Ra & Gowoori Eyebrow Pencil Review plus Chika About Saeyu Philippines

I like a lot of Ra & Gowoori skin care products. I was there during the Ra & Gowoori Launch in Trinoma under Saeyu Enterprises last year.  I am also a frequent customer of some of the nanay angels who sell Ra & Gowoori products in Shopee and Trinoma (though I don't use my blogging name for my shopping account). I have a video of the event but didn't have photos because I came in late. You can read DollUpMari's blog on the Ra & Gowoori Launch HERE. 

Ra & Gowoori Eyebrow Pencil Review plus Chika About Saeyu Philippines 

So anyway, last week was the first time I found out that they have makeup products too. I usually just buy the takal skincare so didn't know they have makeup. I only found out because Saeyu.Net (which is going to launch soon) sent me a blogger mail parcel of some Snody products and Ra & Gowoori products. I shall be able to share reviews of them soon because some are the same products I've been buying from my suking nanay angels from Saeyu Philippines facebook (click HERE), hello po nanay Helen and nanay Janelle, hahaha! 

This reminds me, I should publish their brand/company story. I've known the founder Mel since 2015. Back then, she was selling Korean goodies by herself in FB groups. Fast forward to now, Saeyu Enterprises is the official distributor of some leading Korean skincare and Korean cosmetics in the Philippines. They were able to grow like that because they really stand by their vision of selling high-quality and affordable Kbeauty products.

You can read my review of the Ra & Gowoori Lemon Peeling Gel HERE, my fave peeling gel as in!

Back to Ra & Gowoori Eyebrow Pencil Review, I went on a trip down memory lane because one of the first products Mel (founder of Saeyu Philippines) sold in FB groups were eyebrow pencils from a popular retail store chain! Now they are the official distributor of  Ra & Gowoori's eyebrow pencils. Wow, right?

What is Ra & Gowoori Eyebrow Pencil

The Ra & Gowoori Eyebrow Pencil reminds me a lot of the popular eyebrows pencils from Daiso because they share the same configuration. One side is a small spooley for grooming the brows and distributing the eyebrow pencil's pigment and the other side is the retractable eyebrow pencil. 

Each pencil retails for just P95 so it is really affordable. 

Ra & Gowoori Eyebrow pencil has 2 shades. They are in Korean and written in Hangul so I don't know how to read them. From the swatches above, one color is a milk tea brown or a warm light brown and the other color is a neutral medium brown shade, like a milk chocolate type of brown

None of the Ra & Gowoori Eyebrow Pencils are an exact shade match for my hair but I find that I can get away with using them if I use both shades - the lighter brown for the inner half of my brows and the darker brown for the tail half of my brows. 

The eyebrow pencil is not very rigid and not too creamy either. I think that's good considering we have humid weather in the Philippines. With this formula, it is easier to control the product application and distribution to avoid too dark or too waxy brows. A little goes a long way.

I find it easier to do my brows if I blend with the spooley before switching colors of the Ra & Gowoori Eyebrow Pencil. I love that the pencil is retractable and comes with a spooley so I don't have to bring a sharpener and another brush.

I've been using this product for a week and usually just wear on its own although I sometimes add a bit of clear brow mascara like when I'm heading to the gym.

Personally, I think that the Ra & Gowoori Eyebrow Pencil is one of the most user-friendly brow products for everyday use. I admit I won't let go of my Anastasia but if I want natural looking brows and everyday brows, the Ra & Gowoori  eyebrow pencil is great!

I used to love the Daiso eyebrow pencil that looks almost the same but that is seriously so hard to find. This pencil has 2 shades and can be bought via Shopee, Saeyu.Net, and Saeyu Philippines in Facebook.   I prefer the Ra & Gowoori  eyebrow pencil over Daiso now.

Lasting power is about 6-8 hours if used on its own (without eyebrow gel) but I have oily skin on my tzone and have a bad habit of touching my face all the time. This may last longer on you if you behave and don't have an oil slick on your tzone area. 

I give this a score of 4/5. But if you consider the price point then this is an easy 4.5/5. The color selection is great for most Filipinas so can't complain since I have pink and peach ombre hair. 

Interested to buy Saeyu Philippines products wholesale? You can join Saeyu Philippines in Facebook or email marketing@saeyu.co.kr. 

Watch out for my haul video to see what they have in store! (I will link it here after uploading).

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