Found the Best Waterproof Bag! Here's My Beachkin Bag Story and Review

Beachkin bags Philippines...I remember typing that on my browser after I've seen some very pretty beachkin bags on my social media feed. I've been wanting to get one for the longest time but my practical side held me off, putting forth the fact that I won't have anywhere to go to with the bag...and that was not untrue.

Most beach kin bags you'll see if you made a search on Instagram are small pastel ones or come in very loud colors, far from my aesthetic. As much as I wanted to buy one, I knew that I won't have a real use for it...

...that is until I saw the beautiful navy blue beachkin bag above at the Estilo Glam Chic display at MAD Manila!

Okay, okay...I do admit that even after seeing the bag (that comes in a color that's totally me), I was still not sold on the idea of owning one. Why? Because I was thinking that it won't be able to hold up for daily use because I have this crazy habit of bringing an ungodly amount of personal things with me whenever I go out haha! 

Yup! I'm one of those persons who would bring a kikay kit, several chargers, gadgets, a notebook, and power banks even if I'll just be running errands and would be away for 3 hrs max. I thought that the bag would die an early death and join my other bags in bag heaven haha! 

Luckily, I went shopping at MAD Manila with my friend Martha who has a real love affair with her beachkin bags. One of MAD Manila's owners (Ms. Eileen) also said that Estilo Glam Chic's beachkin bags are sturdy and high quality. Long story short, I came home with my very own beachkin bag that night despite having turned down previous offers by other retailers (coz I don't like loud colors and I didn't want to simply accept free stuff if I won't use it in real life).

Unbagging My First Beachkin Bag

Though I like how my beachkin bag looks, I was concerned that it won't be a good everyday bag and I'm so glad that I was wrong!

As you can see from the photo above, it is quite large. It can fit my kikay kit, electronics, my netbook, a small umbrella, and even my portable tripod and monopod. I love that it comes with a dust bag but honestly, I've been using it almost everyday for more than a month now so I haven't had the chance to put it away haha!

Beachkin bags from Estilo Glam Chic comes with a bag charm (they have several types but the pony is the only blue one when I visited the store) and two handle wraps or twillies. The bag also has a clip on shoulder strap so you can use the bag as a shoulder bag if you want to.

Now here's the thing. I used the bag for work and found out that it is made of thicker material than my friend's beachkin bag. I also found out that bags like this are sold at more than 5,000 pesos elsewhere. Mine was only P1,500 and honestly, quality-wise, I think my bag is better than my friend's. 

What Is a Beachkin Bag?

I also realize that not everyone might know what a beachkin bag is. After all, I've only known of its existence for less than a year and it's been around for a lot longer than that.

To answer what is a beachkin bag, it is a pliable plastic bag that looks a lot like Hermes Birkin bags. Yes, the material is plastic but feels like a cross between rubber and plastic. Very much like the material used for Melissa shoes.

What made beachkins bags unique is the fact that they are waterproof. The name stems from it being marketed as the ultimate beach bag or the best waterproof bag out there that you can bring it to the beach. 

To date, I've submerged the bag in water (in the name of science, of course) and it passed the test. I was also caught in a downpour twice and I've waited til the rain was heavy enough to make me look like 'basang sisiw' before breaking out my umbrella. the bag's contents have been well protected in both instances. 

I know for a fact that mine isn't from the original Beachkin bag manufacturer Hang2Dry because they sell theirs for more than P5K each but I really do not see a significant difference and I'm well satisfied with my bag. 

Beachkin Bag Review

at MAD Manila Comcept Store in front of the Estilo Glam Chic Display :)

As for my beachkin bag review, I love it! I'm planning to get another muted color like maybe beige, dark green, or gray...but I hope I find a matte version so we can compare it with the 'glossy' finish that I currently have. 

Quality - department store quality

Weight - the bag got heft to it. That was surprising for me. No wonder it passed the one month mark with me (I'm notorious for damaging my office/work bags in a month's use)

Ease of Use - slight awkwardness because of how the bag opens but it's fine once you get used to it. I wish there were pockets though. 

Value for money - SULITTTTTTTTT! Get this if you want a waterproof bag.

I got my beachkin bag in the Philippines from Estilo Glam Chic. They have a physical store at On Display QC and MAD Manila. I'll talk about my back to school shopping finds at MAD Manila on another blog post :)

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