LA Girl Smoky Palette Review, Price and Swatches Philippines

Is it just me or does smoky eyeshadow just look good on everyone when done right? There's something about smudged eyeliner and mix of gray and dark browns layered with black that can look so sweet and sultry at the same time! This is why I love collecting smoky eyeshadow palettes even though I don't always wear makeup. If you're on the same boat, then the LA Girl Beauty Brick Smoky Eyeshadow Palette is worth a closer look!

LA Girl Beauty Brick Smoky Eyeshadow Palette Review 

 What makes the LA Girl Smoky Eyeshadow Palette special? 

Almost every makeup brand have its own version of a smoky eyeshadow palette but the shade selection are often too taupe, too warm, too blue, too purple, or too gray. The LA Girl Smoky eyeshadow palette is unique because it has warm and cool shades, browns, taupes, blues, and a purple too. Perhaps it leans a bit on the 'too gray' description but I can work with that!

I really don't know any other eyeshadow palette that this can be a dupe for...I guess that is a good thing?

The LA Girl Smoky Palette is priced at P649 in LA Girl Philippines counters and kiosks. That makes this palette about $3 more locally since this palette sells for $10 in the US but that is a fair price considering how much import tax is. More so, the additional P150 or 3 bucks is well worth your peace of mind knowing that you are using an authentic LA Girl Cosmetics product and not a knock-off.

Just like the the LA Girl Nudes Eyeshadow Palette, the Smoky one was first released in October 2014. I remember this vividly because I wanted to get both the Nude and Smoky palettes but I was was gifted with two of the Nudes palette at the time for my birthday. I ended up not trying them out earlier.

LA Girl Smoky Eyeshadow Palette is P649 locally

I told you it has a mix of cool-toned shades and warm-toned shades :)

I like the brush but honestly it's best used for quick touch-ups or just for a quick wash of color on the lids. It can't be used for creating intense eye looks. 

I like that the product details are printed on the packaging itself so I won't have to hold on to some box or piece of paper for years! Who else does that for makeup?

Shelf life is 36 months. That's 3 long years! Not bad for a drugstore eyeshadow palette, eh?

Here is a closeup of the eyeshadow shades

Above are gray shades and can be used as highlight shades for halo eyes depending on your skintone.

If you take a closer look you can see what type of finish the eyeshadows has. These colors above lean on neutral-toned and taupes.

Not sure why but the shades above seem warm? It's strange because even the blue one has a warmth to it. It swatches blue-black by the way.

LA Girl Beauty Brick SMOKY Eyeshadow Palette  Swatches

I made sure to try out the shades using the brush in the palette and compared it with finger swatches over bare skin in this review because it irks me when those who write reviews just finger swatch eyeshadows over primer and call it a review.

I thought it would be great to describe each shade so please use the photo above as a reference since the shades in the palette are not named.

Shade 1 - a bluish black with some warm sheen in certain lights

Shade 2 - a satin copper-brown that is muted enough for an overall lid color or as a crease color.

Shade 3 - a muted matte beige taupe great as an overall lid color.

Shade 4 - a satin warm light gray

Shade 5 - a satin light cool gray with a touch of pink

Shade 6 - a shimmery light champagne that can also be used for highlighting

Shade 7 - a matte charcoal. The glitters do not show at all.

Shade 8 - a satin aubergine

Shade 9 - a satin deep brown

Shade 10 - a satin medium dark charcoal

Shade 11 - a shimmery light blue

Shade 12 - a satin light cool gray 

nice blending, eh?

LA Girl Smoky Eyeshadow Palette Review Summary

Pigmentation: no chalkiness that I have noticed. The shades are well saturated with color, even the matte ones. Does not feel like drugstore, more like mid-range brands.

Texture: I won't describe the shadows as buttery but they are smooth and blendable.

Wear time: Almost a full 6-8 hours day without primer (considering that I got very oily lids) . They can also last upwards of 8 to 10 hours with primer. Not as good as the Nudes palette but still better than I expected

Value for money: Not bad! Quite affordable really.

Overall rating: 4/5. I am not a fan of grays but judging this palette for the quality.

Is the LA Girl Smoky Palette something I would recommend?

Yes! But maybe not an everyday palette. More of if you are looking for a palette for going out.

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