Careline Liquid Lipstick Review with Swatches - All Shades!

I have an unhealthy sort of relationship to matte liquid lipsticks. I mean, I love all sorts of colorful things in general, but mention liquid matte lipsticks and you can surely get my attention in a snap! That's why I was in full attention when Philippine drugstore makeup brand Careline came up with matte liquid lippies!

Careline Liquid Lipstick Review with Swatches - All Shades!

Careline Liquid Lipstick Review with Swatches
Careline Liqiuid Lipstick Lip Swatches (haha!)

I'd have to admit, though, when I first saw Careline liquid lipsticks at Watson's, I simply walked past them because they look like ordinary lippies (see packaging). Then, saw a post at IG and wow! Liquid lipstick pala!

Still, I didn't get my hopes up thinking perhaps this is just a tint like the EB Advance ones in white packaging and I'm glad that I was wrong.

Careline Liquid Lipstick Review 

So the entire line of the Careline Liquid Lipsticks only has 6 shades. They really look like regular lippies on the outside but as you can see in the next photos. looks can be deceiving!

A tube retails for P120 to P125. Though it seems bigger than Ever Bilena and EBAdvance liquid lipsticks which retail fro P180 to P200 each, the Careline Liquid Lipsticks have less product. A tube contains 3.2 ml, 1.8 ml less than the liquid lippies from Ever Bilena or EBAdvance.

Buy Careline products from their Shopee store (<----buy from the link for discounts and so you do not have to search). 

The applicator have both side flattened (*not like those which have one side is slanted , not sure if this is also called doe foot).

Careline Liquid Lipstick swatches under natural light (while still drying)

Careline Liquid Lipstick Swatches

I do have a review and lip swatches video of the Careline Liquid Lipsticks but I swatched them on the back of my palm above so you can see how the shades look in daylight and upon initial application.

All the shades are quite pigmented but they are not equal in terms of opacity.

As you can see in the freshly applied swatches above, the two pinkiest shades, the ones at the bottom right side (tutti frutti and strawberry smoothie), can come off a bit patchy. This means that you will have to apply two layers of these shades for a full matte lip effect more so if you have very dark or very pale lips.

The swatches are:
right side. top to bottom - maple, chocolate cherry, apple pie
left side top to bottom - dragonfruit, tutti frutti, strawberry smoothie

Careline Liquid Lipstick Swatches under indoor lighting (fully dry)

Careline Liquid Lipsticks Shade Descriptions

Maple - a muted pink with a hint of brown. I won't call this a nude shade because this is quite bright but compared to the rest of the colors, this is the one that can pass off as everyday lippie for me. Being the lightest shade in the bunch, I'm surprised that this isn't patchy on me. 

Chocolate Cherry -a neutral red with a hint of brown. Perhaps this is why the shade is called chocolate cherry? I'm thinking tghis will complement a lot of morena skintones out there. Kinda makes the teeth look whiter too.

Apple Pie - A bright red that can have a hint of warmth or orange under certain lighting conditions. I like this one best as a tint, not a full on matte lippie as this can be too bright for my complexion. 

Dragon Fruit - a full on dark pink with a touch of brown and red. This shade is neutral so can look good for those with both warm or cool skintone. Also very nice as a tint. the most opaque or second most opaque shade in the bunch.

Tutti Frutti - a warm-toned bright pink. One of my faves in terms of color but needs to be layered for a full color matte lip. I call this one my date night shade.

Strawberry Smoothie - a cool-toned bright pink. The patchiest shade so definitely needs to be layered but if you have pale lips with pale skin, this will be very cute. Can come off very barbie-like for those with a tanned or morena complexion. 

Careline Liquid Lipstick Review with Swatche
Careline Liquid Lipstick swatches under natural light (fully dry)

Here is my review video! I've included a mini wear test plus lip swatches too! Just click on the play button to start watching.



Review Summary of the Careline Liquid Lipsticks

Texture: liquidy mousse or a thick liquid

Opacity: only shades tutti frutti and strawberry smoothie failed my one swipe test (the rest are okay with just 1 thin layer on my lips and arms)

Pigmentation: super pigmented

Packaging: cute! looks like a regular lippie but is a normal liquid lippie inside. I wish they make a grown-up version.

Scent: very faint but strong scent that bgoes away after 3-5 minutes (I know that sounds weird)

Finish: sets full matte after 15-30 minutes (can be drying, especially the shade strawberry smoothie)

Lasting power: as a matte lippie, 6-8 hours except if you decide to devour oily foods. As a tint, up to 12 hours.

Value for money: 4.5/5 ang sulit! only P125 for 3.2ml

Where to buy: Mercury, some supermarkets and most department stores, Robinsons, Sm Beauty, some 711s, and Watsons

Overall rating: 4/5

BUY Careline products online from their Shopee store to avail of discounts! (<----buy from the link for sales and promos!). 

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