Belo Kojic Extra Moisture Bar - Whitening Glycerin Soap with Lots of Benefits!

It's been 2 weeks since I blogged about my first few days of trying out the Belo Kojic Intensive Whitening Extra Moisture Bar and I'm here for a review update!

I noticed that some of my Instagram followers and friends at Facebook are not aware of the benefits of glycerin soap. I mean, they don't know what makes glycerin soaps special and why they are often priced above market norms. Yep, glycerin soaps are wayyyyy cooler than their mere translucent looks communicate! Read further down below to know more about the awesome benefits of glycerin soap!

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Belo Kojic Extra Moisture Bar Review Update + Benefits of Glycerin Soap

Belo Kojic Extra Moisture Bar - Whitening Glycerin Soap with Lots of Benefits!

I've talked about some of the benefits of Kojic Acid in my earlier blog. For some of you who've been following this blog and the PinayBeautyAndStyle Youtube channel, you are already aware of why I love the Belo Kojic line and what benefits of Kojic Acid I am a fan of. Anyway, just to refresh your memories guys...

What Makes the Belo Kojic Intensive Whitening Extra Moisture Bar Special?

The Belo Kojic Intensive Whitening Extra Moisture Bar is a kojic acid plus tranexamic acid intensive soap bar with a glycerin base. This whitening bar was formulated by the Belo group with glycerin because it is known to deeply moisturize and nourish dull and dry skin.

More so, the Belo Kojic Extra Moisture soap is the only one of its kind in the market. Sure there are other whitening glycerin soaps but they are usually by specialty brands and you will have to order them from specific websites. The Belo Kojic Intensive Whitening Extra Moisture Bar is available in supermarkets and drugstores nationwide plus cost less than a cup of Joe at Starbucks. Sweet, right?

According to Belo Essentials, the new Belo Kojic Intensive Whitening Extra Moisture Bar:
  • is hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested
  • was proven to be more moisturizing than regular kojic acid soaps (42% more moisturizing in fact!)
  • contains glycerin, an ingredient that prevents moisture loss with added benefits of restoring the skin's firmness and elasticity 
But are the above claims TRUE? Or are they just hype

This is the question that bugged me so I looked into the benefits of glycerin soap and why this new Belo Kojic Extra Moisture Bar formulation is better than their previous releases. 

Hmmnn, looks pretty normal to me. I love the Belo Kojic Exfoliating Bar and it even won as the best whitening soap (in my opinion) in my Paano Ako Pumuti or Best Whitening Soap Video. Although the Belo Kojic Extra Moisture Bar is from the same company, it has to have something of real value to offer to me to make me switch.

So here are some packaging details and information on the active ingredients present in the Belo Kojic Extra Moisture Bar.

I followed most of what is written under the "how to" and " best results" part. I made sure to stop using other whitening brands (not an issue because I seldom use any other brands anyway). I used the soap twice a day for a period of 2 weeks total and noticed no irritation (note that I was using the Belo Kojic Exfoliating Bar prior to this). I did not use the Belo Intensive Whitening Body Cream and Face & Neck Cream because I honestly did not see the need to and I'm only after the micro-exfoliation effect and don't really want to get super white (I am NC15 for reference). 

You can read more details about my initial 

So how does the Belo Kojic Extra Moisture Bar compare to my old favorite Belo Kojic Exfoliating Bar?

All I can say is that the Belo Kojic Extra Moisture Bar delivers what it says it will on the packaging. It does not slough off dead skin as fast as the Belo Kojic Exfoliating Bar because in my observation it takes 4-5 days with the Belo Kojic Extra Moisture as compared to the 3 days I've observed with the Belo Kojic Exfoliating bar. I think that this can be because of the added benefits of glycerin soap that is present in the Extra Moisture version. 

The Belo Kojic Exfoliating Bar is a bit drying especially around my nose but I did not see visible flakes or sloughing in the same area while using the Belo Kojic Extra Moisture Bar. Hooray for the real moisturizing benefits of glycerin soap!

As for the whitening and skin smoothing effect, the Belo Kojic Intensive Whitening Extra Moisture Bar is just the same as my old favoite, the Exfoliating version. This means that you get all the skincare and skin whitening effects you love from the Belo Kojic Line with the added perk of having a soap with a glycerin base if you choose to switch to the Belo Kojic Extra Moisture Bar!

In case you're still on the fence whether the new Belo Whitening Glycerin Soap is for you, read on below about the Benefits of Glycerin Soap. 

Benefits of Glycerin Soap

Haven't you ever wondered why glycerin soaps cost a bit more than regular soap bar? Soaps do vary greatly in terms of ingredients and it is often the quality of the ingredients that determines the soap's cost and distribution.

Generally speaking, glycerin soaps have more expensive and more pure ingredients as compared to typical bath soaps in the market. This is because a glycerin soap is considered as a 'real soap'. It is made with natural vegetable oils and lye with very minimal additives such as hardeners, detergents, and other chemicals found in typical soaps. This is why glycerin soaps are quite effective at cleansing even without producing lots of bubbles (a sign of added detergents in most soaps).

Here are more glycerin soap benefits:

Glycerin Soaps Can be Completely Natural

While all soap manufacturers differ, glycerin soap can be made completely natural as it does not need a ton of synthetic ingredients to create a good soap unlike those made from synthetic ingredients and additives. 

Glycerin Soaps Are Great for Sensitive Skin

Most glycerin soaps (that do not have a ton of additives) are safe to use even for the most sensitive skin. In  fact, people with psoriasis or eczema are often prescribed glycerin soaps for their use because unlike normal soaps, glycerin soaps seldom create negative reactions. 

Glycerin Soaps Are Very Moisturizing

Glycerin is a humectant. This means that glycerin is an ingredient that attracts moisture. The photo below illustrates this. My Belo Kojic Extra Moisture Bar attracted beads of water to it's surface just 3 hours after I've used it. My bathroom has a dehumifier so I can assure you that this isn't just because of humidity.

Because glycerin is a humectant, it can attract and lock moisture into the skin. By having this quality, glycerin can increase skin hydration and prevent it from drying out. I can personally attest to this as even with twice-a-day use of the Belo Kojic Extra Moisture Bar, my skin wasn't flaky and I didn't always need to use a lotion (I usually have to slather on lotion on my arms when using other Kojic soaps). I've also noticed that my skin has a fresher look to it somehow. Must be the extra hydration!

I'll just add another thing to this list of benefits of glycerin soap. You see, I am very prone to skin redness and breakouts but I noticed that my skin behaved extra nicely during the period I was using the Belo Kojic Extra Moisture Bar. I think that hydration and keeping the skin moisturized is key to helping protect it against irritants. 

Should You Try the Belo Kojic Extra Moisture Bar?

Definitely! I love it and have actually bought a 12-pack in Lazada because they have a promo that you only pay for 9 and the other 3 bars are considered free! Check out that deal here! You can also try free samples of this and other Belo Kojic products at by the way :)

Summary for the Belo Kojic Extra Moisture Bar Review

  • moisturizing power: Really good. At most you will need is a light lotion, It is not a necessity for me yey!
  • cleansing power: good clean, skin does not feel tight or squeaky after bathing
  • scent: fresh and clean 
  • lather: use a loofah to create lather. I'm thinking of creating a body wash by dissolving some bars in distilled water. 
  • value for money: Slightly mahal because one bar can just last me 5 days to a week (just 7-10 showers) but super worth it! Why not buy it at Lazada or try one for free via Sampleroom?
  • sensitive skin friendly? Yes! yes! Yes!
  • whitening effect: same as other Belo kojic soaps. Results can be seen within a week or as early as 3 days for some. 
  • overall rating: 4.5/5, only because dissolves too fast but that can be because this glycerin soap is not filled with additives like hardeners. 

***Other Notes***
Where to buy: I saw this at SM Beauty section, SM Hypermarket, Landmark Supermarket, Watsons, Zalora, Mercury Drug, Waltermart Supermarket, Lazada, and if you're lucky, you can get this for free at

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