Ever Bilena Matte Liquid Lipstick Swatches and Review ALL 12 shades (with lip swatches!) #ebmatte #ebmatteliquidlipstick

Finally! Your long wait is over! Here is my review of the newly released Ever Bilena Matte Liquid Lipstick that I featured 2 weeks ago when I first shared their swatches. At that time, I had no idea that they would be sending these over and was kinda losing hope of ever getting my hands on the entire shade range hahaha!

Ever Bilena Matte Liquid Lipstick COMPLETE Swatches and Review

So yeah, the Ever Bilena Matte Liquid Lipsticks were sent to me but as you well know, that won't affect what I will say and what I think about the product. Just putting this out there so we can move on to the review!

In my earlier blog post, I failed to mention some key details that makes the Ever Bilena Matte Liquid Lipstick  special. You see, not only is this version of the #EBMatte line light on the lips, but it has a life of 24 months (that's 2 years!) AFTER opening the packaging. That's super wow considering that this lippie is #ParabenFree!

Paraben free and can last on my stash for up to 24 months after opening? Yes please!

Packaging - I also like that the key details are also in the packaging itself and not just the plastic shrink wrap that usually accompanies products like this. This way, I won't have to keep the plastic shrink wraps around :P

Take a look at the photo above and it has the shade name, product batch number, shelf life, and how much product is in each tube. Sweet!

Now, on to the applicator...the applicator is a typical doe foot with a dip on the slanted side that collects product. I like this feature because this means that I would have to do less dips to apply the product on my lips.

less dips = less bacteria, more hygienic

Ever Bilena Matte Liquid Lipstick COMPLETE Swatches

I posted the Photo above on my Instagram (@pinaybeautyandstyle)

Here is what I posted in the caption :)

Here are the 1-1.5 swipes swatches of the complete line of the @everbilenaofficial #EBMatteLiquidLipsticks under morning sunlight!
Lighting and number of brush strokes are very important details when looking at swatches. I have swatches under artificial lighting and late afternoon sunlight at my feed as well.
I said 1-1.5 swipes because I swatched them like how you would apply them on your lips (swiping motion with some overlap) so you can appreciate the opacity of the colors. As you can see, some are more opaque than others.
My arm is also half my natural skintone and half NC42-48 so you can see how the lip shades look against different skintones. Swipe for another photo!
Oh, and these are #parabenfree! Hooray for #parabenfreecosmetics!
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do you like the swatches version for both morena and fair skin tone?

Ever Bilena Matte Liquid Lipstick Lip Swatches

 Ever Bilena Matte Liquid Lipstick lip swatches BOLD shades

Ever Bilena Matte Liquid Lipstick lip swatches NUDE shades

 Ever Bilena Matte Liquid Lipstick lip swatches RED shades

How much is the Ever Bilena Matte Liquid Lipstick?

Price is between P185 to P195 depending on where you are buying the product. Each tube is standard size liquid lipstick.

Where to Buy?

As of now, confirmed sightings are Trinoma and Landmark in both Makati and Quezon City. Please note that this launched July 24, 2017.


Buy EB Advance and Ever Bilena products online HERE from their official Shopeemall store to see their other product releases too!

More Details about the Ever Bilena Matte Liquid Lipstick:

Finish is matte. The product is transfer proof and has a lighter formula than the EB Advance LTD liquid lipsticks that are mousse consistency. 

This new Ever Bilena lippie has a thin liquidy consistency (more like colourpop) and spreads easily. As for the pigmentation, you be the judge at the Ever Bilena Matte Liquid Lipstick swatches above and below!

  • Texture - very liquidy and dries really fast!
  • Finish - flat matte with one layer, can look a bit satin if you add 3 layers (but why would you do that?
  • Lasting Power - up to 8 hours if you don't eat really oily foods. Can also be reapplied easily
  • Scent - mild sweet scent that goes away once lippie is dry (just 1-2 minutes!)
  • Opacity - Some shades are opaque in 1 swipe, others needs 2 swipes. Watch the video below to fully appreciate the shades. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not layer more than 2X because it can feel a bit sticky. The same happens if you have some lip balm or oil on your lips before application. Application is KEY! Just use 1-1.5 layers so it stays matte and no sticky feel. make sure you have no oil or balm on your lips.

Ever Bilena Matte Liquid Lipstick Shades

  1. sexy nude
  2. mauvey
  3. toast of new york
  4. siennas
  5. vamp red
  6. love that red
  7. fierce red
  8. pink flame
  9. vivid violet
  10. vogue diva 
  11. rough berry
  12. dusk

Want to see a Review video of the Ever Bilena Matte Liquid Lipstick in YOUTUBE? See below!

Here are swatches under artificial lighting!

and under late afternoon sunlight!

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