Abbys House of Glycerin Shop Product Review Part 1! Organic Skincare in the Philippines!

This might be one of the longest-running and longest 'in-the-making' blog post I will ever post. I've been testing out these amazing products from Abby's House of Glycerin Shop since May of this year and finally posting a review!

It took me so long because every time I am almost ready to post something, the brand owner would come up with new products and I would be thinking, "might as well wait til I get a hold of the new ones for a full review"

Well, guess what, I don't think the owner will ever stop creating new skincare products so I might as well post this 'partial long review' and then post separate ones of my favorites later, right? The reason why I finally said now is the time is because October is my birthday month and I wanted to share blogs and reviews of all my favorites for this month!

Abby's House of Glycerin Shop Brand Review

I think that it is obvious by now that this would be a rave post. I usually refrain from posting about Instagram shops because a lot of them just sell repackaged or relabeled goods. Though I understand that business is just business, I am very 'maarte' when it comes to skincare and what I recommend to people. Why? Because trying to fix mishaps caused by wrong skincare and/or questionable products is expensive!

Enter Abby's House of Glycerin Shop. 

I've been stalking them for months on both IG and FB and I enjoy and appreciate that the lady behind the brand is really into skincare. She even took advanced classes and seminars to be able to develop better products for everyone. Sometimes I would chat her up and she would casually talk about ingredients and what they do. She knows her stuff, making me trust the brand even more. I often see her Fb posts about products she is currently testing/creating. That's transparency and brand integrity!

Anyway, I know that you did not click on this blog to make tsika about the brand, right? You want to know whether the products work or not and if I like them. I'm a bit new in exploring the available organic skincare in the Philippines and I am so glad that I have found Abby's House of Glycerin Shop through my youtuber friend, Martha Jante (thanks, sis! check her out on YT guys!).

I have another blog post about some Abby's House of Glycerin Shop product details. Check that out first before you scroll through the review below. 

Abby's House of Glycerin Shop Mu-Ma Mud Mask Review

Mud Mask" P120 - 50gms

indulge in the luxurious traditional way of the Egyptians on how to beautify their skin!
This mudmask is made with bentonite clay and activated charcoal. All ingredients are natural and rich in different essential oils that your skin will surely enjoy.

Benefits of MU-MA:
  • Prevents acne outbreak 
  • Detoxifies your skin
  • Tightens your skin and remove impurities
  • Has a soothing and calming effect for a tired skin
Abby's House of Glycerin Shop Mu-Ma Mud Mask was one of the first products I've tried from the brand and one that I have repurchased quite a few times at MadMNL Concept Store in QC through my niece. The mask is true to everything it claims on the packaging. To be honest, this is one of the 3 Mud Masks that do not dry out my skin (and I've used around 20 from both affordable and highend brands). My favorite thing about this mask is the peppermint/minty scent. It is super relaxing and just what I need after a tiring week. One tub would last me a month when used every 3-4 days because a little goes a long way. 

Abby's House of Glycerin Shop Rebel Rhassoul Clay Mask Review

  • Detoxifies skin
  • Lessens dryness
  • Enhances skin clarity
  • Enhances skin elasticity
  • Removes oil
  • Removes blackheads
  • Prevents Pimples

I have just run out of my Abby's House of Glycerin Shop Rebel Rhassoul Clay Mask last week. The tub lasted me more than a month and used it every 4 days alternating with the Abbys House of Glycerin Shop Mu-Ma Mud Mask. This one is a bit drying because this is made for oily skin so I make sure that I pair this up with hydrating skincare after using. The scent is a mix of earthy and minty. I was worried that I would have breakouts from this because another brand that have Moroccan red clay caused my skin to flare up but this one didn't. the red clay does not leave a stain too. The texture is a creamy clay, haha! I know weird but that's how this mask feels. 

Abbys House of Glycerin Shop Pain Pain Go Away and Healing Balm Review

I am in love with both the Abbys House of Glycerin Shop Pain Pain Go Away and Healing Balm! Like honestly, both are soooooooo relaxing. I'm you are someone who need a bit of aromatherapy to help you fall asleep, you need both!

Abbys House of Glycerin Shop Pain Pain Go Away Balm is super soothing. It heats up little by little after application but not quite the uncomfortable heat you get from other balms. Pain Pain Go Away is my best friend when I have a full week of lectures and wearing heels. One 20 grams tub is 100 pesos. I was able to repurchase small tubs and haven't had the luck to get the big one yet. I want a big tub soooo bad. Hoping they restock it at MadMNL soon so I can send my niece to buy some.

Abbys House of Glycerin Shop Healing Balm is great for when you have insect bites, burns, and bruises. I applied it on my bruises from mountaineering and they faded in just 3 days. 3 DAYS! It usually takes a week for my bruises to go away but their healing balm is the bomb! It is also 100 pesos for 20 grams and smells mildly like lavender.

                      Abbys House of Glycerin Shop Will You Berry Me Soap Review

I was surprised at how much bubbles the Abbys House of Glycerin Shop Will You Berry Me Soap created when I first used it. It also gave me a squeaky clean feel but did not dry out my skin. Most natural soaps I've tried in the past have a 'filmy' feel on the skin after rinsing but this one does not have that. The scent is like that of a strawberry dessert. The pink part is a bit staining so be sure that you don't let it touch other soaps in the bathroom. I used this soap for more than 10 days, showering twice a day. That's long-lasting!

       Abbys House of Glycerin Shop Belly See Ma Cocoa Tummy Butter Review

I did not use the Abbys House of Glycerin Shop Belly See Ma Cocoa Tummy Butter on myself but gave it to my pregnant friend. I did smell the butter and tested it once and it smells like good dark chocolate. This made my feet so freakishly soft so if you don't have stretchmarks, I think this would work great for very dry skin too. My friend is still using her tub and have not yet shared with me whether this worked for preventing stretchmarks. I will update this post when I get more information. 

This is just part 1 guys! 

I still have the whiplash serum, the bubble gum bath salts, the body oil, the lip and cheek tint, and the lip balm to post later this week. I really want to try their facial serum but it was out of stock. Looking forward to get my hand on that and a big tub of pain pain go away! I have a feeling that Abbys House of Glycerin Shop will be one of the most trusted brands for organic skincare in the Philippines some day. 

You can also check out the brand at the following links:

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