Ever Bilena Bold Beauty Blogger Event #EBBoldBeauty

So I figured that I should take a rest from the Pinay Beauty And Style Youtube channel and concentrate on blogging for a while. What better event to start that with than with Ever Bilena's Bold Beauty Blogger event right? (since most of you found my blog and vlog via reviews of their products). Truth be told, I'm not really into attending beauty events and the like unless I REALLY like the brand, product to be launched, or the people who will be there. I'd rather just buy new releases or wait for PR parcels than mingle with people....IKR? Weird beauty blogger haha! #introvertproblems Luckily for me, the Bold Beauty Blogger event by Ever Bilena combines all that. 

#EBBoldBeauty Blogger Event

Okay, all I know of the event from the invites that was sent was that we are supposed to show up fresh faced or bare faced and that we will be applying makeup and then participating in a photo shoot. For me this means that we 'might' get to try new products or up and coming ones. I also know that the freshest Philippine talents in makeup artistry will be there so of course I ended up going.

And oh boy, was it super worth it!

my finished #EBBoldBeauty look - I love it!

I was late because the event was supposed to start at 2pm at Whitespace Makati and I have a prior engagement at Rockwell til 2pm the same day. I thought that the venue was just a stone's throw away and was tempted to walk. Can you imagine? Ang layo bes! It was a blessing that it was so warm that day so I hailed a cab and it took me 40 minutes to get to Whitespace Makati from Rockwell.

The cab driver jokingly said, "ma'am manager po ba kayo? Ang daming model sa loob oh" as I was paying my fare. I was like, "oh shoot, I looked like my face have melted off" (I took off my makeup coz bareface y'all). Mind you, there was nowhere to go coz the cab dropped me off right at the building's entrance and I was already super late haha!

As soon as I stepped in, it was like Instragram, Facebook, and YouTube came to life!

The who's who of the Philippine beauty scene was there. My social anxiety was to the roof but oh well, I just told myself that I'll have to be a Bold Beauty Blogger!

I was greeted by several staff from Ever Bilena and Project Vanity. It wasn't just a hi-hello thing either. It was surprising that most of them know me by name and I was immediately briefed about what the day was about, what I was expected to do, and then told to have loads of fun. 

Like are they kidding me? I'm already having fun just staring at everyone from the reception table!

The event was divided into several segments or stations. 

First you register and you'll be asked to choose which of the Bold Beauty looks you want to recreate. I chose Berry Burst because that's the only look I can pull off haha! It was a chiseled look with purple-brown smokey eyes, defined lids, and a bold purple lip. *challenge accepted*

shopping Ever Bilena and EB Advance products!

The next leg is shopping for the products you'll be using for the look. A list was provided for this.

so many thingssssss!

Because I was late, the makeup stations were all occupied by the time that I got done shopping so I made chika galore to a lot of people, some of whom even asked to take photos with me (check IG and Fb).

By the way, side chika. Martin Orosa, a makeup artist/staff from Ever Bilena showed me one of their powders. It's a paraben free face powder from a Philippine makeup brand! Not sure if that is already available in stores and I haven't tried it yet but will share once I'm able to find and purchase.

note: I'm not a part of Ever Bilena's PR list, just EB Advance and Careline so far. Please do not comment on my IG or blog saying I am madamot and asking what is taking me so long to post a review video of Ever Bilena's new releases because like you, I need to wait until they are available and purchase one by one sometimes having to visit multiple stores just to complete a lipstick line. I can only do this when I don't have work (2 Sundays of the month).

The look I chose is the one on the far right

After the chikahan session, I made my way to the makeup stations. So many beauty bloggers!

Girl with pink hair - Marlyn Ocampo won the first Nyx #FaceAwardsPh a few days after this photo was taken

I forgot to take a pic of the makeup application but I took a video! Anyway, here is my EB Bold Beauty look:

I layered Careline's eyebrow pencil with the EB Matte lipstick in vivid violet for the lippie. It garnered lots of compliments.

having fun at the 'gilid' of the photoshoot coz the lighting was nice haha!
Thank you for the day of fun Ever Bilena and Project Vanity! 

Ever Bilena and EB Advance New Products 2017

I posted a sneak peek on Instagram but in case you don't want to follow me there, I copy pasted my caption there below :)

We were showed a sneak peek of what Ever Bilena will be releasing in the coming weeks! Read my separate blog on this or follow my IG: @PinayBeautyAndStyle for updates and swatches

#NewMakeupRelease galore from @everbilenaofficial and @ebadvance soon! Can't believe there will be a #proudlypinoy #highlighter in the #drugstoremakeup aisle na. I believe #EbAdvance will be the first big local makeup brand to do that. 

I remember @denicesy saying their brand chooses products according to what the market needs and demands when I asked bakit wala pang highlighter. I thought that meant they won't release one pero look! I'm so happy they've taken the role of an industry leader na talaga when it comes to local makeup...and don't forget they were the first major brand to have a nationwide makeup competition din diba? #EverBilena has truly gone #EBBoldBeauty!

So there will be:
  •  2 highlighters from #EBAdvanceph, 
  • 4 new mascaras (not sure if under eb or ebadvance)
  • 2 brow liners (coz #kilayislife)
  • 6 chubby #mattelipsticks from #everbilenacosmetics in #liquidlipstick form (limited edition)
  • and 12 #liquidlipsticks of their best selling #ebmatte lippies - yes, same shades we love from the #ebmattelipstick line but in #liquidlippie form. 

Whoa innovation!!! Release of these #newmakeup will be from July to August. Yun lang po ang alam ko please no DMs for more info. Please be reminded that I don't work for them po so I don't have access to certain details.

PS: I saw new packaging for their makeup remover and powder but forgot to take pics... 

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