Highend Makeup for Drugstore Price? Checkout Makeup World Ph Launch!

This would sound super cheesy and all but I feel that these days are a great time for those who love makeup because so many new brands are launching. Not just that, but quite a number have really promising products. One of such brands is MakeupWorldPh, a proudly pinoy makeup brand that has brought an entire new world of makeup possibilities to the Philippines!

MakeupWorldPh Launch at Pure Beauty Serendra

I was a bit surprised when I received an invite for MakeupWorldPh's launch because I already have some of their products since late last year (photo evidence at my IG and video evidence at the Pinay Beauty And Style YouTube channel). I thought that they've already launched months ago because I found their products at BeautyMNL and GlamourboxPh

I was drawn by the professional-looking packaging and was intrigued by the super affordable prices (drugstore makeup price for  PureBeauty items? Like what!!!!). I bought their complete contour palette and loved it. I was also gifted the green corrector and their brow up palette by relatives and bought their nude palette on sale. I think you can tell by now that I like their products haha!

Fast forward to a week ago when they sent me an invite for their July 6 launch. I wasn't expecting much but they outdid themselves in the prep. 

Fellow beauty bloggers and beauty enthusiasts that got exclusive invites got personalized beauty passports with our names and social media handles. I'm a stickler for details so I kinda knew right then that the launch event would be a fun one.

excited to explore!

I got at the venue a bit early so I made sure to snap some pics and take lots of videos for the vlog

here is the vlog!

click the arrow above to watch the video

I made sure to take swatches of almost all the MakeupWorldPh products. You can take a look at this blog post for that ----> _________ (will be posted within 24 hours)

Here are some photos that I got from MakeupWorldPh Facebook page. I only took the ones that include me, otherwise this blog post would be too long haha!

photo courtesy of Makeup World Ph
So many color cosmetics to play with! yasss!

photo courtesy of Makeup World Ph
They laid out all their products so we can swatch to our heart's content (that will be another blog post).

I highly recommend the Makeup World Ph complete contour kit shown here. I've been using mine for nearly half a year and love it!

They  sent us home with a few MakeupWorldPh products. Really glad that they've let us pick our shade for the face products. 

I look so out of place haha!

Want to see me tour Pure Beauty at Serendra?
Scroll up for the vlog!

Ready to explore swatches of MakeupWorldPh makeups? Will post swatches of everything on the next blog post!

Visit Makeup World Ph at the following links:

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