EB Advance Cheek Color Review, Swatches all shades and Price

Am I a blush addict? I don't think so...but my tapered down collection of more than 80 blushes from drugstore to pricey brands says otherwise haha! With this said, I really can't turn down a good blush plus I always tell myself that I donate/review/give them away within a year anyway..so yeah, nothing sets in my collection for too long gathering dust.

EB Advance Cheek Color Review

Okay. I admit it, I am quite a blush addict and so I couldn't resist completing all 6 of the EB Advance Cheek Color  blush shades when they were on sale. These blushes are only P175 a pop but hey, 40% off was hard to resist you know? I mean look at them and tell me you won't grab them if you were in my place!

EB Advance Cheek Color Details

There are 6 shades of the EB Advance Cheek Color and they retail for P175 each normally. I got most of mine during their 40% off sale and their Buy 2 Take 1 sale coz SALEEE!

Each EB Advance Cheek Color is 2.2 grams. While this is not a lot, one pan can last you about 2 to 3 months so I think this is a fair price. I've used my blushes for about 3 to 10 uses each and hardly made a dent!

I usually buy Ever Bilena and EB Advance products at Waltermart, SM Beauty, SM Savemore, and Watsons. 

I also like that they include details such as batch number, ingredients list, and where the product was made on the packaging. I heard they might be making the next batches paraben-free!

A protective plastic form cradles the product as you take it out of the box. Upon opening the small compact, the blush pan greets you first. 

I like how compact and small the blush is! Perf for kikay kit!

There is a small blush brush and a mirror in a lower compartment but I honestly do not use both. The mirror is too small and I prefer fluffy brushes for blush application. If you're in a bind though, they both serve their purpose so not bad. 

EB Advance Cheek Color Swatches (complete shades!)

All of the EB Advance Cheek Color are matte. They blend quite easily and are finely milled. You really can get the most out of them by using a fluffy blush brush!

  • Mandarin - Mandarin is a matte orange blush but do not let the color fool you because it gives a pretty sunkissed look once on the cheeks. I'm leaning on neutral undertone and it still looked good!
  • Orchid - Orchid is a matte fuchsia pink. I was so afraid of trying this color because I did n't want to look like a clown but it looked surprisingly well when applied sparingly. I recommend this to mestizas. 
  • Poppy - Poppy is a matte muted version of what a mix between red, orange, and salmon would look like. I initially thought it would look too red or too bright on me and was thinking only those with deep skintone would love it but was surprised at how nice it is, especially for a sunburnt or drunken blush look!
  • Peony - Peony is a matte dark pink with a touch of warmth. Looks like the tamer sister of Poppy but yes, also totally wearable!
  • Rose - Rose is a typical muted medium matte pink blush that would be my usual color. I think this is the one most can wear for school, church, office, and yes, even eyeshadow!
  • Fig - Fig is a one of a kind shade. I can use it as a contouring blush for myself but I think that those with a morena skintone will find that this will work for them same as rose for those with fair skin.
I LOVE THEM ALL so I did cheek swatches! As you can see, I used various application placements and techniques to show that all EB Advance Cheek Color can work (and I didn't want to feel like I wasted my money hahahaha!)

 Wearing Fig on the left and Rose on the right
Wearing Poppy on the left and Mandarin on the right
wearing Peony on the left and Orchid on the right

EB Advance Cheek Color Review Summary

  • Price - P175 per 2.2 grams
  • Texture - Soft powder
  • Finish - matte
  • Packaging - 4.5/5
  • Ease of use - 4/5 (I do not like the free brush)
  • Application - very blendable and pigmented/ Can be built up
  • Lasting Power - 4-6 hours
  • Overall Rating - 4.5/5

Buy EB Advance and Ever Bilena products online HERE from their official Shopeemall store to see their other product releases too!

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