Himalaya Herbals Toothpaste Review | Switching to Natural Toothpaste!

I first heard about Himalaya Herbals toothpaste from a colleague but I didn't think much of the raves she shared because she's been trying to get everyone to convert to using natural vegan products, haha! I thought  she simply wanted everyone to switch to a natural toothpaste. Truth be told, although I've already tried some products from the brand, I wasn't very keen on looking for the toothpaste just to test it out because I was pretty happy with what I was using...or so I thought.

Switching to a natural toothpaste or at least testing some out has long been at the back of my mind. My brother has been using the Himalaya Herbals Sensitive toothpaste and liked it but since I am a coffee drinker, what I was looking for was a teeth whitening toothpaste. As mentioned earlier, I liked what I was using and wasn't really looking to switch to a natural toothpaste or anything like it...then one day I opened up my blogger mail stash and saw that Himalaya Herbals has a whitening toothpaste! 

Not only that, but they sent in 3 other varieties too via Sampleroom (I receive products from the website because I'm one of their trusted bloggers). I got the idea to test all varieties with the fambam because I was planning a body and skin detox at the time. No harm in going all natural, right?

Himalaya Herbals Toothpaste Review

I'm a bit if a nerd, so I went online sleuthing to see whether what I was planning will be worth it. The other reviews I've read are overwhelmingly positive, so I went ahead proposed to the fam that we will all use the different variants. I grabbed the Himalaya Herbals Whitening toothpaste for myself!

I also found out that Himalaya Herbals is a well-established brand that is available in 92 countries. And that even doctors endorse it! I can understand why because I tested their skincare for a week when I went soap free and got positive results!

Anyway, on to the Himalaya Herbals toothpaste review!

I was intrigued about trying out a vegetarian toothpaste that was formulated with ayurvedic principles (I saw this online) and free from parabens.

Its a good thing that my family were as crazy as I am and agreed to try the other variants as well. I'm super stoked that they did because I brought out matching toothbrushes. That's what happens when you stay as a guest in my place, harhar! (they were visiting from abroad kasi)

So as you can see, the four variants have different looks and textures.

Himalaya Herbals Complete Care toothpaste look a bit like a clay mask but have no grittiness to it. The one for Sensitive teeth and for Whitening look and feel the same. They look like a normal 'white' toothpaste but with no strong scent or minty taste. The active fresh one has a gel-like texture but otherwise same with the rest.

When we decided to test the toothpastes, we agreed to not using any other products such as mouthwash or another toothpaste brand. We also agreed to brush our teeth twice to thrice a day and to just carry on with our normal daily habits and diet. This was so that we can compare with what we are using. 

Himalaya Herbals Sensitive Toothpaste Review

My brother got to test out the Himalaya Herbals Sensitive Toothpaste because he has sensitive teeth. He says that he liked this one better than the other brand he used to use because this one doesn't have a weird aftertaste. He also said that this helped a lot with his sensitivity. For the record, he's already been using this toothpaste even before he agreed to be part of the switching to natural toothpaste experiment.

the dark part is just on the first squeeze of the tube.

Himalaya Herbals Complete Care Toothpaste Review

I tried the Himalaya Herbals Complete Care Toothpaste for two days before I went with my preferred whitening variant because I was intrigued with the color. It does really look like a clay mask with its pale grayish-green hue. I was expecting this to taste like 'dahon' haha! Fortunately, this doesn't taste leafy, grassy, or anything like that at all. This has a slightly minty taste.

My niece was the one who got to use this for an entire week and reported back that her gums weren't as red near where her teeth anymore. She also said that she didn't even feel the need to use a mouthwash after because there is no strong toothpaste taste and scent and that her breath stayed fresh even on the days she was able to just brush in the morning and at night. She also asked if she can keep the toothpaste so I guess that's a good thing!

Himalaya Herbals Sparkling White Toothpaste Review

I was really looking forward to trying out the Himalaya Herbals Sparkling White Toothpaste because I am a huge coffee drinker. I consume 3 to 4 cups of black freshly brewed coffee a day, I kid you not! My concerns are having 'coffee breath' (haha!) and having severely stained teeth. I'm well aware that my teeth are not sparkling white but they are a a socially-acceptable shade of off-white. I like that this whitening toothpaste contains no bleach. This also doesn't give me the chemically feel I get at the back of my throat when using other whitening toothpaste. 

I saw no significant change in my teeth's color after I used this for a week but this made my smile brighter because my gums are looking a nice shade of pink (my friend said this). I'm happy that despite drinking brewed coffee like water, my teeth did not turn darker while using this too. Another thing to note is that like my niece, I felt no need to use a mouthwash for the whole week because my breath was fresh the whole day! Not minty fresh all day but fresh clean scent and feel. I reckon that the whitening claim is effective but a week's use is too short plus I consumed brewed coffee a few times a day all week. 

I love the Himalaya Herbals Sparkling White Toothpaste but I figured switching to natural toothpaste is fun so now I am currently using the one below.

Himalaya Herbals Active Fresh Toothpaste Review

My uncle was the one who used the Himalaya Herbals Active Fresh Toothpaste for a test run. He said that he liked how this doesn't burn his tongue like other 'fresh' and 'minty' toothpastes. When I inquired about other things he might want to share, he asked me where he can buy some because he wanted to take a few tubes with him back home (he's only visiting the Philippines). 

We're not very good with words but his inquiry and wanting to hoard is worth more than 1,000 words rave review for me. Fun thing is that he won't believe that a 100 grams tube is less than P100. He said he's expecting this to cost at least twice that.

Himalaya Herbals Toothpaste Review Summary

Definitely approved by the whole family!

Below are the things we noted for all the Himalaya Herbals Toothpaste variants:

  • no strong aftertaste
  • gums looked healthier after a week
  • breath stayed fresh longer
  • consistency is easy to spread out and use (not nagbubuo-buo)
  • a pea-size amount like in the photos above is enough

You can grab yours as free samples at the Himalaya Herbals page at SampleroomPh. The samples are totally free. The only thing you pay for is the shipping!

You can also purchase these at Watsons. I have a short clip at my recent shopping vlog. 

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