Origins Exploring KBeauty? Origins Flower Fusion Sheet Masks Launch Philippines

To say that I love sheet masks is an understatement. Some of you know me from the Pinay Beauty And Style youtube channel and know for a fact that I'm a sheet mask junkie! It's like whenever there is a new promising sheet mask in the market, I gotta try it!

Origins launched their Flower Fusion line recently in the Philippines and I've been meaning to get a few. However, being a north girl, I just can't bring myself to travel all the way to SM Makati or Megamall to purchase them.

#ProjectVanityXOrigins Floral Soiree

Enter the #ProjectVanityXOrigins Floral Soiree event. Being a reader of Project Vanity, I was thrilled that I'll get to try out the masks, learn something new (because the event announcement said there will be a flower arrangement activity), meet the Project Vanity team, and pass time (because I was supposed to meet up friends later that day!) if I sign up for the event. I did and here we are!

Origins Flower Fusion Masks Launch Philippines

I was intrigued about the Origins Sheet Masks because I heard one of my favorite Hollywood celebrities love it. I also know that Origins is an industry leader when it comes to natural skincare that focuses on the use of botanicals. They don't just charge luxury prices for their products because of their brand name. Their products are known to produce brilliant results through the efficient use of botanical ingredients.

I've heard that the Origins Flower Fusion Sheet Masks were formulated to bring to life the skin rejuvenating properties of flowers. The brand identified common skincare problems and created each flower fusion sheet mask to be a solution to each of skin issues.

The Origins Flower Fusion Sheet Masks Have 6 Variants

  1. Jasmine for Softness
  2. Violet for Nourishment
  3. Orange for Radiance
  4. Rose for Hydration
  5. Lavender for Soothing
  6. Raspberry for Refreshing
*** more info about each mask towards the end of the blog post!

Since some readers may think that using a sheet mask is a silly idea  or is just one of those beauty 'gimmicks' peddled by companies (as I used to think), here is a backgrounder:

Why use a Sheet Mask?

Using a sheet mask is an easy way to target some skin care issues. It's like an on-the-go spa that you can use nearly anywhere, is plane-safe, and offers skincare benefits. Think of it as a convenient means to use targeted skincare treatment wherever you may be! 

Sheet masks are great for travelers (my primary reason for my sheet mask addiction is the constant traveling in my work) because of their packaging. There are also lots of variations to choose from, with some offering blemish control, radiance, hydration, skin soothing, and more!

So anyway, let's talk a bit about the Floral Soiree event. I was actually half an hour late so I didn't hear the initial portion of the talk given by the ladies from Petalier. I only got to sit through the flower arrangement part. 

The ladies from Petalier told us why they chose the blooms they brought that day and how to showcase them to create breathtaking flower arrangements like they do for Petalier Boxed Blooms

Ready to create my own floral arrangement!

SUCCESS!!! #NgitiNgTagumpay

We took photos of our creations and gathered around for a beauty talk about the the newest and bestselling Origins products.

Samantha Lim (sales and training coordinator  of Origins Philippines)  giving a talk about the wonderful new products from the brand
Sam began the beauty talk by telling us how Origins came to be. She shared that the Origins brand is committed to creating and offering skincare that are not only pretty to look at, but also true to their claims.

She shared that they only use organic and natural ingredients to formulate their products. Yep, no mineral oil, animal ingredients, parabens, and phthalates! She further shared that each Flower Fusion Sheet Mask from Origins was made to address specific skin care issues such as:

Origins Sheet Mask for Sensitive Skin is the Lavender Soothing Sheet Mask 

because lavender soothes and calms. It promises to reduce blotchiness and redness. 

Origins Sheet Mask for Dry Skin is the Rose Sheet Mask 

because the rose oil in it helps to balance the skin's pH, thereby promoting hydration and healing or parched areas.

Origins Sheet Mask for Combination Skin is the Violet Nourishing Sheet Mask

It is formulated top help those with multiple skin issues but do not want to use tons of different products. It soothes and nourishes skin too at the same time! What is not to love?

Origins Sheet Mask for Oily Skin is the Raspberry Refreshing Sheet Mask 

because it targets underlying causes of oiliness such such inadequate skin hydration. It infuses the skin with gentle hydration so that the skin won't have to compensate for dryness by producing more oil. The combination of moisture, antioxidants, and vitamins in this sheet mask also promises to reduce skin inflammation and normalize the skin's pH.

Origins Sheet Mask for an Instant Glow is the Orange Radiance Boosting Sheet Mask

Sam says this one will help brighten your skin and give it that chok chok skin glow.  The vitamin C from the oranges used in the mask also helps with unclogging pores and exfoliating the skin. 

Origins Sheet Mask for Normal Skin is the Jasmine Softening Sheet Mask

because it is best for those with normal skin types who just want to boost the effects of  their current skin care routine. It promises to deliver hydration and skin soothing effects from Jasmine as well.

We were sent home with 3 samples with photos below. I've since repurchased the 3 and also bought the rest of the masks. I'm actually tempted to hoard because they are only P150 here but $7 in the US and 5 euros in Europe! I tell you, HOARRRRDDDDD them! :)

Origins Flower Fusion™ Raspberry Refreshing Sheet Mask

Origins Flower Fusion™ Lavender Soothing Sheet Mask

Origins Flower Fusion™ Violet Nourishing Sheet Mask

More Information  about the Flower Fusion line at the Origins Website

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