Snody Cushion Review - Snody Natural Soft Milk Cushion Swatches and Wear Test

I've been using the Snody Natural Soft Milk Cushion in shades #21 and #23 for a little over a week now. I seldom use a product right after getting it but I was really excited to give this Snody Cushion a try because of all the Snody Cushion review videos and posts that I've been seeing from the past year or so. 

Snody Cushion Review - Snody Natural Soft Milk Cushion Swatches and Wear Test

What is Snody Natural Soft Milk Cushion?

Snody Natural Soft Milk Cushion is a sunscreen with a light coverage in cushion form. Most people think this is a foundation but I would classify this more like a tinted sunscreen with skin-priming effects. 

The product claims include:
  • SPF 50
  • moisturized skin
  • softer skin
  • anti-wrinkle
I am quite confused at some websites showing this as a full coverage product. This product can only offer medium coverage max and only if you layer about 2 to 3 layers. I think that they really wanted to show is the skin smoothening effect. Snody cushion can also blur out pores and give you glowing skin by diffusing the light that bounces on your skin. This is so hard to explain but you'll see once you got to try the product.

Where to Buy Snody Natural Soft Milk Cushion in the Philippines?

Snody Natural Soft Milk Cushion is manufactured by TIA Story in Korea but you can buy this from Saeyu.Net or the Nanay Angels at Saeyu Philippines facebook group. I can only recommend these stores to ensure that you'll buy authentic Snody Cushion.

Each set is around P700-P800 and has 2 cushions because you get a refill in the box. Really good value for money. 

I repeat, this is not a full coverage cushion (ignore what is written on the packaging). HOWEVER, this cushion can give you really good looking skin because of how it blurs imperfections and evens your skin too. 

Snody Cushion Review

Most of the writings on the box are in Hangul so I can't read them but I included photos here for those who can read Korean. 

For this Snody Cushion review, I got both shades 21 and 23. 

I like the minimalist packaging. 

The cushion compartment can be popped out so you can reuse the compact together with the refill later.

The puff has a dedicated compartment and the mirror is a nice one, not a cheap mirror. 

Snody Natural Soft Milk Cushion Swatches and Wear Test

As you can see in the Snody Cushion swatches above, both shades 21 and 23 are quite fair. I have light skin and shade 23 still looks like a color that I can wear. If you have darker skin, do not worry because you can use a powder in your skin color to set this and it will look fine. I've seen this worn by those up to NC 40 without looking ashy. I just don't know how this will look for those with a really dark complexion.

I can get away with wearing any of the Snody Cushion swatches here but I prefer 23 on days I am not wearing foundation because it is closer to my natural skin with a yellow undertone. If I am wearing another base on top, I can use shade 21 even if it has a pink undertone. 

Snody Natural Soft Milk Cushion swatches on my face. They both look ok on me when blended with the sponge. 

In the photo above, I used shade 21 and it looks more obvious with my lighting set up. 

You can see how one side of my face definitely looks more luminous and smoother. It doesn't give you a one dimensional or too white look. 

The above is how Snody Cushion shade 21 looks after setting with translucent powder.

The photo below is how Snody Cushion shade 23 looks after setting with a minimal coverage powder foundation. Note that the photo in the car was taken 4 hours after application with no retouch.

Snody Cushion Review Summary

I am not sure what parameters to use to rate this product because of conflicting claims (sunscreen vs full coverage). For this reason, I will just give a final rating based on my experience and how it wears for me. I find that this works for me for no-makeup makeup look and when I use this in place of my sunscreen and primer. I add concealer on top if I am going for Korean makeup look which looks more like glass skin. On days I am going out or know that I will be out in the sun, I top with a powder foundation for a mattified effect because I have oily skin. On both applications, Snody Cushion can make your skin look better without looking cakey or too heavy. That is what I like the most about this product. This is great for Philippine weather because it looks better after you've been walking around a while. Not a lot of product can have that effect. 

So yeah, Snody Cushion review points:

  • lightweight
  • good for Philippine weather
  • can blur pores
  • good sunscreen
  • great primer
  • not sticky and no strong scents
  • best used as tinted sunscreen

I rate this 4.5/5 because of how flexible this product is. The price is super affordable too!

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