Luke Skin Ph Launch! Luke Skin Solutions is now in the Philippines!

So Kbeauty brand Luke Skin Launch is officially now in the Philippines and I was one of the Philippine beauty bloggers that they invited for their October 11, 2017 launch in Ortigas and of course I went because I'm a total skincare junkie and a Kbeauty fanatic!

Luke Total Skin Solutions Launch in the Philippines

They brought in 3 products. Their hydrogel eye patch, their sheet masks, and their nose cleansing strips. I love the packaging for the products and how the event went. It was super chill, organized and fun! Thanks to the careful planning of brand consultant and blogger Nikkie of

There were games, lots of photo opportunities, a talk introducing the products, and even a company story portion wherein the brand's head talked about how he discovered the products and how well they worked for him. He's super entertaining!

We joked around that the packaging looked a lot like Genzel of hahahah!

So the Luke Skin Ph Launch was held at the the Relish Luxe Cafe located in Citadines Condominium in Ortigas. It is a new-ish place that have a European feel because of the design of the interiors.

All the food was delicious but my heart was stolen by this crostini with goat's cheese and sun dried tomatoes. Yummers!

Nikkie told us more information about the products (I will share in future blog posts as I review each) and demo'ed some. I forgot to take photos of this part because I was having so much fun and taking notes.

I'm super excited about sharing what I think about the Luke Skin PH Nose Cleansing Strips when I have used them all. For now, here are more info about them:

Luke Skin Ph Nose Cleansing Strips

come in 3 variants below and contains 5 nose strips per box. Each box retails for just P189.75!

  • Charcoal
  • Lemon Tea
  • Mugwort

Same goes for all the Luke Total Skin Solution sheet masks and the hydrogel eye patches...I've not yet tried all yet but more info are as follows:

Luke Skin Ph Sheet Masks 

come in 5 variants which are sold in sachets that contain 1 mask each. Retail price is P59.75

  • green tea
  • hyaluron
  • snail
  • collagen
  • aloe

Luke Skin Ph Hydrogel Eye Patch

Are sold in boxes of 3 pairs each that are individually packed per pair. A box is sold for P199.75. The 3 variants are:

  • for wrinkle
  • for eye puffiness
  • for dark circles

I wasn't able to take photos with everyone during the event but at least I managed to say hi to these gorgeous ladies. I used to just see them in their blogs! Super thrilled to see them in person!

I went home happy with samples of each! I also tested out the Mugwort Nose Strip, the Snail sheet mask, and the Luke Skin Hydrogel Eye patch that same night!

Look how nice my skin is with just sunscreen and powder the following day!

I'm currently testing out the other products so I can share a detailed review of each!

You can also view my vlog of the Luke Skin Ph Launch on this link!

Prices are very affordable

And available almost everywhere!

 You can find out more about Luke Skin Ph from the following links!

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