Meet Careline's New Better Than Basic Makeup and #CarelineGirlGang Endorsers!

It feels like it was only yesterday when I came across Philippine drugstore makeup brand, Careline. Back then, I had no idea that Careline was under Ever Bilena together with EB Advance and I mostly thought of the brand as a makeup brand for teens. Well, things have changed quite a bit and Careline Cosmetics now has a new look, new set of endorsers, TONS of new makeup, and a truly Better Than Basic campaign. Read on below to find out more about Careline's new makeup and endorsers!

OMG! they did not disappoint!

Careline is Better Than Basic Indeed!

I received an invite from the Careline and Project Vanity team to join them in the launch of the new campaign and even though the venue was 2-3 hours away, I went coz hello, I love their new lippies and I knew from stalking browsing their IG that they've got new products to drop!

BUY Careline Cosmetics products online from their Shopee store to avail of discounts! (<----buy from the link for authentic Careline products!).

I was soooo late! The event was supposed to start at 2pm but I got there at 3pm (and I had to ride 'angkas' to boot!). Of course I had to take this photo coz you know, IG hahaha!

So without further ado, I headed straight to the table laden with Careline's newest products.

Careline Makeup Stick

The first thing that caught my eye are the Careline makeup sticks. They look a lot like the ones from LA Girl but Careline's collection is a tighter 6-piece cream stick makeup collection. I love the bold labels plus the guts they have to go for cream products. 

Ah, swatches! There's nothing that I do not like about the above. Can you just take a look? Look at that contour! So dark and yet can be sheered out. Love that it isn't warm. Below is a breakdown:

  • Careline Rose Stick - a neutral matte pink cream blush
  • Careline Peach Stick - a matte peach blush but honestly I see this working as a color corrector too!
  • Careline Contour Stick - a matte neutral brown cream stick with a touch of taupe in certain lights. This is what I am most excited about. You guys better tag me when you see these in stores or else you won't be my friends anymore haha!
  • Careline Brighten Stick - Not sure how this can work for me coz of my skintone but I also see this as a possible color corrector especially if you have lots of redness and have filipina skin. 
  • Careline Strobe Stick - Ah, I love this! The shade is a bit dark for me but I love that Careline made it a point that the color would work for the majority. I see myself using this under powder highlighter to blind all haters out there!
  • Careline Blur Stick - This thing has the potential to create magic. I am sorry that my swatch is not giving the product due credit but it doesn't just blur, it also mattifies! Very excited to get my hands on this. 

Now, there is no date yet for the official release and I promise you I do not have them yet. Once I have them I promise to make a dedicated video and blog post. How can I not? The Strobe Stick, Contour Stick, and Blur Stick are calling my name!

Estimated release: 3-6 months from now (I hope this isn't true)

Careline Go Long and Careline Go Big Mascara

These two products are deceptively 'not special'...until you take a look at the wands and whoa!

Look at the wand on that Careline Go Big mascara! That kind of bristles grabs unto your lashes like really grabs it! The tapering wand of the Careline Go Long mascara makes it easier to maneuver around for someone with small eyes like me (just by looking at the wands coz haven't got the chance to test them out yet). 

Estimated release: Before Christmas. Such a long timeeeeeeee

Careline Best Brow Liner and Careline Graph-Ink Liner

The Careline Graph-Ink Liner is from the same factory as my favorite EB Advance Lash Define mascara so looking forward to how the product will perform. The tip is flexible and very thin and the pigmentation is okay. What remains to be seen is the wear test. 

The Careline Best Brow Liner is another product I am excited about as my favorite local brow pencil from the drugstore is also from Careline. Although this baby just have one shade, it is a universal taupe-ish medium brown.

Estimated release: Months from now (wahhhh!)

Careline Matte Liquid Lipstick

We already have a blog post featuring the Careline Matte Liquid Lipsticks. CLICK HERE!

This isn't from Careline but saw this new makeup remover from EB Advance. This is a new formulation with less alcohol than their previous one so it won't sting the eyes!

Meet The #CarelineGirlGang Endorsers

The event was really more of an introduction for Careline's newest endorsers, the young ladies that make up #CarelineGirlGang. I'm not much into artistas and the like but Blythe or Andrea Brillantes was such a charming young lady. Very magalang and I see why Careline chose her as their main endorser. 

The 4 other young ladies were chosen from thousands and they weren't chosen due to popularity or anything like that (two of the young ladies have IG followers numbering less than 1000) but because they embody the brand's new campaign. Kudos for that Careline!

I also met up other beauty bloggers but got too shy because I felt so OP (out of place). I couldn't resist asking for a photo with Say Tioco (guys follow her, she's one of the real beauty bloggers that really does a good job and not puro pa-cute).

As usual, I forgot to take lots of photos featuring me, but at least I got this one from Denice Sy (EB, EB Advance Accounts Manager and company owner's daughter who works really hard despite not needing to). Yay pic with Andrea Brillantes, Kcmookup (MUA), and Genzel too!

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