Biore Micellar Water Review (Moist Up) with DEMO

Micellar water review posts are one of my favorite ones to write and film because I really believe in the skincare benefits of cleansing the skin properly. I'm also not into harsh cleansers more so now that my skin is extra sensitive because of my PCOS and being in my 30s. 

I reviewed the Maybelline Micellar Water in the past and also compared it with the Loreal Micellar Water. I've also written about the Biore Micellar Cleansing Water variants when I first got them months ago.

So for the unfamiliar, below is a short write up on what is micellar water and why its worth a try before we move on to the review.

What is Micellar Water?

Micellar water (you pronounce it my-SELL-ar) is just good old water that's been infused with micelles. Micelles are the super small molecules of a type of cleansing oil that acts as a magnet towards skin impurities, in this case, oil, makeup, and dirt. Upon contact with your skin, micellar water lifts up excess oil, dirt, and other skin impurities. This is why it is so effective in removing makeup. 

Micellar water functions as a facial cleanser and a makeup remover in one because of the above. Yep! This is why you oftentimes won't need to double cleanse if you are just removing simple makeup with micellar water (but double cleansing can actually be gentler on the skin!)

Because micellar water's formula is very gentle compared to other cleansers, it does not damage the skin while removing the impurities at the top layers. Micellar water also does not have to be rinsed off so you can use this for freshening up while travelling or commuting. It's like plain water with extra cleansing benefits!

I love using micellar water because it allows me to cleanse my face anytime and anywhere. My sensitive skin loves micellar water even when it is quite warm and humid. With this said, expect that you would see more micellar water reviews on this blog in the future!

Biore Micellar Cleansing Water Review

What made me try out the Biore Micellar Water is that my brother has been using it for weeks even before I was sent a PR sample. If he's been using something and likes it, it's bound to be great! (yes, he is more vanidoso than I am)

I chose to try out the Moist Up version of the Biore Micellar Cleansing Water despite having oily skin because my oil is due to skin dehydration. By choosing a hydrating micellar water, I get to keep my oil at bay. 

I like that the pump bottle itself has everything I need to know. There is no need to keep the clear plastic the product was boxed in.

Even the precautions are printed clearly. There is no excuse not to read them up, haha!

My favorite part is the pump and the stopper. The stopped prevents you from accidentally pumping out the product and the pump dispenses about 1 ml of product at a time. I find that I need two pumps to cleanse my face when wearing normal makeup. 

I can't prove that the water indeed came from the Japanese Alps but I can attest to the fact that the formula is indeed hydrating. As for the anti-bacterial part, I did not have any breakouts for the nearly 3 weeks I used this so that speaks for itself. I don't know how much collagen is in this micellar water to make a difference but my skin was indeed soft and more supple while I was using this. 

claims and how to use

I find that although the manufacturers warn against using the Biore Micellar Cleansing Water while you still have contact lenses on, I did not have any issues while using the product while traveling and cleansing while I still have my contacts on. 

They really made it a point to mention all the details one would want to know. I'm a sucker for this haha!

Biore Micellar  Cleansing Water Demo

The photo at the left shows one pump of the micellar water (about 1 ml). The one on the right shows two pumps. I usually use two pumps for normal cleansing when I am wearing light daily makeup.

I tested out the Biore Micellar Cleansing Water Moist Up on the back of my hand with long-wearing foundation, Cathy Doll long-wearing matte lipstick, my long-lasting gel eyeliner from BH Cosmetics, Waterproof Mascara from Ever Bilena, and Brown eyeliner from LA Girl. These are all long-wearing and oily skin friendly makeup.

You can see that the makeup products were wiped off with just 1 swipe (with a bit of pressure). 

For the next swipe, I turned over the cotton pad and swiped again. Totally clean!

I picked up the cotton pad again and used it to cleanse the entire back of my hand. As you can see. There was nearly no trace of makeup left. I find that whatever remains is take out when I use a toner or when I wash my face (if I am not too tired at night).

Is the Biore Micellar Water Andie approved? YES!

Where to Buy?

Want to buy your own Biore Micellar Cleansing Water? I've seen this at my local Watsons at at Lazada. Price is between P430-P460 for 300 ml.

This costs 50 cents more per ml than Loreal Micellar Water and Maybelline Micellar water but because this did not break me out whatsoever and the really well thought out packaging, I like the Biore Micellar Water more :)

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