La Girl Philippines Fully Launched here with the LA Girl Beauty For All Bloggers Kick Off Event

LA Girl Philippines launched their #BeautyForAll campaign in the Philippines amidst a literal and figurative storm last night, and it was a blast!

The LA Girl Beauty For All Bloggers Kick Off Event was held at Lazat restaurant in the heart of Quezon City yesterday night and featured a night full of informative beauty talk and makeup demo with celebrity makeup artist Owen Sarmiento, the LA Girl Philippines team, and the country's top beauty bloggers, vloggers, and influencers. 

LA Girl Beauty For All Bloggers Kick Off Event

The night ended with the brand sending guests home with a personalized train-case containing some LA Girl makeup products that they wanted the beauty bloggers, vloggers, and influencers to try. 

The above was the summary but a lot of behind the scenes during the event was notable as well. 

One thing that I always appreciate when attending events is whether the PR people or the brand's staff have taken the time to know their guests. As soon as I arrived (I was late haha!), I was greeted by name and assisted to the second floor where I was told to simply enjoy the night. That's a lot of 'ganda points' in my book!

I fully appreciated that there were enough seats for everyone to be seated comfortable and there was no such thing as special table for more 'famous' guests. That's nice!

the people standing round the back are all from LA Girl Philippines

We had a bit of extra time to mingle, take photos, check out the LA kiosk and have dinner before the event started.

Around 8pm, the event proper begun with a prayer and some opening remarks. Then celebrity makeup artist Owen Sarmiento did a demo featuring LA Girl makeup products with vlogger Kris Lumagui. Truth be told, I wasn't looking forward to this part at first because I thought that it would be like one of those 'generic' makeup videos in events like this. Boy, was I in for a surprise! 

The demo turned out to be very informative and showcased the products used in a positive way without hyping things up. That's really nice. 

Makeup artist Owen Sarmiento doing vlogger Kris Lumagui's makeup with LA Girl Cosmetics products

There was a 30 minute period wherein we were free to ask questions about the product demo, the brand, and their makeups. The team behind LA Girl Philippines answered our questions without resorting to 'pambobola'. I'll share some info about this in the event highlights below :)

Vloggers Nina Rayos and Ana Victorino came up with some spicy questions (secret!)

some of the people behind LA Girl Philippines

We enjoyed the photobooth and the after event mingling with fellow beauty junkies.

I was able to snag a photo with Mr. Owen Sarmiento

I learned a lot from the makeup application part. I'll be sharing what I learned in a future blog post or a video!

been in a few events with Ana Victorino but first time I got a photo with her. Fan girl mode engaged!

Special thanks to the girls manning the photobooth. I kinda took advantage of them and the ring light haha!

I highly appreciate the 

By the way, I tested out some of the LA Girl Cosmetics products on an FB live video

lots of reviews coming soon! See swatches at instagram @pinaybeautyandstyle

LA Girl Philippines Beauty For All Bloggers Event Highlights

Below are some information I've gathered during the event:

  • LA Girl has been in business for 7 years but their parent company has been in the beauty industry for more than 20 years!
  • LA Girl Philippines will not be bringing the full line of LA Girl Cosmetics in here for the moment. They said that they picked items which they think would do great in the Philippine beauty market (so I may still have to order some abroad because of my skintone)
  • Contrary to what most of you may think, the makeup products of LA Girl are a good match for the Filipina user. Yes, their primary market was Los Angeles USA but because they created their makeup products to cater to the diverse beauty community in LA (with lots of Asians, Latinas, and Pacific Islanders), their makeups match the beauty profile of the Philippine makeup market!
  • LA Girl makeup products are available in some physical stores such as selected Watson's and SM Beauty sections. I can't remember if they also have physical kiosks in Robinson's but I may have seen them in Landmark-Trinoma.

LA Girl Philippines has an online store!!!!

Their online store has a link in the LA Girl Philippines facebook page. They deliver anywhere in the Philippines and they accept multiple payment methods such as credit card via Paypal, money transfer via Palawan Express, and bank payments. They also have an ongoing promo wherein you can get P100 off when your total reach a minimum of P999. Isn't that neat?

You can shop LA Girl makeup in the Philippines in this link ---> LA Girl Online Shop

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