can work well with both light and dark skin especially for those with a warm undertone
  • Catfight is a pretty everyday mauve that you can wear from day to night for both work and play, probably for a date or even a night out
  • Cream Caramel is a dark terracotta that would be amazing for those with a tan or morenas
  • Miss Mocha is an everyday brownish nude that will suit most Filipina's skintone
  • Nude Lace is a sexy and dainty peach that can also be worn from day to night. I think this is perfect for office makeup or paired with a smokey eye for those with a warm undertone.

MCO Cosmetics Iconic Lips Bold Matte Liquid Lipstick Bold Shades

  • Pink Martini is a deep yet bright mauve. This is one of my favorite shades and I think this is great for attending a wedding, office, or when you want a bright yet muted lip color at the same time
  • Pirate Queen is a midtone purple brown. Not sure how else to describe the shade but it is quite flattering for both warm and cool undertones
  • Red Drama is a firetruck red or maybe a bright blue-toned red. It can make you look 'maaliwalas' and sophisticated at the same time
  • Rogue Diva is a brownish red or a dark red with a hint of brown. This is a power shade for morenas.
  • Vamp Red is a vampy oxblood red leaning towards maroon. It really is vampy!
Red Queen is missing here but it is a dark rich red similar to blood. Really beautiful.

These are water-proof and yes, I've worn them for a quick swim. I've used the shade Pink Martini and swam several lapses yet my lipstick stayed on!

My Favorite MCO Cosmetics Iconic Lips Bold Liquid Lipsticks

Blondie Beauty on the left only looked a tad dark on me because I am very fair and have pigmented lips. I call it my 'mahinhin' shade.

Pink Martini on the right is my current go-to pink for meetings and going out during the day. It can make your teeth look whiter.
Red Drama on the left is very flattering. It can make your teeth look whiter too and it is my current power red lipstick for day time.

Rogue Diva on the right is so beautiful paired with sultry eyes. I think that those with a deep skin tone will love it. I love it even though it can look a tad too fierce for me, haha!

Disclaimer: MCO Cosmetics sent me these lipsticks but as you guys know, I don't blog about things I don't like (because sayang oras ko hello). I wonder why I can't find reviews for their other products? I've seen flatlays but haven't seen blogs or reviews. Ang ganda pa naman! No kidding! Hoping more people will create MCO Cosmetics review posts!

I want to get their eyeshadows next or maybe their face products but I am concerned that I can't find written reviews (real reviews, not just swatches on IG). Perhaps readers can tell me what they think I should get next?

MCO Liquid Lipstick Review Summary

This MCO Cosmetics review won't be complete without a review summary! So far I've been road-testing these lippies for about 2 weeks because I really wanted to share a detailed review with enough wear test for me to know how great the product performs. My findings are:

  • Application --- I think they chose the perfect applicator because it just gets enough of the product for one application and yet prevents dripping of the formula. 4.75/5
  • Scent --- I am so glad that the scent is mild and goes away after the product dries. 5/5
  • Texture --- liquidy thin consistency but the pigment is really there! Might be a little too thin for some so 4.5/5
  • Pigment ---- WOW just WOW! 5/5
  • True to Claims --- TRUE na true! 5/5 see claims above!
  • Longevity ---- Wear test is 5-6 hours without eating oily meals. If you eat oily foods the product will diffuse/dissolve on the inner part. Thankfully this wears well and do not flake off. 4.75/5 for me just because natalo sa lechon haha!
  • Comfort --- I love how light the formula is! I don't feel like I am wearing anything when this is on my lips. Non-drying too! 5/5
  • Value for money --- I really think that the price is worth it because the product feels like a premium or mahal na brand. 5/5
  • OVERALL 4.75/5! Recommended!

I wish they have MCO Cosmetics products in Watsons or SM :( 
At present time I think the easiest way to purchase is via the MCO Cosmetics Website

My one concern is that their promotional posters and IG posts are not true to color, so that's why I'm looking for more MCO Cosmetics reviews with photos so I can check out which of their other products will suit me.

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